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There’s an app for that…

Ladies, have you been doing your kegels? Don’t know what that is? Here’s a hint: all the heroines we write who love to clench tight on their hero’s throbbing shaft – it’s that muscle. I promise all our heroines are exercising that muscle regularly, even if we don’t give you details about their exercise routines!

I’m indebted to Charlie Glickman, however, for posting yesterday about a new cell phone app called Kegel Camp to coach you through keeping that muscle strong and limber – and not just for the ladies, either. Longer, stronger orgasms for both sexes, firmer erections for men – what’s not to like?

While you’re at it, if you like erotica and erotic romance, I highly recommend following his blog. There’s a war going on out there, being waged by politicians who want to regulate want we can read and what we can do with our bodies. Charlie’s part of the counter-attack.

But back to exercises that improve sexual enjoyment – here’s another muscle you should be working out regularly: your smile muscle. Did you know that when we engage the muscle that makes our smile reach all the way up to our eyes, our brain releases endorphins? You know, those feel-good brain chemicals that reduce pain, improve mood and give us a pleasure buzz. You can read more about the benefits of smiling at this LINK. Smiling improves longevity, too – and I’m all about living a longer, happier, sexually fulfilled life!


Feathers and Crystals and Rabbits, Oh My!

Mardi Gras is still two weeks away, but I’m thinking ahead to Easter Baskets, one of my favorite things. Bright colorful baskets filled with marshmallow peeps, chocolate rabbits, curly blades of grass, fluffy yellow ducklings and other things fuliguline. What, you say, not a word you know? Me neither, but evidently fuliguline refers to sea ducks such as plovers, coots and eiders. And Eiderdown is definitely fluffy – the best source for feather pillows and down comforters. As a writer of erotic romance, I’m all for comfort! Um. Actually, my favorite rabbit is purple, and I’m guessing no one will dare put it in my Easter basket, though my hubby is just impish enough to try. One year when no kids were home he left these beautiful crystal balls hidden at the bottom of the basket!

Speaking of whom, hubby is definitely not someone who bloviates. Another word you didn’t recognize? Think about Sinclair Lewis’s character Babbitt, or maybe T.S. Eliot’s Prufrock or even some famous lines from Shakespeare, oft quoted by my mother: “a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” To bloviate is to engage in pompous discourse – to prattle on forever, full of self importance over nothing more momentous than the “taking of a toast and tea.” My hubby, who is half of the pen name Adriana Kraft, does not mince words. If anything, he truncates, condenses, collapses and packs as much as he can into as few words as possible. Definitely a positive trait! Me? I tend to be the opposite – and he says my most annoying trait is to walk into a room already talking to him, without looking to see if I might be interrupting something. On the other hand, somebody has to break the silence!

Hmm, I may have revealed something about me that isn’t strictly true, can you guess what it is? Leave a comment below – I’ll be back later this weekend to tell you what it is. Any correct guesses will be entered in a special drawing for a $6.00 gift certificate at All Romance E-Books!


Better Sex for Everyone!

If that title sounds silly to you, keep reading. How many of you have heard of The Sinclair Institute and BetterSex.com? Neither had we. But turning forty (not gonna say when!) was a watershed transition in our personal lives, and the possibility of discreet help for libido, getting the juices going and increasing frequency rather than risk losing it all led us to a (then) tiny enterprise that offered resources for “Great Sex Over Forty.” Sure sounded good to me!

We ordered our first video. I’d watched porn before, so this wasn’t my first experience with naked bodies doing hot stuff on screen, but it’s hard to describe the difference when who you’re watching is just like you: middle aged, imperfect bodies being relaxed and comfortable and having a good time sexually. Oh, and looking like they were really in love with each other, too. I could identify.

Would my husband and I be writing erotic romance with juicy sex scenes aimed at arousing readers of either sex if we hadn’t found the Sinclair Institute? It’s hard to say, but we sure needed a jump start from somewhere. And that’s why we’re writing this blog today – with all the explicit and titillating hot sex thrown in our faces by advertisers, media, movies and yes erotica writers, there are still a lot of peeps out there who aren’t getting enough (or, equally troubling, aren’t wanting enough) and don’t know how to fix the problem.

Needless to say both our personal life and our fiction heated back up with a little help from the resources we accessed, and I don’t think either of us has ever looked back. We’ve shared this story at the risk of some embarrassment in hopes others who find libido waning or technique getting stale won’t be too embarrassed to seek similar resources. Bettersex.com is a great place to start. AskDanandJennifer is another one, and we’ll blog about it another day. And of course the two halves of Adriana hope our books provide similarly effective inspiration – as TwoLips Reviews remarked, they’re meant to be read with “either a partner or a bucket of toys close at hand.” Oh, and where to get those great toys? Here’s a link to a discount for first time customers at – you guessed it – BetterSex.com!


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