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It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it…Today we’re thrilled to welcome British author Harry Blue! His newest release is based in Las Vegas, one of our all-time fave spots (both to write and to visit). Without further ado, take it away, Harry!

I have been writing for many years, starting with comedy in the 1980s, when I used to write for London Weekend Television and Radio 4.

Having been a seaside hotelier, I initially wrote a book entitled How Not to Run a Hotel, but then won a writing competition, with first prize £100 plus a commission to write a 40,000 word erotic book. It was to be my inspiration.

Like most teenagers in the 1960s I used to read Adam, Spic, and any magazine I could lay my hands on, so when the chance came to actually write erotic, I grabbed it. A blank canvas, my decision as to subject, no editorial interference, so as I had been to Las Vegas three times, that had to be my location.

It wasn’t difficult to sit down and write a plot, obviously the hero had to be really good looking, his partner had to meet the same criteria. I wanted them to be in a partnership relationship, but how to get them to Vegas? They had to fulfil more fantasy by winning the lottery. Then to complete the plot, they had to have sex in multiple locations, be in danger with the suspense, maybe a happy ending, also with a huge blackjack tournament.

But the main requirement was they had to fuck each other silly all the time within the confines of a good plot. Hence Hot Vegas.

Hero Jeff has been with Prudence for quite some time, Prudence doesn’t know if she wants to marry him, he doesn’t know if he wants to ask her, but they both know that they have been together for sufficient time for them to know each others’ bodies so well, sexual desires and fantasies could be anticipated, while no familiarity could make their fucking boring. They loved giving each other surprises.

A good example is the start, where they are in bed, Sunday morning, he’s looking at the sports pages – Fulham have drawn again – and she’s checking the lottery ticket. Amazing, they’ve won a large sum, which we never learn, simply because even though it’s life-changing, I want them to return after Vegas to a comfortable working life.

Prudence rings up the lottery HQ to get confirmation that they have won, so while she’s deep breathing on the phone, he’s pulled the duvet back, giving her a superb oral climax. Good job that the phone wasn’t skype.

They win in Vegas playing the tables, using the winnings to upgrade their accommodation, so they can fuck each other in more fantasy locations. Jeff gets kidnapped by the mafia when he gets confused for an Australian rock group’s drug runner – you have to read the book to follow the plot – and the FBI are involved with the shooting and murders at the Grand Canyon leaving you wanting more.

You get more when they end up at an off strip casino playing in the largest big money blackjack tournament the Strip has ever seen. Do they win? Buy Hot Vegas and find out.

Hot Vegas is only the first in the ‘Hot’ series, Hot Hits is number two, completely new plot, with Roger the 21 year old stud walking into the bedroom of a lady in her mid 40s who is staying at his parent’s small hotel. She’s come out of the shower, takes one look, and it’s a long time before he’s allowed out. Roger starts going out with Sue, who plays in the local silver band, which has been taken over by Cedric for illegal purposes. Sue is a trumpet player, so has a very mobile mouth that she puts to very good use and Roger’s advantage. She loves to swallow, licking her lips in appreciation. There’s danger when Cedric joins Club Sadist, torturing people on stage, with Roger strapped in chains. Is he saved by Sue? Is he saved by the cougar? Is he saved by the beautiful 28 year old professional contract killer? Is he saved at all?

I have already started Hot MILF. Yes, it’s more of the same, great sex, with danger, intrigue, and more than one climax.


‘Soft Lips’ Prudence checks her lottery ticket in bed, and the noise she makes takes Jeff ‘Sex Machine’s attention away from the soccer results. Fulham have drawn again. They celebrate by making love, and then it’s off to Las Vegas first class for the holiday of a lifetime. Luxury all the way. But Jeff is mistaken for an Australian mobster, as they make love in a hotel lift, and a private box in a theatre, and their own intimate pool, and….Pop stars, the Mafia, and the FBI are all involved as we tour the gambling capital of the world, culminating in the biggest black jack gambling tournament to be held off the famous Strip.

Hot Vegas is available from Amazon UK, Amazon US, All Romance eBooks, Barnes & Noble and all other good eBook retailers.


I write under the name Harry Blue, because that’s what I write – Blue.

It’s all romantic, full blown, one on one sex, with a good story to go with the erotica. A hero, a heroine, danger, suspense, everything’s in my books, all starting with the word Hot.

The reality is that I am a happily married man in my mid 60s, one daughter, three grand daughters, living on the south coast, dealing in antiques and a sight-seeing guide when I am not writing erotic novels.

I have been writing for thirty years, mainly comedy, so you can find out a lot more about me on


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