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Today we’re thrilled to welcome author Becca Dale, on tour with her latest release and a contest. Take it away, Becca!

Hi Adriana, I am so glad to be here with you and your readers today. I have been a fan of your work for some time, so I had to jump at the chance. Like the two of you, I try hard to write stories that are sexually relevant and emotionally charged. The Millionaire and the Girl Next Door is probably the tamest story I have written in a long while primarily because of the heroine’s family and the hero’s reluctance to push. Due to recently discovered information about his past, Jake is driven to be a better man. That triggers the question of the day: Does family define us?

We have all heard the phrase nature versus nurture. Which is right? Does it depend on the trait, the person(s) involved, the environment, or are we all as we shall be when we emerge from the womb? I strongly believe that we are basically as we will be when we are born or my siblings and I could not be as different as we are. Four people raised in the same home by the same parents, all incredibly different from one another. I have one sister too prissy to step onto her porch without makeup and another sister who cried the year she got a doll instead of a BB gun for Christmas. Now, when it came to BB guns, we had all heard the same admonition, “You’ll put an eye out!” So why then would my older brother and sister want them when my prissy sister and I avoided them?

Why do I have my grandmother’s deep love of the outdoors and my brother has been told that he reacts to stress just as our great-grandfather did though they both passed before we were born. Now, these are rather simplistic examples, and of course, all of us are influenced by how we are raised, but our nature cannot be denied. Which is why I’d like to believe, under the right circumstances, anyone can break free of a bad or misguided upbringing. Whether it is a cycle of abuse, alcoholism, or just plain poor choices, we do not have to follow the path our forefathers have set for us.

In The Millionaire and the Girl Next Door, Jake must decide to stay and live as his family chooses or break away and become his own man in a world unlike any he’s ever known. What do you think? Can a man raised to pursue money and social status at all costs find a way to redefine himself? Be sure to leave a comment below for a chance to win free books.

The Millionaire and the Girl Next Door Blurb

Tired of chasing his family’s need for money and power, millionaire Jake Wescott heads to Freewill,Wyoming and the beautiful piece of heaven that calls to him.

The girl next door, Christa Dunham, puts family first, and she’s determined to protect them from the city boy before he ruins their hunting grounds or steals her heart and then walks away when the lonely nights get too long.

Neither of them expects the attraction that pulls them together nor the lost spirit who wants to drive them apart. Confronting the past leaves them both anxious to find a love beyond a lifetime.


“Try this.” She tossed a crowbar to him, and the wicked piece of steel whizzed toward his head.

He dodged the wild throw. Irritated for a moment, Jake bent to pick up the bar then caught her checking him out. Her blatant appraisal made him want to forget the cabin and haul her off to his bed. She affected him too much for the amount of time he’d known her. Everything from her hair, just long enough for a man to wrap his hands in, to her tiny feet encased in chunky work boots turned him on. A smart man would kiss her until she gasped for breath, snuggled her soft curves against his chest, and let him strip her naked. Shaking off the inappropriate desire, he stuck the crowbar beneath the hinge pin and pried upward, but it slipped out of the niche he’d made.

Jake tried again, several times. Finally, she took it from him with a wry grin. “How do you dress yourself?”

He probably should have been offended, but since she treated him to a nice view of her backside while she bent to work the lower hinge loose, he didn’t see a reason to complain. Her faded jeans stretched when she moved and clung to her hips. His body tightened, and he stuffed his hands in his pockets, desperately thinking of the boardroom and stockholder meetings to ward off the need to caress her rounded curves.

Chris worked until the hinges and lock gave way, but the door remained in place despite her efforts to push it open. She looked over her shoulder at him and lifted an eyebrow. “Are you going to lend some muscle or let me do all the work?”

“I don’t know. I could get hurt. I broke a nail this morning putting on my socks.” He held back a grin. Ready color brushed her cheeks and made her skin glow. She deserved to be embarrassed. The brat tried to make him feel incompetent at every turn.

“Smart ass.”

He chuckled. “Arrogant know-it-all.”

Chris turned to stand inches from him. Merriment danced over her face. “Worthless urbanite.”

Jake moved closer still. If she wiggled at all, her breasts would press to his chest. “Hick.”

Her gaze shifted to his mouth. Jake nearly groaned aloud when she bit down on her lower lip and swayed toward him. “Is that what you really think of me, city boy?”

A soft moan slipped from him as he steadied her with a hand on her hip. “Your brothers would gut and hang me from the nearest tree if they ever heard what I really think about around you, sweetheart.”

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About the Author

Becca Dale writes erotic romance with a passionate soul. Her work skirts the very edge of sensual versus erotic romance, which is why fans often use the term sweet-heat, and she tells her editors she is naughty enough. She also strives to make her characters true to life, the type of people readers might know or could meet in the grocery store or see in the mirror each morning.






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6 Responses to “Becca Dale on Tour!”

  1. What a great topic to blog about. Family is a funny, tricky thing, and it is amazing how different people raised in the same home can be. My sister and I can’t be more dissimilar, and yet same upbringing, same parents, same family. Tis a puzzler, that’s for sure 🙂

    • I agree, Cassandra. Thanks so much for stopping by.

      • Becca Dale
      • Reply
  2. Good morning Becca and welcome! Thanks so much for your compliments. I love the sound of your book and can tell I need to become a fan of yours, great excerpt.

    • Adriana Kraft
    • Reply
    • Thanks for hosting me, Adriana.

      • Becca Dale
      • Reply
  3. Does family define us?
    Yeah, it can to a point. Grew up in a family with two sisters (one of them is a half sibling), each of us is bit different than the other. I am what they call a tom boy and very neat, my younger sister thinks she is better than anyone & more prissy when it comes to materialistic things, and the 1/2 sibling well she is tomboy but as messy.
    There other thing at least for me personally is environment of the people we can rely on and call as friends, they too can help define who you are.
    As well as, the things that life preverbally tosses and obstacles that one personally needs to overcome.

    Thanks for sharing the interesting post and the excerpt seems like a great read

    • Beckey.
    • Reply
    • Thanks, Beckey. Great points. Perhaps it is not one or the other but a combination of nature, nurture and the obstacles we jump that defines us.

      • Becca Dale
      • Reply

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