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Hump Day Hook ~ Seducing Cat #HDH #Staysexy #menage


We’ve been trying to come up with which of our characters best epitomizes our Stay Sexy motto, and we think we couldn’t do better than Meghan Keenan, star of our Meghan’s Playhouse series at Whiskey Creek Press Torrid. She hasn’t even turned twenty-one when the series opens – but she’s already committed to a life of adventure, playfulness, seizing the moment, and, need we mention, hot sex. Starting today and for four more weeks, we’ll feature each of her books in our Hump Day Hook posts. We can’t wait to see what you think about what she’s up to…

Seducing Cat



What could college English professor Caitlin Shanahan ever have in common with the brash carpenter Kurt Davis?  Meghan Keenan, that’s what.  The twenty year old sprite has taken it upon herself to bring the unlikely pair together through sharing her sexual delights with each of them.  They never have a chance, and town-gown relationships have never been better…


Kurt, Meg and Cat have gathered in Cat’s living room after the successful opening night of the play starring Meg that Cat directed…

Cat sensed Meg’s fingers working the zipper of her robe down. Meg snaked a hand between the folds to fondle a breast. Cat moaned and inhaled deeply. The warm hand caressing her skin was so right. She opened her eyes to drink in the view of her lover.

Her eyes sprang wide and she yanked her robe shut. There was Kurt Davis sitting ten feet away watching as if he’d paid the price of admission.

“Kurt…” she stammered at Meg. “He’s still here.”

“Of course he is,” Meg said, smiling indulgently and continuing to massage an aching breast through the robe. “You know he knows about us.”

She nodded. “But…”

“You’re not ashamed of us, are you, Cat?”

Cat shook her head. “Of course not. I’d never be ashamed of you. Of us.”

“Good. Then he can watch. Right?”

The air turned electric. Cat couldn’t manage to speak. She gazed into Meg’s pleading eyes and raised and lowered her chin slightly.

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