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Tag – You’re It!

What are your tags?

What is special about you and your brand – what makes you pop out from the masses who also write in your genre? I’ve been cruising the web learning about platform building (about time!) and found a very helpful post by Kristin Lamb, author of We Are Not Alone: The Writer’s Gide to Social Media. One way of pinpointing your brand, she says, is to write out the tags that describe you. So I did, and here they are:

Erotic Needs no introduction, defines everything we write. Explicit sex scenes created to evoke arousal and enjoyment.

Romance Happy endings, always. Satisfying, never tragic, always upbeat at the end. The erotic scenes are not gratuitous but always part of a story that leads somewhere. It may be happy-for-now, but the reader will be pleased the characters got it together.

Boomers Many of our characters are Baby Boomers. We don’t limit ourselves to this age range, but since we claim it as our own, we write stories that celebrate sex and vibrant living across the age spectrum. 

Couples We are a married couple, and we write for couples (married or otherwise, straight or LGBT). We craft scenes that appeal to both genders, scenes that invite fantasizing, scenes that can be part of foreplay, scenes that lead to one of our favorite lines from a reviewer of our very first published book: “the reader will no doubt want either a partner or a bucket of toys close at hand.”

Bisexual Heroines for lots of reasons. Because both of us enjoy reading and writing scenes involving two (or more) women together. Because there’s evidence that as we age, we become more sexually fluid. Because for some couples, if she wants him to read erotic romance together in bed, reading about two women may help entice him into the story. Because I’m bisexual. Because it’s fun.

Swingers Because the fantasy of ménage is so tantalizing. Because swinging offers so many opportunities for decadent lovemaking, for taking turns being the sole focus of two, three or more other people, for sharing pleasure, enjoying voyeurism, giving one’s partner a special gift.

Polyamory Sometimes, as in swinging, ménage is about recreational sex, but sometimes it’s about three or more persons falling in love, sorting out the intricacies of the relationship combinations, and making long term commitments. We write a world where such dreams can come true.

Sexual Freedom We’re not fond of the term “promiscuous” and prefer to champion consensual freedom of sexual expression as a healthy approach to sexuality. We know this requires deep trust and open, honest communication, especially when sexual freedom takes place within the context of committed relationships.

You’ll notice some of these tags (Erotic, Romance, Couples) describe everything we write. Others (Boomers, Swinging, Polyamory) are more fluid and are something you can find in our work, but not something that limits us. Taken as a whole, we think this set of tags defines us, and it’s what we hope we deliver to our readers.

If you’re a writer, what are some of your unique tags? If you’re a reader, what tags describe what you’re seeking when you read?



Okay, truly, it was only about forty eight hours. Hubs and I try to check in on my aging mother in law (a five hour drive away) at least once a month, and this was the weekend. The senior apartments where she lives have no internet access. I can tether my Blackberry and use it as a modem – sometimes. The building’s thick walls interfere with the cell phone signal so everything takes ten times as long (it seems) to load, and pages with lots of bells and whistles stump it completely.

And, in any case, the whole point of our trip is to be with her, so I don’t want to spend excessive time focused on other things. Usually I can just run an occasional quick check of things like Twitter and email on my Blackberry – but this weekend the Browser disappeared and I haven’t figured out how to get it back.

Ooo, did that sound like a whine? Sorry! Guess I’m suffering from withdrawal! Seriously, what happens to you when you have to be off line unexpectedly? Here are some of my symptoms:  I miss hearing what the peeps I follow are up to. I haven’t been able to respond to reader comments at my blog. I need to keep up with all the new Crusade blog posts. I worry that maybe I’ve missed the one tips and advice post that will unlock the key to future promotion. And I know I missed some online events I truly intended to at least drop in on…

So tell me, what are your withdrawal symptoms? What do you miss most when you can’t be on line?


To Tell The Truth

What a week! Visited -and subscribed to – all 217 writers in Rachael Harrie’s Second Platform Building Crusade, met some impressive new (to me) authors, saw some truly clever First Challenge posts. I, for one, didn’t know there were so many ways to use the words fuliguline and bloviate. I’ve had a lot of fun watching the comments here on Feathers and Crystals and Rabbits, Oh My, too – you may have noticed part way through the week I stopped saying “no one’s even close.”

So, to the chase: The winner of the gift certificate to All Romance E-books is Urban Fantasy author and fellow Crusader Jessica, who correctly guessed that my lie was finding the crystal balls at the bottom of my Easter Basket. I do have a very lovely set of Ben Wa balls (yes, that’s what these are!) given to me by my husband, but they’re not crystal and he gave them to me for Christmas, not Easter!

The rest of the post? My husband and I do write together under the pen name Adriana Kraft. My favorite rabbit is indeed purple (you do have to remember I’m an erotic romance author and we’re not talking fluffy bunnies here…). One reader wondered if I wasn’t truly thinking about Easter already – that was a bit of a stretch, probably. I didn’t necessarily think about Easter before receiving the Challenge instructions, but once I put together ducks and blades of grass I had my integrating device, and then I certainly started thinking about Easter. And I do love Easter baskets, a custom my mother continued even when I visited over Easter as an adult, and one I passed on to our boys.

As to our traits? Absolutely true. He’s the quiet, efficient one, on the page and in person, and by now, after so many years of marriage, the fact that I walk into the room already speaking to him is a running joke and we can laugh about it (most of the time, he adds).

And that’s our bottom line – whatever we’re doing, to have fun. Life’s too short to stay gloomy.

(P.S. for those interested in such things, the lovely crystal balls are available at Eden Fantasies sex toy store.)

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