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Today we’re excited to welcome to our pages Kristabel Reed ~ author of steamy historical romance. Check out her excerpt and leave a comment to enter for a free copy of her latest release!

1.   Why don’t you start by telling us about yourself (Where are you from? What do you write/do in the publishing world? What do you do when you’re not writing — your “day” job, hobbies, obsessions, etc.?) I live on the East Coast and love to explore the steamier side of historical romance. There are so many sexy situations that didn’t just pop up in the 21st century and my goal is to burst the myth of the prim and proper debutante.

2.  Tell us one thing about yourself people would be surprised to learn.  Kristabel Reed is a pseudonym. I do this to protect both the innocent and the guilty!

3. Tell us about your writing: How long have you been writing? What genre(s) do you write in? What have you written (short stories, novels, etc.)? What works are currently for sale? Where?  I write extremely erotic historic romance, mainly in the Regency era, but plan to branch out into the Victorian era by the end of the year. May 8 of this year I plan to publish my first mainstream historical. Granted, it’s a dystopian Regency romance, but it’s more mainstream than, say, the Regency Ménage Tales! That’ll be under K. Reed.

My Regency Ménage Tales include: Seduction of a Proper Lady, Risqué, and Covet.

I also have a new short story series called The Hellfire Club Erotique that takes place during the height of the French Revolution. The Masque is out now, and I plan to post a free story, The Escape within the next couple weeks.

4. What made you chose to write your genre in particular? Is there any other genre you’d like to write? And if so, why? As far as I could tell, no one wrote a Regency ménage a trois. So I did. I have a longstanding and deeply abiding love for historicals. As for other genres, it’s not a genre per se but I’m starting to branch out to mainstreams, but I plan to stay with my beloved historicals. Even with that, I still have a penchant for the hot historical!

5. What do you like most about writing? Least? Most: Writing those 2 most important words: THE END! Actually it’s the concept. I love coming up with story ideas, with themes to explore, and exploring the psyches of my characters. Least: Lack of time. Deadline pressure wouldn’t be back if I had a wee bit more time. Like say an extra week within the week.

6.   Are you a plotter or a pantser?  PLOTTER! Without a very detailed plot, it takes 5 times as long to finish the story. Plus I can’t tell ahead of time if I’m writing myself into a corner. So I have a thorough plot, a detailed outline, and sure, it might change within the process, but I at least have a structure to see me through.

7. Any advice for those who want to write?  Write the story! Sit in that chair and just do it! Seriously, though, learn the craft. This isn’t an easy profession, there’s a lot of rejection and a lot of difficulties along the way, but if it’s what you want, follow that dream without looking back.

8. What’s the most useful book on writing you’ve ever read? The First Five Pages: A Writer’s Guide To Staying Out of the Rejection Pile by Noah Lukeman. Not only is it a very good indicator of what publishers/agents are looking for, but it’s a good guide for the beginning writer. The book points out common mistakes that aren’t necessarily intuitive, ones that you’d be able to see and correct on your own.

9. What’s the sexiest feature on a man to you? And on a woman? Why? On a man: The sexiest feature (other than eyes, because let me tell you a good pair of eyes can make you weak in the knees!) But his voice. A man can often seduce me by his tone. The way he speaks to you, what he has to say. It’s more than a voice that can read a phone book, but a man who can seduce me with his thoughts and ideas. On a woman: Confidence. Sassiness, her boldness. Not attitude, though that’s important, however a woman who treats others like dirt isn’t confident but rude. On the other hand, a woman of any size or shape, from 4 to 24, can be sexy if she knows how to use her attributes correctly.

10. Is there a way for fans and others to contact you? (email, social networking links, etc.) You can find me pretty much everywhere. I’m usually on Twitter-@kristabelreed or on my blog, kristabelreed.blogspot.com and I’m always available on email:  kristabelreed@yahoo.com

11. Tell us about your latest release – we’d love an excerpt, too! Covet: A Regency Ménage Tale

Charlotte loved two men and has long believed she couldn’t have either of them, let along both. But when they return from war, she seizes her chance.

I’ll be giving away a free PDF copy to one random commenter of Covet, just tell me what you like about historical—or don’t for that matter!


The truest torment is wanting something you know you can never have. Charlotte Tremaine knew this feeling all too well. She covets the freedom to do as she pleases, but has never let herself dream of being with the man she loves. The problem is, she loves two men.

For the last three years, Charlotte has survived her stifling home life by living through correspondence with two childhood friends now off at war. Once they return, will she be able to summon the courage to tell them of her feelings? Or will she let the convenience of mourning an aunt she despised keep her hidden and isolated?

Fear lurks in the shadows and threatens to keep her cloistered. When William Stanton and Grayson, Earl Warrington return from war, she teeters on the brink of having what’s she has always wanted. Torn between William and Grayson, Charlotte must first learn to trust herself before she can trust her heart and body to them.


Squaring her shoulders, she returned to the stairs and refused to break down until she’d left Fox Hollow. In the foyer, Grayson stood, talking to the butler, Potter. There was no way to avoid him, but she had no desire to speak with him again. In fact, Charlotte thought as she slowly made her way down the stairs, she’d rather not speak to anyone.

Maybe a long walk to clear her head.

Before she could think of a way to escape the foyer without speaking to Grayson, an impossibility she acknowledged, he turned to her.

“A very short visit, was it not, Miss Tremaine?” he asked with that same levelness as before.

“Your grandmother is asleep,” she said, stumbling over the words. “I never managed to visit with her. But I hope to visit another day and find her awake and well.”

Charlotte nodded to Potter, who bowed and went to fetch her cloak and gloves. Watching the servant for a moment, she slowly turned back to Grayson and smiled with genuine happiness. “I’m happy for your safe return, Lord Warrington,” she told him sincerely.

Without waiting for a response, Charlotte turned to leave. She had no desire to experience another cold dismissal or see those blue eyes watching not her but something far more interesting behind her.

She accepted the items from the butler and only then realized her incredible gaffe. With regret it was even necessary, and a sadness that she could never feign, Charlotte slowly turned back around to face Grayson. How could she have neglected to offer even a passing condolence?

It may have been almost nine months since Robert’s death, but she should still have said something to Grayson. In this case, Charlotte didn’t think the letters they exchanged, or the heartfelt sorrow she expressed, were enough. No wonder he held himself distant.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered, calling herself all kinds of a fool. “I wish to offer my most sincere condolences on the passing of your brother.”

Emotion flashed in his eyes, making the light blue turbulent. It was the most emotion she’d seen from him since arriving. Grayson gave a short nod. “Thank you, Miss Tremaine,” he said quietly.

Angry his continued formality, Charlotte narrowed her eyes at him. They’d exchanged numerous letters since Robert’s passing and had talked of his untimely death. In fact, Charlotte now remembered and took an angry step forward. She’d begun addressing her letters to Grayson as Grayson, Earl of Warrington. He’d laughed at it, though she could detect a hint of sadness in his replies.

Thank you?

No hint of Grayson showed through in that simple reply. No bit of the man she remembered seemed to remain at all. She’d last seen him when he’d come back to Fox Hollow on leave almost two years ago, and even then, though changed, hadn’t acted this cold, this aloof.

“I do hope you return soon to visit,” he paused and she wondered what he’d wanted to say. “Visit with my grandmother. I know she enjoys your time together.”

“I’m always happy to visit Lady Warrington,” Charlotte said, somewhat defensively.

She was about to add more, when Grayson’s solicitor interrupted. He bowed deferentially to her but spoke directly to Grayson. “Pardon me, my lord, but we still have matters to attend to.”

Charlotte nodded at them and left. She didn’t look back at Grayson, didn’t look up at the house, didn’t look left or right. She walked as briskly as she could back across the field toward her own Willow Hall without outright running.

Clutching her cloak against the brisk winter wind, she felt the bracelet dig into her wrist. That bracelet, her gift from Grayson and William, had been her comfort throughout the long years of Lavinia’s spitefulness. Charlotte stopped and slowly peeled back her layers to look at the silver band.

Her comfort. The simple band of silver had grounded her in ways she hadn’t fully appreciated, but now it was naught more than a pretty silver bracelet, no longer of comfort.

In the middle of the frozen field, she broke down.


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  1. Thanks for having me!

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Kristabel – great interview, and I love the sound of your book. We know things like that have always been happening, it’s exciting to see them set in the Regency period.

    • Adriana Kraft
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  3. Poor Charlotte! I could only imagine how she feels after him being at war and writing back and forth, then he comes home only to treat her differently. 🙁 I want to read more. I have added it to my TBR pile! I want to know where William comes into play. Were they in the same war and stationed together? Were they all 3 very close friends? Who is Lavinia? I guess I probably have to read the book to answer my questions, huh? Great interview too! Thank you for sharing and the opportunity to read your story. 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by, Tina! I hope you’ll enjoy Covet. Please email me, and I’ll send you a free PDF.

      • Thank you so very much! I will email you shortly. 🙂

    • I got so excited that I forgot to answer your question. Hehe. I haven’t read too many historical romances, so I don’t have that much experience. I do like the way they speak and the “prim and properness” of their world. 😉

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