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Hi Adriana, thank you so much for letting me visit. I’m very excited to drop by on my first blog tour.

Guest Post

I’ll start by telling everyone a little about myself. I was born in a quintessential village hidden in the green rolling hills in the Surrey downs, just south of London, in the era when “gay” meant happy and magazine models were not airbrushed beyond all recognition.

My father was the local gents’ hairdresser so we knew everyone and everyone knew us, but I was a lonely child. My parents had me late in life and my sister and brother had already left home by the time I was born. In addition, my mother suffered poor health, which left her unable to care for me, so my father and I were very close. I think he would be horrified to know that I now write erotic fiction – well some of it is fiction, but most of it comes from my real life experiences. However, I know he would forgive me taking my life in this new and exciting direction because, like most fathers, he forgave nearly all of my misdemeanours 😉

When I write I want to immerse you in the characters and I am confident that I have achieved that in this book.

As well as being busy with this book tour and blitz tour, I am currently working on the first book in an erotic paranormal trilogy. The idea comes from my own experiments with astral projection and out-of-body experiences. The main character, Becky, is an astral planing voyeur. She uses the technique to satisfy her sexual desires and she becomes so accomplished that she is able to possess another person’s body. She wreaks a terrible revenge after being betrayed by someone she trusts. I think it is very different and I hope the readers will enjoy its unorthodox approach.


This excerpt is from the fifth story in the Ultimate Gift anthology, Rumour Has It.

‘Would you like another drink?’ Tim asked.

‘Yes, but I insist on paying, to make up for “Watergate”.’ I gave him my most dazzling smile as I tossed my long curly red hair over my shoulder in a way that I had practised to look feminine and sexy.

Tim laughed and I felt that warm chocolate voice caress me, relishing the sensation.

‘Oh come on, it wasn’t that bad and if it hadn’t happened we probably wouldn’t be here now.’

‘Oh yes we would,’ I thought, ‘It would have just taken me a little longer.’ I smiled up at him. Rumours at work purported that Tim was quite a stud and I had every intention of challenging the theory.

As he reached for my glass our hands touched and carnal energy shot through my arm like electricity. I snatched my hand away as though I had been burnt. I had not felt such a physical connection with anyone before.

‘Are you OK?’ he asked.

Flustered I replied. ‘Yes fine. Hurry with that drink, all this talking has made me thirsty.’

Tim was so considerate and attentive I felt as though I had known him for years, sex just oozed from him. Watching him at the bar I  imagined running my hands over his bare back and that lusciously muscular butt. It was obvious that he was as attracted to me as I was to him.

When he came back he took a seat next to me ignoring the chair opposite that he had originally occupied when we first came into the bar.

‘So, tell me more. You’ve told me about the job but what about your personal life? Do you have a girlfriend or wife?’

‘No, I am not married. Single, free as a bird.’

Tim moved closer and put his hand on my knee. I wasn’t objecting, I been desperate to get into his pants from the first moment I saw him. I adjusted the way I was sitting so that the inside of my leg was more available to his strong firm hand.

I felt so relaxed and had already made up my mind that I wasn’t spending tonight alone.

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Ultimate Gift

Elizabeth needs a stiff drink and a hug from her friend after spending six torturous hours in the car with David. On their arrival they meet two stunning guests; the smoking-hot porn star, Suzy, and the dark enigmatic Toby. As the evening progresses inhibitions relax and sexual tensions start to rise. Could this diversion be just what they need to spice up their humdrum marriage or will it go too far?

Dream Surfer

Layne has a passion for impromptu sex in the open air. Her sporting accident prevents her from joining her lover in the surf and he leaves her sunbathing on the secluded beach. As the sun beats down on her near-naked body, her mind starts to drift to the inevitable passion she will share with her lover when he returns cool from the sea to soothe the heat from her body.

Lapping It Up

Married for eighteen years, frustrated housewife Trudy lusts after the passion she once shared with her husband. Recognising that something drastic has to be done, she asks her best friend to help. At first Dawn is flabbergasted by Trudy’s disclosure but agrees to work with her to plan a passionate evening that their husbands will not forget. Will they discover new appetites for their husbands or for each other?

Disciplining Jayne

Jayne fantasises about having sex with a stranger in uniform, just thinking about it makes her hot and wet. She arranges a birthday treat for herself, a night of passion to fulfil her dream. She gives very explicit instructions for the evening’s entertainment. However, her handsome escort has other ideas.

Rumour Has It

The mysterious Kate meets her perfect man when she spills water over his impeccably polished shoes. Tim instantly falls for the striking red-head and spends the nights fulfilling her every need until an unexpected phone call reveals Kate’s secret. Will the revelation rip them apart? Or will lust really overcome?

Unintentional Mistress

Bethany meets Max at a Christmas party and their mutual desire cannot be controlled. Events take an unexpected turn when Bethany discovers that she’s the ‘other women’. She knows that she should walk away, but can she bring herself to leave the sexually-charged Max? Or will she stay and have her heart torn apart?

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Author bio and links

When Candy Knight gets home from work she cannot wait to start typing. Busy wife and mother she enjoys writing sensitive and erotic stories that will make women wet and men hard.

Candy has a wicked sense of humour, she likes to drink wine, ride her road bike, called Giselle, and laugh, but not always in that order.

Inspired by the positive comments and feedback she received whilst attending an erotic/creative writing course she decided to continue to apply what she had learned. Striving to write what she refers to as ‘decent filth’, she is so driven to achieve her erotic writing passion that she has given up two days a week ‘paid’ work in order to follow her dream.

As well as releasing her first anthology ‘Ultimate Gift’, Candy has also completed the first of three erotic paranormal voyeur stories from the ‘Flight’ series.

Candy’s work is strictly for adults who want to unwind at the end of the day and get hard and wet. So pour a glass of wine and enjoy this writer’s work.

For more information on Candy, click the links below:

Twitter: @candyknight69


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