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Today we’re thrilled to welcome Kyoko Church, on tour for her release, Sapphic Secrets (Book Two in her Draper Estates Trilogy). Some will find this controversial – we think she’s bold to forge aspects of her own experience into some very hot erotica.

Hi you two! Thanks for having me here. Oo, a husband and wife erotic writing team! How awesome is that? And me here now… it’s like we’re having a naughty little threesome. 🙂

I thought I’d start out this blog tour by talking reviews. We all like to get glowing reviews. I am grateful for anyone who reads one of my books, likes it, and says so. But I am also grateful for anyone who reads and gives comments as to why they don’t like what they’ve read. It’s interesting to consider different people’s tastes and why we like what we do. So today I thought I’d highlight some negative reviews! I know, I’m weird.

In my Draper Estates trilogy Lillianne is deemed to be suffering from nymphomania, is told she is ill, and is tied up and tormented by two different captors. Words like “creepy,” “disturbing” and “off-putting” were used by some to describe this. One reader was not sure if “it was supposed to be funny or serious” and lamented that my book is full of “ignorant and mean people.”

I totally understand this reaction. That last reviewer is right. It is ignorant to think that it’s bad for a woman to have a sex drive. And it is pretty mean that certain characters tie Lilly up and torment her because of those “bad” desires. I can understand that some people will just not think that is hot. I have a very close friend and fan of my work who simply hates this trilogy and would agree with that last reviewer. She simply cannot get past the idea that what’s happening to Lilly is against her will.

Obviously anything in reality that is actually against a person’s will is abusive and not hot at all. And I imagine to actually live in the 1860s as a woman with a significant sexual appetite who believed she was bad and shameful would be very sad. Actually I know it would be. Because growing up I lived in my own toned-down, mini version of that world.  I guess that’s part of where this story comes from. Sex in my family was a taboo topic. I was made to feel very bad for having sexy thoughts and desires. And I was sad. Still horny! But sad. Aw, don’t feel bad. It’s made for some very potent kinks now so, you know, it’s all good.

Now I know that having a healthy sex drive is something to enjoy. Knowing that and being a safe distance from the place where I felt bad about it is what makes me able to write Lilly and have fun with it. As for the fact that it’s against her will, part of Lilly’s torment is that, deep down, it’s not. I guess there lives a little girl in me who still feels bad for her desires… so she wants the big, bad man – or very sexy blonde maid – to come and just … make her.

Like this…

Celeste tightened the bonds firmly at Lilly’s wrists.

                ‘I’m so glad you are here to play my games with me now that I no longer have Yvonne, madame,’ Celeste said.

                ‘Celeste. No. I didn’t say that,’ Lilly said. Her housemaid had succeeded in slowly peeling off all of Lilly’s clothing while only undoing one bond at a time to get the clothing completely off while still ensuring Lilly could not get free. Now Lilly lay totally naked, more helpless than ever.

                Celeste gazed down at her. ‘You look so beautiful,’ she said, as she circled Lilly’s body, trailing her fingertips all over her, making Lilly shiver. ‘I know you will enjoy them too, nos jeux, our games,’ she said as she ran her fingers up Lilly’s arm to her breast before slowly circling the pucker of her nipple. ‘See? Look how your nipples stiffen for me,’ she said, tweaking each one. Currents of sensation ran straight down to Lilly’s sex as she gasped.

                ‘Celeste, no. Please. We can’t do this.’ But Lilly’s protests sounded weak, especially as Celeste continued to pluck at her sensitive peaks and her body was bathed in arousal. Celeste bent her head down and began to tongue the little puckered bit of flesh closest to her as she rolled the other between forefinger and thumb.

                ‘No, Celeste! No!’ Lilly panted, all while her hips bucked up.

                Celeste looked up then. Suddenly the faraway look in her eyes was gone and the darker shadows were back.

                ‘You want me to stop, madame?’ She went down and stood in the V made by the narrow tables Lilly’s legs were strapped to. ‘If I part your nether lips,’ she whispered, ‘will I find the seed the doctor speaks of?’

                ‘Please, Celeste,’ Lilly breathed. ‘Don’t.’

                Celeste sat down on the chair and, with fingers on either of her outer lips, she eased Lilly apart and peered between her legs. ‘You are very wet, madame,’ she said. Lilly moaned as Celeste pressed two fingers inside her and with a scooping C motion along the inner walls of her clenching hole, pulled out an abundance of clear gooey wetness.

                Lilly had never seen the evidence of her wanting like this, never had it studied, sampled and presented to her in this manner and she squirmed in embarrassment as Celeste held her sticky fingers up. Celeste, however, was unabashed as she stared in her mistress’s eyes and hungrily licked Lilly’s arousal off her fingers. ‘Madame,’ she whispered silkily. ‘It is necessary for you to be bound here with me all day, non? Perhaps we can find a way to make it a little more pleasant,’ she said, standing and stripping off her own clothing. ‘Then maybe I could clear away the evidence of your seed each day before Monsieur Draper gets home.’ Totally naked now too, she came close to Lilly’s bound frame and leaned down so that her mouth was by Lilly’s ear. ‘With my tongue.’ Oh god. Her tongue. Lilly shivered to her core at the memory of what Celeste’s tongue could do. She knew she should stop her, tell her no, but her sex pulsed hungrily in desperation for that slithery tongue.

                ‘Right now, for example, I am thinking of something,’ the maid said as she ran her hands over her own torso and pinched her nipples into peaks. She startled Lilly by climbing up onto the table where her torso was strapped down. Placing a knee on either side of Lilly’s head her voice became low and husky. ‘It is a game Yvonne named. It’s called Kitty with a Bowl of Cream.’ And holding her labia open above Lilly’s head, Celeste bid Lilly to stick out her tongue.

So, I know it’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea. And that’s fine! Chacun son gout, and all that. But if there’s a naughty little minx in you that can set aside her feelings of ‘that’s so creepy and wrong’ for ‘it’s just a fantasy, yes, make her!’ then… come on. Have a peek.


Labelled a nymphomaniac because of her passion, Lillianne Draper is forced to spend her days restrained. She has managed to banish the nefarious Dr Samms only to begin to question the motives of her scullery maid, Celeste. Charged with the task of monitoring her mistress’s illness, Celeste seems to enjoy her new responsibility a little too much.  Lillianne must try and control her body’s responses or her husband will order the return of the doctor who tormented her. But being left every day at the mercy of Celeste is arousing desires in Lilly she didn’t know she had.

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About the Author:

Kyoko Church discovered the power of the written erotic word when she was 16 years old and penned a very explicit missive to her boyfriend detailing all the naughty things she wanted to do to him. When he received it, boyfriend was impressed. When he found it, father was not.

For the next 18 years she hid her naughty thoughts in shame. Until she found a community where they were once again appreciated for the well-imagined smut they are. Her short stories have been published in anthologies by Black Lace, Rubicund Publishing and Xcite Books. Book One, Nymphomania, and Book Two, Sapphic Secrets, in her Draper Estate Trilogy were published by Xcite in 2012. For Her Pleasure will be published by HarperCollins Mischief in March 2013.

A Canuck by birth, she has recently made Australia her home. She is currently learning to drive on the left and say G’day convincingly.






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  1. Thanks for including our blog on your tour, Kyoko – hmm. Naughty little threesome? We like that! And we admire your bold voice and your writing.

    • Adriana Kraft
    • Reply
    • Thanks for having me, Adriana! Sorry I didn’t think to check for comments before now! Lol. Glad you like my little threesome idea. 😉 Thanks for your kind comment!

  2. This sounds like a very interesting trilogy. I like your stand on reviews. People will always agree to disagree, there are very few things in life that every single person will agree on, and books are not one of them. I’m kind of curious about this trilogy now as it sounds like one I might enjoy. Thanks for stopping by!

    • Thanks Emily! I do hope you checked out the trilogy. If you have the time/inclination, please drop me a line to let me know what you thought!


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