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Definitely Judge A Book By Its Cover


We’re thrilled to welcome guest and fellow Midnight Seductions Author Elizabeth Black to our pages today!

I want to talk about covers. They can make or break a book

When I choose a book to read, if I’m not familiar with the author, the cover goes a long way to helping me choose a new book. A bad cover can sink a book for me, and I’ve seen some fugly covers. I’m thinking of two covers I have seen that are absolutely abhorrent. One is one of my old covers from a small publisher that crashed and burned a few years ago. It had to be the ugliest cover I’ve ever seen. It looked like someone went to PickAnUglyStockPhoto.com or SuckyClipArt.com, grabbed a few images, and slapped them together. It must have taken a whopping five minutes to make that cover. I hated it.

I have since made that story a freebie, and the new cover is a watercolor done by an artist. It’s one of my favorite covers. It’s simply beautiful.

My two favorite covers are for my two upcoming releases – both erotic versions of fairy tales. The first cover, depicted below, is for my novella “Climbing Her Tower”, which is an erotic version of “Rapunzel”. It’s exactly what I wanted for the story. It’s sensuous without being tacky. The colors are bright and welcoming, too.

The second cover, also depicted below, is for my novella “Trouble In Thigh High Boots”, which is an erotic version of “Puss In Boots”. I’ve written a short story erotic “Puss In Boots” but that story is only a portion of the fairy tale. “Trouble In Thigh High Boots” covers the whole thing. That cover shows off my Puss (a shapeshifer named Tita) as being a flirty little minx. Both covers are exactly what I wanted. They convey to the reader the mood of the stories and they draw you in. Since my erotic fairy tales are part of a series, I wanted the covers to be similar in design.

I’m self-publishing these stories, and I believe beautiful covers are absolutely necessary. I hired a cover artist to make them, and I recommend other self-published authors do the same unless you are very proficient at Photoshop and have an artistic eye. It’s far too easy to end up with a cover that blows chunks. I want my stories to be the best they can be, and that means hiring a cover artist. The cover can make or break a book.

Look for “Trouble In Thigh High Boots” and “Climbing Her Tower” to release in early fall.

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7 Responses to “Definitely Judge A Book By Its Cover”

  1. The cover goes a long way with me, too, if I haven’t heard of the author. If I know the author’s work and adore his or her books, then not so much.

    Great post, Elizabeth & Adriana.


  2. Thank you, Destiny! Yes, a great book cover can make a huge difference. For me, the blurb and title also influence my decision as to whether or not to buy a book.

  3. Thanks so much for guesting today, Elizabeth – and I love both your covers. The titles are terrific, too! I’m more likely to go with authors I know or authors/books recommended by someone I trust, but a bad cover can send me away, too.

    • Adriana Kraft
    • Reply
  4. If choosing a book by a favorite author, I don’t care what the cover looks like. But if I’m trying out someone new, then the cover and title are what make or break a sale from me.

  5. Thanks for having me as a guest, Adriana. I also go with authors I know more than new ones. For new ones, I tend to go by recommendations. That said, a good cover will attract me but a poor one will turn me off big time.

  6. I agree with you, Pat. For me, the title, cover, and blurb make or break a sale. I good cover helps but a terrible one hurts a book. A terrible cover makes me think the writer didn’t think enough of her own work to make sure the first appearance is a good one. It makes me wonder what the rest of the work is like.

  7. I’m a cover whore..the cover is my instant “ooh” moment, more than shiny things… I’ve always gravitated to covers that are ‘interesting’ to my eye, that stand out, and that may ‘hint’ to the book inside..although often the best ones are not immediately apparent.

    this is really interesting perspective and information – thank you


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