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Dangerous Pleasures

Today we welcome guest author and fellow Sapphic Planet member Fiona Zedde to our pages.

Dangerous Pleasures

Two years is a long time to go without a lot of things: The taste of frost-sweetened tangerines in winter. A lover’s touch. Even a new book on the shelves waiting for eager hands to pick it up.  After my first book, Bliss, was published in 2005, I was lucky enough to put out one novel each year. These novels, stories of erotic lesbian romance, had lived in my mind for so long that it was a relief and a pleasure to share them with strangers and new friends all over. But, after my last book, Hungry for It, was published, life shook me up, giving me a taste of both the bitter and the sweet, and getting in the way of me writing another print book until this one, Dangerous Pleasures.


And so, it’s been a long journey to this book which is an experiment of sorts. A story with two main characters, Mayson and Renée. One woman is a lesbian while the other is straight, and both have compelling and unique stories that overlap as the novel races to its conclusion.


Dangerous Pleasures explores the intricacies of the relationship between two women with different longings, the far-reaching lusts of one man, and the ways in which people can be led by desire into treacherous waters yet end up exactly where they need to be.


For a lesbian, is the experimental straight woman the last and ultimately forbidden frontier? This is the question Mayson must ask herself when confronted with one of these straight women in the very tempting flesh. And with most things forbidden, the idea of taking on this “virgin” territory seems ever sweeter the more Mayson tries to convince herself to back off. Take a peek between the pages of the novel to find out what she decides to do:



The dress was beautifully easy to take off. With one tug the string loosened and Mayson unwrapped the body that had been promised to her. Fatimah’s pleasure rumbled deep in her throat at Mayson’s appreciative and hungry look.

The last time she’d had a woman in her house intent on sex, Nuria had backed her against the door as soon as they walked in and demanded that Mayson fuck her. It had been her pleasure to take the reigns then, lifting Nuria against the door, tearing her panties away from the already wet and welcoming pussy, and sliding her fingers home.

But that was another time.

She and Fatimah came together, mouths, bellies, hands on skin.  Through her clothes she could feel the other woman’s heat. Her hard nipples. The damp skin already ready for the tasting.

“Fuck me,” Fatimah hissed against her ear.

Perhaps that time and this weren’t that different after all.

She licked the soft, salty throat, gripped a fleshy hip while her fingers delved into the dense hairs to find the slick pussy. Two fingers. They both gasped and Fatimah fanned her legs wider against the back of the sofa, arms braced wide as Mayson fucked her slowly, relishing the pleasure of her pussy and the soft, sighing moans, and the hips rushing up to meet her fingers.

Her nipples were fat and eager for Mayson’s mouth. Ah! She groaned into the abundant flesh, licking and sucking at the stiff nipples, fingers working, curving up, sliding deep, exploring and taking.

With one hand, she abruptly lifted Fatimah up until she sat on the back of the heavy couch, legs spread wider. Her gasp of surprise turning into a groan of pleasure when Mayson slid her fingers deeper. Her head fell back. Hips diving up for Mayson’s seeking fingers, her head thrown back to release a continuous chorus of moans.

“Yes! Oh yes!” She thrust up against Mayson’s fingers, the juice from her cunt slick and plentiful.

Her nakedness and Mayson’s clothed body. The rising heat in the room. The leap of her breasts with each movement of Mayson’s fingers.


Fatimah gripped her arm. Fingers sinking into the skin. That pain joined the nearly unbearable fullness between Mayson’s thighs, her pussy molten from the noises the woman made. Fatimah threw her head back, screaming. Her pussy clutched and spasmed around Mayson’s fingers. Thick juice rushed down her fingers.

Fatimah’s breathing sounded loud in the room. “Oh my god, that was—that was perfect.” She laughed into Mayson’s neck.

The soft breath fanned against her sensitive skin, sending goose bumps dancing down her chest. She pulled Fatimah from the back of the sofa away from the living room and up the stairs.

“We’re not done yet.”



Thanks for welcoming me to your blog, Adriana. It’s been a pleasure.


To find out more about Fiona, go here:





On Twitter @fionazedde


Digital Book World, Indies and Niche

I’m an author, not a publisher, editor, distributor or reviewer. Like most authors, I didn’t attend last week’s Digital Book World 2011 conference in New York. But thanks to social media I was able to follow much of the conference content as well as observe some telling reactions. The Twitter hashtag  #dbw11 got me in the door, for free.

Best #dbw11 tweeter – Sarah Wendell from Smart Bitches Love Trashy Books. Best #dbw11 blogger – Bob Mayer, NYT best selling author and founder of Who Dares Wins Publishing.

Here are some of the tweets I paid attention to:

@SmartBitches I’m baffled that some of the comments in #dbwreader panel is news.

@SmartBitches “We were shocked to see romance was the best seller.” Wow. Way to thwart your credibility there, sir.

@DonLinn I was also shocked at how many ‘experts’ were surprised that Romance was a leading category among digital readers. Is this news?

@SmartBitches Publishers not willing to underwrite costs of social media. Pubs are ok with losing money in old ways, not new ways.

@glecharles Marketing direct to readers is NOT a “new skill set.” It’s only new to traditional book publishers.

@smartbitches  Authors should target niche communities related to book subject when devising plans for social media.

@smartbitches  How is an author not an entrepreneur? I’m confused by the idea that an author would not be.

@TheBookseller the traditional books store is imploding, social media is exploding but indies have a chance.

What do I take from this? Here are a few thoughts: The powerhouses at the conference – especially NY publishing houses and distributors – are woefully uninformed about digital books, digital media and social networking. And that could be a good thing for the rest of us.

In this digital age, authors are entrepreneurs, not just content providers. The combination of social networking media and digital book publication gives even the most niche-oriented author direct access to a focused audience, without the need for most of the middlemen who participated in dbw11.

As Bob Mayer points out in his blog, publishers are more focused on selling to retailers than on developing relationships with readers. Part of Mayer’s response to changes in the publishing world has been to start his own independent digital press – this, from a NYT best seller in the traditional print world.

The publishing world of the future will belong to entrepreneurs who can keep up with the rapid changes and take advantage of the exploding social networking media to develop direct relationships with readers in the niche for whom they write. That future started yesterday.


Best places to have sex!

Do you follow @danandjennifer on Twitter? Definitely worth your time if you have any interest in sex! They’re a young couple with a fabulous sex advice blog and website at http://www.askdanandjennifer.com/  packed with short Q&A videos on hundreds of sex topics plus links and resources for anything you can think of.

One of my favorites is their “1001 best places to have sex.” Each time they tweet a new one it sparks discussion at our house – have we ever thought of that one? Can we top it? Have we written it into a book? Best, of course, is “ooh, been there, did that!”

So here are a few of theirs, and some you can find in our books.

From Dan and Jennifer:

At an Open Bus Stop Already tried the enclosed bus stop? Well, having sex at any open bus stop is guaranteed to attract attention – wanted or unwanted. The challenge here is to have sex without anyone knowing you’re having sex. Wearing a loosefitting skirt is always a good option to avoid getting caught.


In the Sleeper of a Semi Truck Sleepers in these big trucks can be quite plush, albeit small. Cuddle up for some kinky sex at the truck stop!


In the Family Room Behind the Sofa Remember what we did under the bed? Pull the sofa out just enough for you both to fit behind it. It should be very tight – that’s the whole idea.


You can find their whole list at http://www.askdanandjennifer.com/best-sex-places/ – or you can buy Jennifer’s book by the same title at http://www.amazon.com/001-Best-Places-Have-America/dp/1605500534


Favorites we’ve written:



On a crisp fall day in the north woods in a solidly built secluded deer stand – from Return to Purgatory Point ~ excerpt:

Natalie stood and brushed her lips across his. “Don’t look so dumbfounded. Haven’t you ever done it outdoors?”

“Of course I have. But a deer stand, in the middle of the day?”

“Works for me,” she said with a grin. She reached for the snap on her jeans and laughed at his wideninging eyes.

“What if someone comes by?”

She yanked on her zipper. “You expecting company out here?”

“Could happen. Maybe some one is exploring sign for the upcoming hunt.”

“They better not do it on my property unless they have permission.” She kicked aside her jeans. “You have permission to explore any and all my property. If you care too.”


On an oak kitchen table at a secluded guest cottage in Stratford-Upon-Avon – from The Diary.


“I’m glad you liked it.”  Kate lifted her glass to her lips, but it never quite got there.  Wine poured down between her breasts in rivulets. 

“Oh, goodness!” she exclaimed, leaping to her feet and unsnapping her skirt.  “How clumsy I am.”

Spellbound, Grayson watched the tiny river of wine make its way down to her belly button and over her belly.  It became lost in her pussy curls.

“Now I’m sticky again,” she complained.  “I can clean my breasts, but I may need your help.  Do you think this table will hold me?”

“The table is solid oak. It’ll hold you.  Hell, I’ll buy them a new one if it doesn’t.”


Up against the wall in the foyer of her house – from The Merry Widow


On top of the pool table – from Swinging Games: Who’s the Coach?


In front of a floor-to-ceiling window overlooking Central Park – from Smoldering Passion


Leaning out the stone window of a restored cloister overlooking the gardens below – from Colors of the Night


In a gazebo – from Writing Skin


On a wooded hillside overlooking Walden Pond – from Through the Mirror


We’d love to hear some of your favorites!

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