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We’re going mainstream now!

Porn and erotica on Oprah? How fabulous! I was at work today and unable to watch the show, but I’m picking up great coverage on twitter and the blogs – thank you, Oprah, for recognizing what women increasingly are bold to claim for ourselves: the full range of our sexuality, freedom to read and watch what turns us on, and dreams (or better) of sharing it with our partners. Here’s a quote from Chicago Examiner coverage of the segment: “Something’s going on in bedrooms across America,” Oprah says. “It has been reported that 1 in 3 consumers of online porn in our country are now women.”

Over on Oprah’s page, there’s a beginner’s guide to the five things you need to explore your sensual side, put together by Kari Kriser and Cheryl Sloane, co-owners of Chicago’s G Boutique. Are you ready? The items are (1) lingerie, (2) sex toys, (3) lubricant, (4) adult videos and – keep scrolling – Yes! #(5) is erotic books! They even advise (as both halves of Adriana so often do) “Read them out loud to your lover. It can be so stimulating.”

Our only suggestion? Add e-books to the list of print books – especially since Oprah’s come out in support of the Kindle reader. Twelve of our erotic romance titles are currently available in Kindle format at Amazon.com , with many more to come. A perfect holiday present for the lover in your life!


Preserving Sexual Freedom: The Erotic Heritage Museum Anniversary Celebration

What happens in Las Vegas…

Everyone knows the rest of the phrase, and comedians capitalize on it, as if nothing erotic in Las Vegas should be taken seriously.EroticHeritageLogo

But did you know that Las Vegas is the home of the Erotic Heritage Museum? The museum opened its doors just off the Strip one year ago and is celebrating its first anniversary this weekend with a series of fabulous events, culminating tomorrow with Sex on the Streets, their First Anniversary Fundraiser offering live entertainment and a tour of the museum. Other offerings include classes by Dr. Susan Kaye on erotic massage and Tantra – “Living from the Neck Down.” Wish we could be there!

merrywidowMEDIUMBoth halves of Adriana were privileged to participate with other e-pubbed authors of erotica and erotic romance in a book-signing at the museum last March, sponsored by EPIC.  A print copy of our erotic romance The Merry Widow  (Whiskey Creek Press Torrid) is now a part of the museum’s official archives!

We were impressed with the range and depth of the beautifully displayed exhibits and highly recommend the experience to anyone interested in erotica and especially the history of the American Sexual Revolution. Here’s a little information from the museum’s brochure:

“The Museum seeks to bridge the gap between that which is commercial and often misidentified as pornographic, with that which is aesthetic, often identified as folk, pop, and fine art through a common visual language.


The Museum encompasses over 24,000 square feet of permanent and featured exhibits designed to preserve wonders of the erotic imagination as depicted through the artistic expression of acts of sex and love.


In keeping with the legacy of the American Sexual Revolution, the Museum is dedicated to the belief that sexual pleasure and fun are natural aspects of the human experience, that such pleasure must be made available to all, and that our individual sexuality belongs to each of us.”


Amen to that! I think our favorite exhibit is the Heroes wall, a display of brief biographies of Americans who faced stigma and often legal challenges to confront sex-based restrictions on freedom of speech and freedom of the press and usher in the freedoms we now enjoy to write, publish, view and share erotic materials.

One example: Phil Harvey is founder and owner of the on-line toy store Adam & Eve, a great place to find any sex toy on your wish list. But did you know that he fought U.S. mail restrictions to start his mail order condom business, with the goal of making inexpensive birth control available to third world countries? He spent personal funds fighting law suits and won, and still devotes a portion of the company’s profits to sex education and birth control resources in underdeveloped nations.

If you’re in the area, drop by the museum this weekend and sample its offerings. If you’re not, consider a donation to help preserve our heritage and our freedoms.


Great New Review for Writing Skin!

“Can an erotic romance involving three people have a happy ending for everyone involved? Is it even possible? Yes, at least in the plausible-enough world of this novel…Chapter by chapter, the characters and the reader wade steadily deeper into unmapped territory. Somehow it all works, and the menu of the place has enough variety to please most appetites. The sex scenes range from gentle rituals to intense, spontaneous fucks, and each scene leads to greater trust among the characters. Throughout the saga, all three central characters keep the strangely innocent quality of people who never lose their ability to empathize with others. You’ll be glad you met them.”

Read the entire review at lizardlez

Buy Writing Skin at Extasy Books

Skin 150
What would it be like to be romanced by not one but two potential partners, simultaneously? Luci Parker has finally achieved the career of her dreams as an erotica author – but the only romance in her life these days is in the books she writes. Long attracted to both men and women, Luci despairs of ever finding just one person to settle down with.

Owners of a South Side Chicago bookstore, Chai and Frank Ferguson eagerly devour Luci’s books as fast as she can write them, and now they wonder if she might be the woman they’ve been looking for.

Frank is deeply in love with Chai but knows she’ll never be complete without a woman to love as well. Can he match the passion of not one but two exquisite and complicated women at the same time? Will Luci even want him? And if Chai truly falls in love with Luci, will there be room for him?

All three characters in this intense erotic love story wrestle with the meaning of love, lust and commitment as they struggle to find themselves—and each other.

Read an Excerpt

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