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Five Ways to Have Werewolf Sex By Annabeth Leong

Thanks so much for kicking off this blog tour! I love the “Stay Sexy” series you guys do, so I wanted to offer something on a similar theme. Hence, my tips on how to have werewolf sex in the comfort of your own home.

When I close my eyes and summon the phrase “werewolf sex,” I’m flooded with sensory details. Growls, crunching leaves, the smells of tree bark and damp earth, claws tearing, and teeth snapping. To me, werewolf sex is primal, unbridled, and passionate.

Maybe it helps to be supernatural, but I don’t believe a couple has to be able to grow fur and fangs to experience that sort of primal passion. Really, I think werewolf sex is about letting go of inhibitions and going for it. In that spirit, here are five suggestions for how to let loose.

1. Get a little rough

The werewolf characters I write bite and claw and fling each other from one side of the wildlife preserve to the other. They chase each other and leap on each other and battle for supremacy. While supernaturals can give and get more of that than mere mortals, any couple can infuse a little of that fighting spirit into their sex life. Teeth and fingernails might be fun. It also might be fun to roll your partner over in the middle of the act to take over the dominant position (this works best in a larger bed, of course). You could also drag the other person to the bedroom, or straight to the floor.

Which brings me to my next suggestion:

2. Get out of the bedroom

Beds are nice, but werewolves don’t limit themselves to such a civilized location. If you’re up for an outdoor adventure, by all means, enjoy. If that’s a little much, try the kitchen table or the living room couch or the room where you hang your coats. The change of scenery will make the sex feel wilder.

3. Howl at the moon

At a workshop I attended once, an instructor had everyone start moaning like they were about to come. It felt cheesy at first, but before long I got aroused for real. Making some noise in bed can make sex more exciting for everyone involved. I like to know I’m turning my partner on, so I love to hear noises, and I know the feeling is mutual. Try throwing your head back and letting out a howl of pleasure.

4. Get sweaty

Sex at its most primal is messy. It’s sweaty, it’s slippery, and it smells up a room. It can be a lot of fun to embrace this quality, to ride your partner until sweat rolls off your forehead. (I understand from previous posts on this site that this can be good exercise, too.) Enjoy the scents, the exhaustion, and the pure physical pleasure of moving together.

5. Communicate

While it might be fun to unexpectedly grab your partner and initiate a session of werewolf sex, it’s a good idea to make sure you’re on the same page before trying new things. Your partner may love to get bitten, or may hate the very thought of teeth, so it’s nice to ask first. If you want to maintain the sense of spontaneity, have the discussion several days before you have the werewolf sex. It’s also helpful to check in afterward to discuss what you liked or didn’t like.

To inspire your explorations, I’ll include a short sample from my new book, Not the Leader of the Pack.


Neil’s eyes burned down into hers, inflected with yellow now. “Do you want this?” He thrust his hips forward. Juli thought about breaking away from him, but could not stop the answering moan that rose to her lips. He responded with a triumphant and toothy smile.

“Neil, we need to talk about this more before we do anything.”

“No more talking.” He bent closer. The beast within her answered the wildness she felt from him. It rose to the surface, and Juli knew rational thought would be lost to her very, very soon.

“Neil.” She swallowed hard. “I can’t control myself. I’m going to shift.”

He gave a satisfied growl in reply. “We’ll both shift.”

“That’s mating, Neil. We’re only allowed one shift within the time 24 hours before or after the moon’s fullest point. We can’t—”

“No more legal talk. Just tell me if I can kiss you or not, Juli. Please.” His fingers felt hairy.

Juli’s body trembled. She had to say no before desire got the better of them both. She tried to form the beginning sound of the word, but when she opened her mouth, an unnaturally long tongue rolled out. She needed to taste Neil’s skin before she did anything else. She leaned forward and licked him under the chin, then down the side of his neck. He tasted like rum-spiced salt, and she needed more. She licked down the other side of his neck, her tongue beginning to tease the collar of his shirt.

Neil threw back his head and howled. The sound split the tension of the night, and all manner of things seemed about to burst forth. Juli shivered. She came briefly to herself again. This was her last chance. She could run away now, but if she stayed even another second she would take every bit of him that she could get. She tried to form that word again, but then her lips seemed perfectly shaped to kiss him.

Her fingers shook with the effort of resisting the urge to touch, to grip, to claw.

“Juli, does this mean yes?” Neil sounded almost broken.

Juli tried to gather the strength to tell him what it really meant, but then she felt the beast again, closer than ever. But not closer, it reminded her. Part of her. A part that would not be denied, not here before the man she wanted, and certainly not now beneath the nearly full moon. She saw the two of them from a new perspective, animals alive with need and free to sate it. The only word she could manage after that was, “Yes.”


Rival alphas Juli Gunby and Neil Statham want to tear each other apart — but will they do it in battle or as mates?

When Juli Gunby left Missoula, Montana, she didn’t intend to come back. Not to her exacting alpha werewolf father, and certainly not to Neil Statham, the beta who rejected Juli’s girlish advances. Her father, as usual, has other ideas, using his dying breath to pass pack leadership to his daughter. Juli resolves to carry out her duty to her father and her pack, but the one man she wants on her side has made himself her enemy.

After years of loyal service to the pack, Neil expects to take over as alpha when his mentor dies. As good as it is to see Juli again, he knows he can’t trust her. After all, she abandoned both him and the pack years ago and never looked back. Neil determines to fight for his rightful position in the pack, even if that means going up against a woman who fills him with an overwhelming urge to mate every time she walks into the room.

Someone needs to lead, and the more Neil and Juli fight, the more they attract interference from those who would control the pack and destroy the ties between them.

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Annabeth Leong has written romance and erotica of many flavors — dark, kinky, vanilla, straight, lesbian, bi, and menage. Her titles for Breathless Press include Not His Territory, Not the Leader of the Pack, and a contribution to the Ravaged anthology. She enjoys writing about the tension between passion and control that werewolves embody. Unfortunately, when Annabeth loses control of herself, she does not gain the power to change shape. She lives in Providence, Rhode Island, blogs at, and tweets @AnnabethLeong. She loves talking books on Goodreads, too:

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Not the Leader of the Pack stands alone, but Annabeth has written in its world before. She’d love to share the previous title, Not His Territory, with current readers. If you’d like to participate, e-mail proof of purchase of Not the Leader of the Pack, such as an Amazon receipt, to annabeth dot leong at gmail dot com and let her know your e-book format of choice. Annabeth will buy a copy of Not His Territory for the first 25 people who respond.


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