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Today we’re thrilled to welcome Sara Brookes, here with her exciting new release, Break Me In. Don’t forget to scroll to the bottom for her giveaway!

I’ve been writing erotic romances that contain BDSM for years. I think my first BDSM story was way back in the mid-90’s. It wasn’t until 2009 that I attempted to write a BDSM story for publication. Luckily, my editor at the time (who had been editing my paranormal and futuristic books) loved the story and the characters I’d created. Little did I know then, when I created two secondary characters named Alex and Elena, that I would eventually get the opportunity to write their story.

When my publisher offered to contract the entire Geek Kink series back in 2012, I had a bit of a panic attack. Why? I was really going to have the opportunity to write Alex and Elena’s story. What is there to panic about that, right? Well…I’d never written a BDSM story where the female was the dominant in the relationship. Full. On. Freak. Out.

Luckily I had two other books to turn in before Break Me In was due. So, that panic had an opportunity to fade away and I could deal with the book with a clear head. I am extremely happy with the results of my first Domme story and I hope readers are just as taken with the characters and their relationship as I am.


She flicked her wrist, letting the straps of the flogger snap through the air without touching him.

He didn’t react and she dragged the flogger over the chiseled muscles of his upper back. She grazed the skin, putting no force behind the touch at all. “I’m going to continue to use this on you, Alexander. And I want you to tell me how it makes you feel.”


“Liar.” Her raspy voice scraped over his skin. “You feel something. You just think it weakens you to admit you’re scared.” He started to protest but stopped with her stern gaze as she came around him. “It’s all right. It’s just you and me here. You can tell me. Tell me your safeword if you need to.”

“I’m fine.” He swallowed hard, the dryness in his throat hurting. “Just overwhelmed. I don’t know what I’m feeling. Or what to expect with that thing.”

He scowled at the flogger in her hand, which caused her to smile. “Oh, it’s not a thing. It’s an extension of me. And you will feel pleasure, Alexander. More pleasure and contentment than you have ever thought possible. I guarantee it.”


Elena avoids relationships by using her flogger as a shield. Alex is struggling with substance abuse and Elena will do nearly anything to help him conquer his demons, even risk losing him forever. When he comes home, whole and healthy, he raises the stakes by requesting their friendship turn to a D/s bond. His submission will change their dynamic forever. She convinces herself it’s just sex. Love and desire aren’t part of the equation.

Under Elena’s reverent command, Alex finds a comfort he’s always yearned for. He’s happier than ever as he spends his days slinging coffee and his nights bound and collared. Submitting to Elena exposes more than his strengths—it reveals a powerful attraction. Most of all, it uncovers their passionate love. He’s ready to convince her there’s no reason to mask her feelings, but his efforts are derailed when his toxic past resurfaces to annihilate their future.

Warning: A hunky, tortured barista. A seductive, stubborn Domme. Desire that can’t be tamed by cuffs, ropes and chains. And angst. So much drama and angst, John Hughes would be proud. Being bad never felt so good.


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  1. Thanks so much for having me here today!

  2. Hi Sara,
    Congrats on the new book. i love the cover, it awesome and the excerpt was great. as for if i prefer my book characters to have a lot of flaws or not i think it helps to make them seem more human if they have some problems just like the rest of us but not so many that they seem like a complete basket case that will never be able to get out from under them or grow. i hope that made sense, it’s really early/late here(4am). LOL!

    congrats again, i can’t wait to read it.

    tammy ramey

    • tammy ramey
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  3. I enjoy antiheros. Love seeing them redeem themselves and prove everyone else wrong.

    • Gabrielle
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