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Today we’re thrilled to welcome author Suzanne Rock, here to tell us about herself in an interview and to share a spicy excerpt filled with sexual tension.

Why don’t you start by telling us about yourself (Where are you from? What do you write/do in the publishing world? What do you do when you’re not writing — your “day” job, hobbies, obsessions, etc.?)

Really? You want to know that? It isn’t very exciting, lol. I’m a stay at home mom of two girls. I used to have a day job as a scientist at a pharmaceutical company, but I quit to stay home with my kids. I spend my days driving the kids around to various functions and helping them with schoolwork. My husband and I are huge football fans, and every fall things get a little crazy around th house as we all cheer on our favorite team (New England Patriots).

Do you own an ereader? Why or why not? If so, what’s on it?

Yes, I own a kindle. My husband gave it to me for Christmas and I love it! I have over 500 books on it in the romance, thriller, fantasy, science fiction and non-fiction genres. You really don’t want me to list them all, do you? 🙂

Tell us about your writing: How long have you been writing? What genre(s) do you write in? What have you written (short stories, novels, etc.)? What works are currently for sale? Where?

I’ve been writing erotic romance since 2009. My first story, Spyde’rs Web, was published in June of that year. It’s currently no longer available because I’m updating it for a late 2012 release. I write contemporary and paranormal erotic romance with M/F and ménage pairings. I write both novels and novellas, depending on what the story calls for. I have over twenty-five published works, released by Ellora’s Cave, Loose Id, Siren Bookstrand and Red Sage, as well as some I self published. You can find them on my author pages at Amazon and All Romance E-Books.

What made you chose to write erotic literature in particular? Is there any other genre you’d like to write? And if so, why?

I didn’t choose erotic literature, it chose me. I had started writing contemporary romances, aimed at the Harlequin Presents line. I didn’t get very far so I turned to the eHarlequin writing community for help. There I met a wonderful group of ladies and we all became critique partners. Many of them wrote erotic romance and said that my writing voice was a better fit there than with Harlequin Presents. I gave it a try. The rest, as they say, is history.

What do you like most about writing? Least?

My favorite part about writing is the plotting. This is where the stories are really born. I don’t like the first pass of editing. My drafts are always very messy, and the first round of editing can be rather tedious.

Are you a plotter or a pantser?

Plotter. Those who know me know that I live by my spreadsheets. J I tried being a pantster, but the stories had no focus and were terrible reads.

What’s your earliest childhood memory?

Being run over by a wooden wagon by my best friend in pre-school. She thought I was a speed bump, lol.

Are you a book hoarder?

OMG– yes! I have shelves full of them. They are taking over my basement. Now that I have a kindle it isn’t quite so bad.

Is there a way for fans and others to contact you?

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Tell us about your latest release – we’d love an excerpt, too!

Bonded in Blood, Book One of the Warlock Mating Chronicles, coming September 13 from Siren Bookstrand


Cyrah has denied her pagan heritage and tried to live a normal life, but visions of two sexy strangers refuse to leave her alone. She senses trouble in their auras, and knows she must try to insert herself into their lives to stop it. Her strong attraction is difficult to control however, and one miscalculation leaves her captured by a powerful Coven and tied to a Master Warlock’s bed.

When Roman recognizes Cyrah as his destined mate, he makes every effort to keep her close. He lusts after the sexy witch, but can’t deny his attraction for his personal guard, Sam. His emotions are torn and Roman is unable to bind himself to either of them. Then he learns that Sam and Cyrah feel the same. Cyrah has an idea of how all three of them can become mates, but doing so would involve extremely kinky sex, denying ancient warlock tradition, and putting all of their lives in grave danger.


Using one of the plants for cover, Cyrah peeked into the side window of Roman’s office. She saw Roman clearly now, and felt the same magnetic pull she had felt earlier when she was trying to pinpoint his location. His aura surrounded him, the soft crimson telling her that his thoughts were centered on more earthly, physical things. It flickered with streaks of green. Calming streaks. She tried to catch a glimpse of the person he was talking to, but the figure remained just out of sight. She could see his aura, however. It was dark green with golden flecks. Roman was talking to a healer, or someone with a calming presence.

She continued to watch Roman as he talked. Her gaze slid down from his firm lips to his broad shoulders, and then to his tight, round ass. Desire sparked in her lower abdomen, and her heartbeat quickened. She felt hot despite the central air-conditioning vent right above her.

The attraction she had felt when she first saw him in her vision was nothing like what she felt now. In her dreams he was amazing, but in reality he was breathtaking. Roman Maddock was tall and muscular and took care of his appearance. He had an authoritative presence that spoke to a spot deep inside of her. No woman could resist such commanding masculinity. Roman was definitely drool-worthy.

With each passing moment, the dull ache in her core grew. She wanted to burst into his office, strip off her clothes, and wrap herself around him like a blanket. She could never do that however. Roman was just a man, and knew nothing of visions and the mating heat of witches and warlocks. She didn’t want to scare him.

Cyrah gasped as the other person in the office moved into her line of vision. It was the one from her dreams—Roman’s companion. She’d know that dirty-blond hair and those angular features anywhere. While Roman was long and lean like a soccer player, his companion was broader, more muscular. She suspected that Roman’s friend had spent a lot of time lifting weights or doing heavy labor to get such a chiseled physique.

Cyrah widened her eyes as she watched them interact. There was an easy familiarity about them, as if they were close friends. Roman said something, and the other man laughed. Then Roman ran his hand down his friend’s arm. The other man closed his eyes. Cyrah saw the man’s aura turn from green to bright crimson. Whatever Roman did made the other man’s thoughts turn more worldly and primal. Cyrah held her breath in anticipation.

Roman slid his hand up and cupped the other man’s cheek. Their gazes met, and Cyrah didn’t need to see their auras to know that they desired each other. Not friends then, but lovers. She thought the information would squelch the burning heat between her thighs, but it only made it hotter.

Roman leaned forward and captured his lover’s lips. The kiss was gentle and affectionate. Cyrah inched closer to the window and pictured herself pressed in between them. What would they smell like? How would all of those hard muscles feel against her skin? She imagined them kissing her with as much passion as they kissed each other.

Roman swept his tongue into his lover’s mouth. The man eased his hands forward and began to undo Roman’s pants. Their auras turned from crimson to fire-engine red. Cyrah shivered as her need escalated.

The kiss changed from affectionate to desperate. They slanted over each other’s mouths again and again as they tore at their constricting clothes. With their pants removed and shirts unbuttoned, they palmed each other’s chest, shoulders, and ass. They ground their hips together as if they wanted to fuse their bodies into one being. Their auras blended and grew until they filled the entire room, as often happened when people felt strong emotions.

Cyrah knew that she should leave. The lovers obviously wanted some privacy. She tried to stand and walk down the hall, but she couldn’t make her feet move. Her message for them was too important. Besides, she had never seen two men kiss before, and it fascinated her. As she watched, pressure built deep inside her core and her panties became damp. The urge to participate was overwhelming. What was wrong with her? Never before had she felt such strong desire.


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  1. Interesting responses, Suzanne. Your drift into Erotic genre is nice and your answers were down to earth. Congrats.


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