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Today we’re thrilled to welcome Kissa Starling – a very exciting author who has been a friend and fellow member of Midnight Seductions for nearly five years. I loved her very first story when I read it – the Christmas themed erotic novella Angel’s Wish, and they just keep coming!

Why don’t you start by telling us about yourself (Where are you from? What do you write/do in the publishing world? What do you do when you’re not writing — your “day” job, hobbies, obsessions, etc.?) I live in sweet, sultry Georgia where it is way over 100 degrees today. I love the changing of the seasons and the mild (usually) winters. I could see myself living at the beach someday. I write in a variety of genres. Everyone keeps telling me to pick one and I’ll figure out what I like, but it’s been several years and I still like them all. I write a lot of erotic fetish stories, but sometimes a sweet, innocent character appears and I have to give them equal time to tell their story. Right now I have a zombie story brewing in my mind. When I’m not writing I love to watch old movies, spend time with pets, swim, ride on the back of my husband’s Harley and play board games with my family.

Do you read primarily print books, ebooks, or both? I primarily read print books. I love the concept of ebooks, but don’t own a Kindle to read them on. I have read a few on my computer, but I spend so much time on the computer each day that I prefer to read offline. My eyes prefer that too!

Tell us one thing about yourself people would be surprised to learn. I love to shoot. I have several of my own guns and practice regularly. I love the targets that change colors when you hit them with the bullet. When I finish all of my current projects I’m hoping to begin a series about a female shooter. There are simply not enough of those.

Tell us about your writing: How long have you been writing? What genre(s) do you write in? What have you written (short stories, novels, etc.)? What works are currently for sale? Where?  I started writing when I saw a Christmas contest for erotic romance about five years ago. I wrote a novella for that one and knew in my mind I would win. I didn’t. I got two pages asking me to revise and send the story back. At the time I had no idea that was a good thing. I only saw failure. That story got put to the  side and I went on to other things. Eventually I went back to that story and pubished it with Renaissance Ebooks as Angel’s Wish. It’s still a favorite of mine. I write a lot of short stories. I’ve published them in print anthologies, as single, short titles and even as free reads. I am working on a full length novel, but I get so distracted by short story calls that I often set it aside. I currently have several titles at Red Rose Publishing, . I have three lesbian titles at Renaissance Ebooks, You can always check out my website for current books as well,

What made you chose to write erotic literature in particular? Is there any other genre you’d like to write? And if so, why? I read erotic literature first and really enjoyed it. Then I thought, I could write that. I’ve written since I was in grade school and have considered publishing children’s books, but never erotic books.

What do you like most about writing? Least? The research is by far my favorite part of writing. Sometimes I spend endless hours researching and forget to write. My least favorite thing is filling out all of those forms for my publisher when I sign a new contract. I wish I could sit down with the webmistress and cover artist and tell them about my book. Alas, that isn’t possible so I fill them out as quick as possible and go back to my research.

Are you a plotter or a pantser? I have always been a pantser in the past, but I believe I am beginning to learn a few perks of plotting. I usually do a lot of research so I guess that part could be considered plotting? Recently a friend sent me an outline of events for an erotic novel and I can definitely see it helping me finish my first full length story.

How do you get ideas for your stories? What inspires you? Life inspires me. I love to people watch. I sit sometimes and just observe what people are doing. Every one of us has different mannerisms, facial expressions and ideas that make up our personality. Oh, and I must admit that I’ve gotten more than one inspiration from the news. A thirty second snippet about something can motivate me to write a whole story that includes something similar to what I hear happened in real life.

Which comes first when you’re starting to write a new story: character, setting, plot, or theme? Always the characters. No matter where they end up or what they’re doing I need to know everything I can about them before I write. How else would I know how a character would react to a particular setting, plot or theme?

Any advice for those who want to write? Keep writing. Never give up on your dreams. If writing it a dream then seek out successful authors whose words you like. Attend workshops, read, go to workshops, but most importantly- keep writing.

What’s your own sexiest feature? My eyes. They are hazel and change color according to my mood. They’re pretty when they’re blue, but I’d give me space! haha They only turn blue when I’m sad or upset. Usually they stay mostly green with gold specks around them. I get complimented on my eyes a lot.

What’s your earliest childhood memory? I walked home from school one day—yes, kids used to do that—and my dad had a bulge in his shirt. I remember how his eyes lit up and he smiled so big before he pulled the tiniest kitten out and gave it to me. I’ve owned cats ever since. That same day I got my homemade sandbox. A huge tractor wheel painted, with sand put inside. Kind of an odd combination, but I don’t remember the kitten pooping in my sandbox. hee hee

Are you a book hoarder? Omg, yes! I love books so much. I have about 80 ebooks on my computer and countless print books. I have started a research library and if I ever need extra motivation I pick up one of those books. Libraries are my friend. I would live there if I could!

Is there a way for fans and others to contact you? (email, social networking links, etc.) I am on Facebook, ; Twitter,; and I am always available through email

Tell us about your latest release – we’d love an excerpt, too! Celtic Destiny is a sweet romance, a sort of modern fairy tale published by K. Starling. K=klean, so no sex in this one. Here’s a blurb: Reuniting ghost lovers proves to be the easy task. How will she ever find her own true destiny?

Clarissa has traveled halfway around the world to Scotland hoping to escape her sordid past and begin anew. What she finds is two unruly children, a single father who travels, an elderly cook and a couple of ghosts who demand to be reunited. It’s hard to figure out who plans to give her the most trouble – the children or the ghost of a kind long since passed. Will it all be worth it in the end and what must Clarissa do to obtain her own happiness?


Feeling bold she approached Master Kirkland from behind, raising her hand to shake his. “I’m Clarissa Randolph. Nice to meet you.”

He turned and their eyes met. Neither said a word for several seconds. She pulled her hand back so quick it was almost rude. It’s Jordan. He looks exactly like Jordan. How could this be?

“Master William Jordan Kirkland at your service.” He bowed down when he said this. “Mrs. Walmier tells me that the children love you.” His lips turned up into the most gorgeous smile.

“What have you done to them?” His grin became a full–fledged smile when he said, “I suppose you brought a paddle all the way from America?” Robust laughter filled the room.


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