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Hot Sex After Fifty…And Beyond

Yup, you got it – both halves of Adriana are over fifty, and you’d better believe we’re still after hot sex – for ourselves, and for our readers. Our quest has taken us to some fascinating places and I thought we’d share some of our finds with you in today’s blog post.


Of course you already know we’ve been dipping into the swing lifestyle. We’ve met and talked with a host of swingers and checked out some lifestyle clubs. If you think swinging is just for the young and lithe, think again – it seems no age is too old, if the interest is there and the body is willing. We’ve met swingers in their seventies and heard tales of folks into their eighties. For more information and tips on the swing lifestyle, check out our interview of Swinger and Life Coach Chantelle Austin, HERE. And of course if your interest leans more toward erotic swinging fantasies, we now have six books released in our Swinging Games series over at Extasy Books. Here’s a link to a short sample from our newest one, Who’s the Coach? Our hero/heroine couple in this series are empty nesters who are baby boomers, btw.


Two more themes pop out at us from the sexy over-fifty crowd. One is health and fitness. You don’t have to stay fit to keep having hot sex, but it sure makes a difference – in stamina, energy level, arousal, responsiveness, and mood, not to mention attractiveness. That’s a LOT of benefits, worth the effort. Some baby boomers have been following healthy eating and workout routines all their lives. For those who haven’t, it’s never too late to start, and there are lots of websites with tips for keeping older joints and muscle groups happy and healthy. Here’s a sampler:





The other theme is, for want of a better term, keeping up appearances. It’s a combination of self confidence, pride, presence, and attractiveness – looking one’s best, flaunting it and enjoying the heck out of it. Cougars are pretty famous for exuding these qualities, and here’s one I like, filled with tips for looking as young as you feel: Linda Franklin’s The Real Cougar Woman. She’s based in New York City. Her counterpart across the pond is Fab After Fifty.


And of course we’re writing new heroes and heroines who’ve crossed the magic fifty line. Coming in July to Whiskey Creek Torrid, Ripening Passion continues our series on a (fictional) sex institute, begun with Smoldering Passion. We’ll tease you with the blurb here and keep you posted on its progress as we approach release day!




Claire Johnson’s dedication to sex—the cornerstone of her career—led her to found the Center for Sexuality and Sex Practices. Now in her fifties, she knows the Center must keep pace with the rapidly growing Baby Boomer market, so she agrees to go back on camera for a series on sex and aging. But work with her nemesis?


Former English Professor Max Wilson has championed the cause of the Center ever since his deceased wife sought the Center’s help to rekindle the nearly extinguished sexual flames of their relationship. He loves working on camera and welcomes the challenge to perform with the svelte but feisty temptress.


Sparks fly immediately on and off camera. Can either Claire or Max transform those sparks into a fire of sexual desire for their viewers? And if they succeed, what will happen when the movie’s over?


Do You Kinect?

Do You Kinect? We do! XBox 360 Kinect is changing our lives!


Confession time – we’re baby boomers, so we didn’t grow up on Nintendo/ Playstation/ XBox – more like PacMan! Our kids did, and now their kids (yup, somehow we’ve become grandparents).


Another confession: at our house, our health is our most important priority. If we’re not healthy, we can’t keep writing our steamy stories, or traveling, or working for the causes we support , or anything else. We work out religiously. We have a NordicTrack, a stationary bike and a weight bench in our basement. In good weather we take long walks several days a week in our neighborhood. In bad weather (which means November through April, pretty much) we drive 20 minutes to the nearest mall and walk the circuit there. Religiously, and BORING, too much of the time.


So we went looking for something to spice up our routines. We also wanted something we could take on the road with us in our RV. We did our research early in the fall and made our purchase just before Christmas. We had fun at the GameStop store where we bought it – another customer listened in on some of our conversation with the sales clerk. As we finished up our transaction she said, “Boy, those kids are going to be happy Christmas morning!” We smiled (probably more like gloated) and told her it was for us!


Enter Xbox Kinect. Wow. We’ve started with Dance Central – I’m sure someday we’ll open up the Your Shape workout game we also bought, but it’s hard to imagine a better, more engaging and upbeat workout than the dance moves. I find the songs playing themselves in my head during the day at work and I can hardly wait to get home and start dancing.


And the technology? Exquisite! No need to hold a controller, keep track of it or dance on a sensor pad – the Kinect sensor nods at us when we move into the dance space, scans us, automatically signs us in, and reads our every move. If my torso or part of a limb is the slightest bit out of line when I’m executing a move, that part of the dancer on the screen is outlined in red so I know exactly where I’m falling short.


Turns out one of our kids gave us some behind the scenes info on how they do that. He’s a dancer, based in New York, and he was recruited with some other professional dancers to learn some Xbox dances so they could calibrate how much variation in individual moves to allow before the player is out of compliance.  Pretty high tech!


So, we’re hooked. Lady GaGa’s Poker Face, the old classic Funky Town, Down, Pon de Replay – the list goes on, 32 in all, and access to more on line. Next in our sites: we’re about to download the Black Eyed Peas’ I gotta Feeling. Watch for us on the dance floor – we’ll keep you posted!!


National Orgasm Month

…so I saw something on Twitter about June being National Orgasm Month – did you know there was such a thing? I decided that’d be a great topic for my mid-month blog.


Googling the term brought mixed results and the verdict is not in about which month it really is. Passion Parties says October – the only month with a Big “O.” Seems appropriate! Over at Associated Content, the focus is on the Merry Month of May, what with Mother’s Day and all – moms certainly deserve a few orgasms, and I’d like to hope there were some involved in becoming a mom, so that works. At Yahoo Shine, April is the favored month, with a tip of the hat to October and a suggestion that two Orgasm Months a year, six months apart, is better than only one. To which hubby replied, only TWO months?


Hmm. So none of those is June and now I can’t find the original tweet. No matter – any time is a good time to celebrate! We all know how exciting an orgasm feels, and how spectacular it can to be share one with that special someone (or someones, if you’re a character in one of my erotic novels) – but why would anyone care enough to make it a special month?

Turns out there are some high powered health benefits that come with the physical and emotional turn-on of orgasms. Leafing through the June issue of Health Magazine I landed on an article “The New Numbers to Live By” and discovered that for your health, they are recommending ONE orgasm a day! A major health benefit is the release of the body’s natural opiates with their anxiety- and stress-relieving properties. In addition it leads to the release of both DHEA and estrogen, which lower bad cholesterol, improve heart function, increase bone density, and help keep skin supple and healthy. For more on the benefits, check out this article by Passion Parties – and just in case you think the benefits apply only for women, here’s a take on the plusses for the other gender, an article from AskMen.com.   

So curl up with your favorite erotic romance novel and a special partner (or more) – or, as TwoLips Reviews said when it reviewed Colors of the Night, keep a bucket of toys close at hand – and never go too long without the big O. You’ll be glad you did!  

Links to excerpts from my erotic romance novels can be found HERE. Watch for the finale in the Meghan’s Playhouse Series, coming to Whiskey Creek Press Torrid on August 15! 

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