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Blog Guest ~ Tabitha Rayne

Today we’re thrilled to welcome back Tabitha Rayne, here to share some of the workings behind her exciting new release, A Clockwork Butterfly. Be sure to check out her entire post ~ you just might find a giveaway! 

Thank you for letting me come along to your blog today, Adriana!

Your name got me thinking about a different kind of Kraft… craft

I’ve always loved making things – whether scrap heap sculptures, toys, stories, pictures, anything – if I can think of a thing, I’ll try to make it. But I haven’t often come across men who make things just for the sheer joy of it (maybe a gentleman would like to contradict me here!).

I have always been fascinated by miniature moving parts – so when I was researching clockwork mechanisms for A Clockwork Butterfly, I took apart my grandfather’s old watch. I was astonished at how many bits and pieces fitted into the tiny casing. Just stunning. I modified it to make my own clockwork butterfly – here’s a piccy.

But I was wishing a lovely handsome gentleman had made me one – big strong hands working deftly to make tiny intricate details – I have to stop, I’m swooning! So, the hero of my tale, of course, is the Clockwork Butterfly maker, Angelo.

A Clockwork Butterfly by Tabitha Rayne – Futuristic Erotic Romance

Lovers torn apart by duty…will Angelo and Lena be reunited?

Mankind is close to extinction. Toxins have all but wiped out the male population. The remaining fertile men are housed in manors where their seed is collected.

Lena Lee is a new collector with a rare pheromone believed to reignite human fertility. She’s assigned a male who’s predicted to be her perfect match.

Angelo, a clockwork butterfly maker, is held captive, his essence harvested daily by Lena. Over time, the couple begins to fall in love, something which is strictly prohibited. When their forbidden love is discovered, Lena is banished from the manor.

Torn apart by the duty that brought them together, Lena and Angelo must find a way back to each other. But even if Angelo manages to escape, he doesn’t know where to find Lena. Will following the path of the clockwork butterfly lead him to his true love?

Content Warning: strong language, BDSM, and graphic sexual content, including m/f, f/f, and f/f/m sexual interaction

A little taster…

Lena hardly breathed as her fingertips reached out to the tiny flapping creature. Could it be? She trembled, trying to stifle her excitement with the fear that it might disintegrate beneath her touch, just as it had nightly in the dreams that plagued her.

Closing her eyes, she waited to be jolted into the reality of her cold, empty room. But it was different this time; her fingers flinched as they brushed something real. Lena opened her eyes and picked up the golden butterfly, laying it in her palm. Slowly, the tiny wings stopped beating.

Lena realized her lungs were at bursting point and exhaled up into the ceiling, fearful of sweeping the treasure away with her breath. She studied the lifeless creature carefully. It was so beautiful, so intricate.

“At last,” she whispered into her quivering hands, bowing over with relief. “I’ve been waiting so long.”

* * * *

Lena James Lee waited excitedly in the bustling throng of women all the same age as her. They had been picked up by the coach from various stops throughout the country and most were rumpled, tired, and anxious. They all knew why they were there; their fates had been decided by the Archmatrias long before they had known anything of the manors or what it meant to be a collector.

Lena’s mother had been so proud; she was the only one in her whole community who had been given the special invitation to attend training.

“Remember, Lena,” her mother had advised quite forcefully, “it’s not just your life that depends on this.”

Lena had hopped on the coach without a care in the world. Now though, rumors swelled, starting with hushed whispers and giggling until all-out mayhem ensued.

“They make you wear nothing but a golden thong and you have to crawl around on the floor, parading yourself,” Mae, a loud, stunningly beautiful girl shrieked.

“Are there really men? Do we get to see them?” Lena tentatively asked her in a rare quiet moment.

“Honey, we do more than see them.” Mae cackled and swiped Lena playfully on the back of the head.

Lena felt her cheeks burn, it was clear that the other young women knew a lot more than she did.

“Are you really telling me you don’t know what you signed up for?” Mae leaned in to Lena. “Has no one ever told you what that’s for?” she whispered lavasciously into Lena’s ear and slid a hand up the inside of her thigh.

The truth was, Lena had been brought up with great solemnity about becoming a collector. All the girls were vetted and tested from a very young age and if they showed promise in any of the four categories, their life was pretty much mapped out for them from that day. Lena had been pinpointed as a good candidate for a collector because of her striking looks, poise, and perfect proportions.

“Lena, my dear.” Mae looked at her intently. “I think your mother followed the rules on abstinence and denial a little too carefully!”

“What do you mean?”

Mae rolled her eyes. “I’ve never met anyone so sexually unaware in all my life! You must be at least twenty-one, and I bet you’ve never even pleasured yourself, let alone anyone else.”

Lena recalled the delight on her friends’ faces when she’d brought out her prize-winning lemon meringue pies at tea parties.

“Yes, I have,” she said defiantly, knowing in her heart that confectionary was not what Mae was talking about…

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I will be offering a copy of my first title, Mia’s Books to a commenter at the end of my tour with Writer Marketing Services – so thank you for taking the time to read all the way to the end!




Guest ~ Kerrianne Coombes

Today we’re thrilled to welcome Kerrianne Coombes, here to share her steamy new release, Beauty and the Beast!

Thank you so much for having me on your blog, Adriana.

I am so happy to be here to talk about my new release, Beauty and the Beast—The Demon Tales book 1. I just loved writing this book, and I cant quite believe that the time has come where I can share it with you all! Happy wiggle

I picked out a couple of lines today that I think are really poignant within the story, and I want to share them with you, and then I will give my reasons as to why I picked them.

“I don’t want to go home.” She spoke on a small voice, her tone stifled by the warring thoughts inside her head.

“Well, where do you want to go?”

Cally looked up and found herself trapped again by his stare—a butterfly pinned on a collectors’ board. Cally shrugged,

This moment in the book is very important to both Cally and Brigg. They are in this situation neither of them can control. Their heads are full of worry, but there is this undercurrent of passion brewing. This scene is the first time both of them feel a little off kilter. Brigg is a strong, bitter, hard faced demon. And Cally is gentle and shielded from life.

This moment is electric and sexy—even though neither of them can work out why. For me, this was the moment I realized just how explosive these two would be together.


When Princess Callindra of Tempath, wakes up hog-tied and bruised in the bowels of hell, she realizes that her plan to escape her up-coming marriage has gone horribly wrong. Her only hope of escape comes in the form of Brigg, cursed Rain Demon and bitter, human hating bastard. But beggars can’t be choosers.

When Brigg finds himself in possession of a human and a horde of angry demons desperate to get her back, he flees. When he realizes that she is the daughter of the witch that cursed him and his family, he believes that he has finally got the opportunity he has been hoping for. The only thing he must decide now is what is more important to him, the reversal of the curse, or revenge?

Neither one are prepared for the flame that ignites between them. But will the spark be enough to break to the curse that holds them apart?


Brigg walked back to the castle and opened the heavy wooden door. He was utterly shattered. His muscles burned from running but his mind was still filled with Cally. No matter how hard or fast he had run, he couldn’t clear her from his thoughts. He had waited until he was sure she was asleep before he came back.

What was he going to do tomorrow? Lust was so heavy in his body, it burned and urged him—even when she was nowhere near.

The moment his feet set down in the hallway, Brigg’s attention was drawn to the library. A dull, but cozy light shone out from the gap around the door and Cally’s scent hit him hard. She was still up? Can’t a demon catch a break?  His feet took him to the library door with no conscious thought other than…


His heart-rate picked up and throbbed in his ears. He grabbed the door handle and yanked the heavy dark oak back. Cally sat in the middle of the room on a large leather chair, on her lap sat a big, leather-bound book. Clearly startled by his entrance, she jumped a little.

“Brigg!” Her eyes wide, she watched him as he stood in the doorway. He was unable to move, struck dumb by the image she made sitting the chair, holding the big book—looking all sleepy and sweet. “Are you ok?” She frowned and then set the book aside. She dropped her elegant legs to the floor and stood up. She was wearing his shirt, the one that he had loaned to her, but she no longer had the baggy trousers on—and Brigg couldn’t look away from the creamy flesh  on display.

She had beautiful, shapely, feminine legs, and as she moved closer, he could see that her skin was smooth. Fuck! He wanted to taste her. His head pounded and his chest drew tight. She was a vision, an image plucked right from his dreams. Many a time—before the curse—he had dreamed of such a beauty being his. She would look at him with a soft expression, just as Cally did right now. And he would take her in all the ways he craved. But he was no longer that young Rain Demon, the young demon with smooth skin and a face as human as hers. He was a beast, an ugly monster who didn’t deserve the look of interest Cally was flashing right now. He let out a low growl. Cally stopped moving, her eyes flaring wide.

That’s it, human, be scared of the Beast.

“What are you doing awake?” The growl still sat in his voice when he spoke, and he wasn’t surprised to see Cally swallow visibly.

“I-I couldn’t sleep.” She took another slow step in Briggs direction, all the while she watched him as if he might run, or attack. Brigg stayed perfectly still, aware that the moment he allowed his body to move, it would go in her direction. Everything inside him homed in on the Princess. The Beast, the Rain Demon—it all focused on Cally and her bare flesh and bright eyes. The closer she got, the harder his beast was to control.

“Stop, Human.”

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Kerrianne on the Web

Website  http://kerriannecoombes.wordpress.com/

FaceBook  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kerrianne-Coombes/148877721876528

Twitter http://twitter.com/#!/kerrianne_xx


Sex Positivity

Consent, Pleasure, Well Being. The term Sex Positivity has been around for a while and can mean many different things to different people.

Lately I’ve been following blogger and Sex Educator Charlie Glickman, and I like his definition best of all. The only criteria for evaluating any sex act, he says, are consent, pleasure, and well being.

Being sex positive doesn’t mean that we love sex, or have lots of it, or think everyone should practice free love. In fact, it means we don’t judge what anyone else wants to practice – gay, straight, kinky, vanilla, monogamous, polyamorous or celibate – beyond those three cardinal parameters:

Is it consensual? Are all the parties adult, are they aware and informed about what they’re doing, and have they agreed? Is it pleasurable for the parties involved? Does it contribute to the well being of all who are involved? I am reminded of the Wiccan rede, An it harm none.

What does this have to do with the erotic romance my husband and I write? Right now, we’re polishing off another entry in our Swinging Games series at Extasy Books. In that series a married baby boomer couple have expanded their sexual practice to become part of the swing lifestyle. Being sex positive means we don’t judge them or their practice, so long as they agree it’s consensual, pleasurable and contributes to their well being. And, of course, we hope that reading about what they’re up to is consensual, pleasurable, and contributes to readers’ well being!

Swinging Games: Too Close for Comfort is due out from Extasy Books early this summer. Books One through Eight are available now at Extasy Books.

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