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A Little F/F Temptation

Let’s see, what sinful topic should I play with today? Here’s a clue – my last three releases all have some truly hot girl-on-girl erotic scenes. Do you detect a theme here?

So I thought I’d try to let you in on what appeals to me so much about bisexual and lesbian erotic scenes. First off – I love women’s bodies. Don’t get me wrong, I love men’s, too, and I can get as turned on by a steamy M/F scene as the next person. But there’s something special about the softness and the curves and the hot spots of a woman.

And then there’s the matter of style and pace – well, hmm. Anyone can be slow or fast, so maybe it’s just style. Here’s a sample of what I mean, from The Lady Wants More [Torquere, June 15]:

Janet leaned back until she felt the coolness of the window, but that did nothing to quell the heat pouring from her body—from her head, from her nipples, and especially, oh so especially, from her core. She curled her fingers around Brenda’s ears encouraging her to explore, to take her time—no, to hurry.

“It must’ve been a while,” Brenda said, dropping light kisses up and down the length of Janet’s pussy. “Your lips are so puffy and open and you’re already dripping and I’ve hardly touched you.”

“You’re torturing me,” Janet groaned. “And I love it.”

Another thing – I think imagination comes into play differently. When a woman does something to another woman’s body, her experience includes both what she’s doing, and what it would feel like to receive what she’s doing – double the turn on, double the urgency, double the tension. Irresistable!

Here’s a sample of the power of imagination, from Complexities [Book Three, Swinging Games, Extasy]

“Most every time I try to fall asleep I think of you with another woman.” Donna slanted a finger across Jen’s lips. “Please, I have to tell you. I admit I’m so jealous. I’ve dreamed about us together before. I hadn’t had that dream for years until recently. Then I’d wake up feeling so guilty I didn’t know if I could face you. Now I wake up soaking wet, certain we’ve been making love for hours and that you left before I could awaken fully.”


Donna’s finger slipped into Jen’s open mouth.

Was it reflex, instinct or lust? With her eyelids closed, Jen didn’t spend much time trying to explain why she was suddenly sucking Donna’s finger deeper into her mouth.

So, um, yeah. It’s no surprise that nearly all my published heroines are either bisexual or lesbian. Here’s a quick pimp out on two of my recent releases:

The Lady Wants More [Torquere, June 15] is part of Torquere’s Sapphic Signs series, so of course it’s a lesbian romance. Or, perhaps more accurately, a falling-in-love story about a straight divorcee from the NYC suburbs and her former college roommate, a free spirit who’s been comfortably bisexual for years. Can you guess which character’s sun sign is Cancer and which is Aquarius? Here’s another EXCERPT for you.

Ripening Passion [Whiskey Creek Torrid, July 15] is second. On the surface it might look like a straight M/F love story – after all, Claire Johnson is pitted against her nemesis, Max Wilson, and they’ve got to figure out how to have sex on camera! But Claire is definitely bi, and the Sexuality Center where all the characters work creates lots of steamy DVD’s in all manner of combinations, so she’s never one to be left out. Yup, definitely some girl-on-girl here – oh, and did I mention, Claire’s a Baby Boomer? And not about to give up hot sex as she ages. You can find an excerpt HERE.


Sapphic Signs: Like Water and Water, by Sarah Ettritch

In the summer of 2010, Lara Zielinsky, a fellow Sapphic Planet author (along with Adriana!), had a brainwave: wouldn’t it be wonderful if twelve authors each wrote an F/F story relating to one of the twelve zodiac signs?

She pitched the idea to Torquere Press, it agreed to publish the stories, and the call went out on the Sapphic Planet group. In no time, twelve of us had stepped up to the plate. Lara ended up writing Skylar’s Pride, the story for Leo, and Adriana wrote The Lady Wants More, the story for Cancer.

Last week marked the release of Like Water and Water, my contribution to the Sapphic Signs line. Like most (I suspect), I volunteered to write the story for my own sign. Gemini had also piqued my interest (twins!), but the deadline for that one was too aggressive for me. So I went with Scorpio, which is a water sign, if you’re wondering about the title of my story.

I’ll tell you the short version of a longer story I told on my blog: My beta reader, who happens to be my partner, rejected the first story I wrote for Sapphic Signs, which put me into a bit of a panic. I decided that writing another story would be easier than trying to salvage the one I’d already written, but would I finish it in time?

I put my nose to the grindstone and wrote the first idea I’d had after signing up for Scorpio. Hmm—I probably should have done that in the first place. Fortunately the evil beta reader gave my second attempt her blessing. Phew!

So…Like Water and Water is actually the second story I wrote for the Sapphic Signs line. The first is languishing in a drawer, waiting for me to take another look at it.

Like Water and Water



University roommates Rachel and Barb met in their high school’s zodiac club, where they spent hours doing their Scorpio charts and became best friends. Now Rachel has fallen in love with Barb, but Barb is dating the sultry Carla. When Barb and Carla experience problems, Rachel is uncomfortable with being Barb’s confidante, especially since Barb’s relationship issues involve sex. Finding it more and more difficult to hide her feelings and remain impartial, Rachel reaches her breaking point and makes an agonizing decision.


The laptop and textbook were in her bedroom. Rachel walked down the apartment’s narrow hallway, then stopped when the bathroom door swung open. Barb stepped out, wearing only her panties and a sports bra. Rachel’s breath caught in her throat.

“Forgot a towel.” Barb opened the door to the nearby linen closet and rummaged inside.


Rachel’s gaze lingered on Barb’s firm ass. Heat flooded her chest and travelled down to her crotch. It would be so easy to close the short distance between them, slip her arms around Barb, cup Barb’s breasts, slide her fingers underneath…oh, god. She turned away and mumbled, “Forgot something.”

She fled down the hallway and stood trembling in the kitchen. Thank god Barb had been focused on looking for a towel. If she’d seen Rachel’s face, sensed the raw desire oozing from her every pore . . . Rachel swallowed. She’d seen Barb half-naked before, but her interest in Barb’s body had been nothing more than idle curiosity. She’d never ogled her, wanted her, fought the urge to jump her. Christ, she had to be more careful.

Buy link:



Sarah Ettritch writes science fiction, fantasy, and romance stories. An avid computer gamer, she’s usually playing in someone else’s world when she’s not creating her own. Sarah lives in Toronto, Ontario, with her lovely partner and their four cats. Visit her at http://www.sarahettritch.com .


5 Questions for First Times ~ Guest Lara Zielinsky

On Wednesday, Torquere Press released my very first published shapeshifter story, Skylar’s Pride (also click image for more info). That got me to thinking about first times. Not that first time, but the first time writing in a new genre.

The Sapphic Signs line, novellas focused around one of the zodiac signs, seemed like the perfect length to challenge myself to write something other than the modern contemporaries I usually write. The animal symbols of most of the signs (Pisces/fish; Taurus/bull; Leo/Lion; Aries/Ram; etc.) caught my attention and when I picked up my personal sign Leo, I immediately considered a shapeshifter-centered plot.

But I’d never written one before. So where to start? As the host of “Readings in Lesbian & Bisexual Women’s Fiction” I ask authors all sorts of questions about how their stories come about. I figured it was time to question myself. So, I came up with 5 Questions for Tackling a New Genre.

1. What things do you like in the new genre?

Thinking like a reader here, what excites you about the stories? Is it the way the plot unfolds, or the freedom of characterizations different from what you normally write, or something about the setting(s) that generally show up in the genre? Identifying what you love about the stories, specifically, will give you a list of things to make sure get structured into your stories when you’re writing.

2. What things bother you in the new genre?

Just as important as what excites you about a genre, consider what you find troublesome when reading. Are there inconsistencies, or common twist elements that you find annoying, or sure you could do better? Identifying them will give you a list of things to try to avoid when writing your own stories in the genre.

3. What are the genre’s common elements?

Now turn a little analytical. Breakdown the genre stories you’ve read. Identify the mechanisms of protagonist, antagonist, supporting characters, conflict, plot arc, as well as common themes, setting elements, and how they are revealed.

4. Brainstorm. What could you bring different to the genre?

This is the really fun part and should turn on you as a writer. You’ve been writing in other genres, so you know how stories fit together, and you’ve got a style all your own. Consider what you can bring to the genre. Nothing is too outrageous, and just brainstorm new character tropes, new twists, new additions or reasons for characters to do or move around in their — no, your vision — of this new genre’s world.

5. Start writing!

OK. This last one is not a question. Now you’ve got all the elements. You know your genre, you know what you love, you know what you don’t want to include, you know what the structure of a story is supposed to be, and you’ve got new elements that are completely, uniquely you. Sit down and start writing! You’ll be surprised how quickly it flows, and how exciting trying something for the first time really can be.

IMHO, the best writers are voracious readers. So the first two encourage you to think like a reader, and then the last three turn those thoughts into effective writing. Taking my own advice, I considered all the questions, developed my own twists, and after some refinement, editing, feedback from several friends who write the genre, and a great editor, I’m here today to share a sneak peek with you. Torquere has all the Sapphic Signs stories on sale here for $2.99 in several different e-book formats.

Skylar’s Pride: Skylar’s got a problem. Make that several. She’s kept her shape-shifter nature a secret from her current lover, Lila. Now that it’s mid-summer, Skylar faces enforced return to her father’s pride lands. But Max, Lila’s son, has gone missing from the campsite where his father was murdered — savaged by an animal. Will Skylar find Max and solve the mystery of the Cherry Creek Park wolves before her father forces her return or her secret is revealed?

Skylar’s Pride (F/F; G)

“Lila.” Skylar cupped her lover’s cheek. “You do not need to plan a surprise party for me. It’s just a birthday.” She’d known about it for two weeks, since Pam, her assistant manager, was more horrible at keeping secrets than anyone Skylar knew.

“It’s your fortieth and it’s the first of many we’ll get to spend together,” Lila insisted.

Skylar leaned back on the cushion, crossing her feet at the ankles as she put them up gingerly on the low coffee table. Though she didn’t know why she bothered. The surface was pock-marked and scuffed from Max racing Matchbox vehicles over it for the last twelve years. She settled her arm around Lila’s shoulders and stroked the woman’s skin visible around the tank top strap.

She swallowed as she considered what to do. “We’re together this weekend,” she said.

“You gave me such a wonderful party at my birthday.”

“Because you’re important to me.”

“And you’re important to me. I love you. Even Max loves you.”

That was saying a lot, Skylar knew. Max was leery of most people. It had taken almost four months of constant attention from Skylar for him to say more than two words in a row to her.

“My father messaged me,” she said obliquely. “I can’t avoid him.”

“Max would enjoy meeting your dad. So would I.”

“You can’t afford the time away from work.”

Lila turned to face Skylar and emphasize her words. “We’ve been together a year. You haven’t made any effort to introduce me to your family.”

That would be difficult, Skylar thought. “They don’t approve.” That was an understatement.

Lila frowned but then brightened with some idea. Skylar cut her off. “I will not subject you, or Max, to my father’s pissing.”

“Maybe I could talk to him,” Lila persisted.

Skylar shook her head. “He’s old and set in his ways, Lila. It would be dangerous for me to challenge him. Nearly every choice I’ve made in my life, he disagrees with.”

“So, why subject yourself to this every year? Just tell him if he can’t accept you the way you are, you won’t be coming.”

Skylar frowned. If only it were that simple. She said, “I can’t for this year.”

“Couldn’t you work a little on your father?”

There was no brooking the determination in Lila’s eyes. Skylar had no idea what she could say that she hadn’t already said to her father. He was not to be reasoned with, particularly on these annual visits, but she nodded, mutely indicating to Lila she would try. Chastened, she ducked her head and nuzzled Lila’s shoulder.

She risked changing the subject. “So… How should we take best advantage of our kid-free time?”

To read more of Skylar’s Pride, follow the link to Torquere’s Sapphic Signs buy page. Thank you!


Comment about the time you tried doing something completely different from your usual (whether it’s writing or trying a completely different activity) and how it turned out. At midnight Eastern time on Sunday, June 24 (5 am GMT on Monday), I’ll randomly draw one name to win a $5 gift certificate to Torquere Press’s online bookstore.

Remember, bravely try what you’ve never done before! First times are amazing!

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