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It’s not over. 50,000+ books have been restored to their ranking and search privileges at Amazon and an apology (of sorts) has been issued, but the danger still lurks unchecked: Amazon has a huge market share, and it can technically do whatever it wants.

DearAuthor posted an excellent blog this morning raising the larger issues: GLBT and erotica this time, and who next? For what reasons? Jolie Du Pre raises similar issues on her blog.

Me, I love a fight like this. The groundswell on Twitter Sunday proves there are thousands of people ready to name names and take action. It’s not just about authors and small publishers and indie bookstores – it’s about the right of the public to have full access to whatever it wants to read. Freedom of speech vs. censorship. Have at ‘em!



What if She’s Bi?

If she’s Bi, she deserves a happy ending too! Over at dearauthor.com, a recent blog about RWA’s Rita awards and erotic romance pushed a red hot button and generated over 200 responses already. Erotica? Erotic romance? LGBT themes? Polyamory? Hot topic, heated discussion. Here’s our take: When a bisexual woman can fall in love and find a happy ending that meets her needs, that’s definitely romance, and deserving of true celebration.

So that’s what we’re writing these days. Adriana Kraft is the pen name for a happily married pair of hopeless romantics who love to read and write hot sex. By day we’re serious academics with backgrounds in social science and human services. At night? Possibilities seem endless and we love coming out to play. Our erotic romance novels celebrate more than consensual mind-blowing sex – we feature strong story lines, heroes and heroines you’ll fall in love with, passion, and profound connectedness.

Our specialty is bisexual heroines. Our stories lift up the dilemmas faced by women who deeply want it both ways but won’t be denied the right to commitment, true love and a happy ending, sometimes with more than one special partner. While that may sound serious, it also permits us to get into swinging, voyeurism and ménage, great opportunities for being playful.

Just out today, at Whiskey Creek Press Torrid, our erotic romance novella Seducing Cat, the first in a five book series chronicling the adventures of Meghan Keenan.


What could college English professor Caitlin Shanahan ever have in common with the brash carpenter Kurt Davis?  Meghan Keenan, that’s what.  The twenty year old sprite has taken it upon herself to bring the unlikely pair together through sharing her sexual delights with each of them.  They never have a chance, and town-gown relationships have never been better…

We like to think we’re the ones who create our characters, but sometimes we wonder! When we started writing this book we envisioned a lighthearted sexy romp, so we invented Meghan Keenan: a young, energetic and playful small town actress with Broadway dreams. Turns out she’s a modern day Aphrodite ~ sharing love in the most up close and personal way, and bringing another couple together in the process.

Because both of us are academics who somehow never learned how to be stuffy, we love creating characters who are college professors and throwing challenges at them. One of us comes from four generations of academicians, and the other from a longer string of farmers and blue collar workers, so we thought it would fun to make a pair of characters struggle with such differences. On top of that we added an age difference, so thirty-four year old English Professor Caitlin Shanahan has to overcome a double set of prejudices to fall in love with her brawny mid-twenties carpenter, Kurt Davis ~ actually Meg’s carpenter, when the book opens. Not that he doesn’t have some biases too, especially against stuffy professors!

What we didn’t foresee was that once launched, Meg has a trajectory all her own. The world is her apple, and she’s going to taste every bit of it and maybe spread some pleasure on the way. Book Two, A Woman for Zachary, will be released in July.


Virgin Blog!

Be gentle, it’s our first time – our very own new blog to launch our brand new website!

Dee Shore has been working madly all week to create a total website overhaul and today is launch day, big time! Check out our new look, color coordinated to match the hot legs logo Cassidy McKay created for us a year ago. Simple to navigate, easy access to excerpts, reviews and buy links – we’re pumped.


We highly recommend Vintage Mermaid Graphics – Dee understands the marketing needs and budgets of e-pubbed authors. She was wonderful to work with. Comments are welcome, on her site or ours!


Lots of news!!


swinging-gamesOur Swinging Games series at eXtasy launched March 15th with the first book, Swinging Games: Anticipation, a quick read available for just $1.59. Join happily married Jennifer and Brett Andrews as they set out to explore Jen’s newly discovered bisexuality in the rollercoaster world of swinging.




seducing-catNext up – follow the antics of modern day Aphrodite Meg Keenan in Meghan’s Playhouse: Seducing Cat, April 1, Whiskey Creek Press Torrid. Unlike Jen, Meg has always known she’s Bi. The world is her apple, and she’s going to taste every bit of it and maybe spread some pleasure on the way.





Coming soon to a podcast near you! Penny Sansevieri has scheduled an early April taping to interview us for her Fascinating Authors Podcast – watch our blog or follow us on Twitter to find out when you can listen to it!


Both halves of Adriana love to try out new products – books, videos, toys, games – and we’ll update you on our favorites, right here at our blog.

Welcome to our world – comments invited, pop our blog cherry!


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