Sunday Six ~ another taste of Vegas


For this week’s Sunday Six – another taste of Las Vegas.  I guess this time what happens in Las Vegas didn’t stay there!

From Vegas Gambler

Vegas 150

Jack snapped his eyes open from a dead sleep to see a tiny Asian woman kneeling on the bed beside him stark naked, wide eyed, and screeching. He opened his mouth to speak when an excruciating pain shot through his left calf. “Oh shit!” he shouted, scrambling off the bed to hobble on one leg. He grabbed his calf, to no avail.

Small hands joined his and he opened his eyes to look down at the petite woman with dark hair streaming down her back kneading his calf muscles. He’d forgotten Meg’s newest lover was also a masseuse.


Here’s a LINK to more about this book – #4 in our Meghan’s Playhouse series.


24 Responses to “Sunday Six ~ another taste of Vegas”

  1. how fantastically handy, a masseuse is always useful. Great six, you had me feeling the cramp and then I had to laugh when he had forgotten Meg. Great six.

    • thanks Alix! Nothing like a charley horse… and they won’t forget Meg for long. After all, this is a menage story!

      • adrianakraft
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  2. Hmmm. I think I’d like to massage parts of Jack. *nods*

    • Good thinking!

      • adrianakraft
      • Reply
  3. LOL Well, at least he has a masseuse on hand… When he first woke up I though maybe he was being stabbed! The reality of it was much more pleasant.

  4. Okay, I totally thought he’d been shot or something. Great six!

  5. What a way to wake up. LOL.

  6. Great six 🙂

  7. With a great touch, he will be fine in no time, but now I’ll have to read the book. Great six.

    • I hope so! Thanks!

      • adrianakraft
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  8. Nicely done

  9. Hmmm…well this is an awkward situation. lol. Great six!

    • Not awkward for long… thanks!

      • adrianakraft
      • Reply
  10. Can we say what a lucky man…two women and A massage- great 6

    • Dawne Prochilo
    • Reply
  11. I need to find me a lover that is also a RMT *nods*!


    • Me too!

      • adrianakraft
      • Reply
  12. Thank goodness for a masseuse! Charlie horses hurt! 🙂

  13. Boy, you never know when a masseuse will come in handy and if she’s naked, so much the better! Loved this six, Adriana.

  14. Well now, thats useful! LOL Great six

  15. I wonder why she was screeching? That would be enough to make me jump out of the bed, too! LOL

  16. How convenient for him 🙂 Great six!

  17. …a cramp in his muscle, right? The screeching line threw me a little… why?

    • he he I could be evil and say read the book to find out … but she screeched because he wasn’t in the bed when she went to sleep in it.

      • adrianakraft
      • Reply
  18. Hehe, you’ve painted a great picture here 🙂


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