Eva Lefoy on Tour: Fragging comet tails!


Fragging comet tails!

Lucy Borasco – and by the way, the character was named after Gigi Morasco from my favorite (now extinct) soap opera – is a bit of a hot head from the get-go. She’s a red head, she’s handy with a gun, and she’s got an attitude that will put your balls to the wall. Pissing her off is not a good idea. Here are some ways to get Lucy terribly hacked off:

  1. Break up with her to focus on your military career.
  2. Forget she exists and that you used to be passionate lovers.
  3. After remembering her, leave her again.

You would think a smart guy wouldn’t do that, but her ex-boyfriend, Captain California Sykes, does all three of those things. First, he tells her needs to focus on his career – probably so he can rise up the ranks and then go back and swoop up Lucy and have his HEA with her. But before he gets that far, things go horribly wrong. He signs up for the Mars Mission and his brain is hijacked by Martian DNA. To quell the Martian invader within him, they turn off his memories.

Fast forward to Lucy’s last day on the military base. To say she’s a little ticked at being dumped, then ignored all these months is putting it mildly. She smashes his breakfast and tells Cal exactly where he can put that fork. After Cal confesses he can’t remember her, she nearly kills him with a kiss:


Her fingers curled around his collar nice and tight. When she gave him a light shake, his head whipped back and forth. Maybe she was trying to rattle some sense back into his malfunctioning brain. “Comet tails, Cal. If this is some game you’re playing to make me miss you, I swear I’ll fill your ass with helium and shoot you out one of those planes!”

He loved how the fire in her eyes matched her hair and the way she jutted out her chin at the end of her pronouncement. But he’d told her the truth. This was no game. His memories of her were completely gone. “How can I prove to you I’m not lying?”

Her lips curled up in a smirk. “Kiss me.”

With a confident toss of her head she laid claim to him, answering his questions about how he’d known her. Hell, he hadn’t known her, apparently he’d known her. The news made his dick swell with pride. His mouth quirked into a cocky smile.

“Come on, Cal. Today’s Valentine’s Day after all.” Her hands caressed his neck, working their way up his jaw. “One little goodbye kiss won’t hurt.”

Her touch confused him. Familiar yet foreign. New sensations and ghostly memories rose toward the surface of his mind but were squashed before they reached the light. He shook his head but the cobwebs didn’t clear. Why couldn’t he remember? Everything but those fragging ships seemed vague.

A twinge in his right shoulder shot up his neck, and he couldn’t help thinking the pain was a warning. He braced for more, but none immediately came. He wanted out of this box, wanted answers. But he wouldn’t endanger anyone else to get them.

“Lucy.” His voice sounded hoarse, as if he’d sucked sand into his windpipe. “Don’t.” Down below, his cock begged, yes, yes, yes. The damn organ had been asleep for ages. One look at Lucy had brought it back to life with a vengeance. But he couldn’t risk hurting her. “Something bad might happen.”

She cocked a brow. “What are you afraid of? If you don’t remember me, you won’t feel a thing.”

He watched her moist ruby lips move closer. Her mouth opened, ready for a kiss, and his groin ached, needing to be inside her. Smoking meteoroids, he wanted this. Even if he still didn’t remember her afterward. Even if it killed him.

Her sweet little breath puffed against his mouth. “Just one little kiss.”

Ignoring another twinge of pain he leaned forward, grabbed the back of her head, angled it to fit his needs, then lowered his famished mouth to hers. Her mewl of surprise tingled his lips. One hand cupped her ass and he pulled her body taut against his, grinding his hardened length against her tender mound. Her fingernails dug into his shoulders, and if her moans were any indication, they’d not been coolly distant lovers. They’d been hot every-single-night or three-times-a-day lovers. Now, if he could only remember what made her come he might get—


~   ~   ~

Yep. Just one kiss from Lucy fries his circuits! Turns out she didn’t need the gun after all….

Here’s more about Cal and Lucy’s story:

Helium toads!

Lieutenant Lucy Borasco has her phase pistol ready and her ex-boyfriend in her sights. She has every intention of making him pay for choosing his career over her. But she hadn’t factored in a Martian sneak invasion, Cal’s incessant need to save the universe, or the risk of permanent damage to her complexion. Getting Cal back will cost her more than she thinks, leaving her changed forever.

Captain California Sykes’ memories are gone, his career is in ruins, and his ex-girlfriend nearly kills him with a kiss. Can he overcome the Martian invasion, save the rest of the team and win Lucy back again in the process? Or will his seat-of-the-pants plans and the canned fish rations cost him everything he holds dear, including his sanity?

Find out in The Trouble With Memories.

Thanks for having me here today. I hope you enjoy Cal and Lucy’s story and also book II, Fennik’s.


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