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Stay Sexy ~ My Favorite Toy

Bells and whistles? The “Cadillac” of vibrators? A multi-spot-stimulating Rabbit? I love all these, but my absolute all-time favorite sex toy is very petite and unassuming. Designed years ago by erotic film star and director Candida Royalle, the Natural Contours Petite Vibrator is “ergonomically contoured to fit a woman’s mons for maximum pleasure.” Measuring a mere four inches long and about an inch wide at the tip, it was designed especially to help breast cancer survivors reclaim their sexuality. The vibrator has three speeds and a four-point gliding button (off, high, medium, low) that’s easy to find and move, even if fingers are slippery.

I like it because it’s reliable, it’s discreet, and it can travel anywhere in my luggage without drawing unwanted attention. It’s advertised as perfectly conforming to the mons – and it does that, very nicely – but it’s also great for vaginal penetration and can reach the G-spot with satisfying results.

Um, about the unwanted attention – there was an episode when I was putting luggage in the trunk with my mother-in-law and my duffel suddenly began to buzz. I told her an alarm clock must have gone off and reached in to turn off the switch without further discovery. That does lead to a complaint I have heard from some, that the motor is somewhat loud and can be distracting. Can’t say I’ve noticed in any other circumstance :). I should also add that descriptions of the most recent model say it has a quiet motor, so perhaps that feature has been improved.

The current model comes in a pink color to match the pink breast cancer ribbon, and part of the purchase price goes to Breast Cancer Action, a non-profit that focuses on breast cancer education and discovering the origins of breast cancer to eliminate the disease at its source. I’ve had mine so long it pre-dates that color. Mine is a soft salmon color, but otherwise a perfect match for this photo, and obviously very sturdy, given its longevity.

The Natural Contours Petite Vibrator can be found wherever sex toys are sold. It can also be ordered from Adam & Eve for $29.95 plus shipping.

…so there you have it. That’s my fave, and I’m sticking to it. What’s yours? Tell me about it, and let me know if you’d be willing to blog about it some week for our Stay Sexy column!



Ramp up your sex life ~ we review The Wedge

Have you ever reached for a pillow in the middle of a sizzling sex moment, tucked it under your own torso or your partner’s, and discovered neither one of you got the lift you need? Yup, so have we.

This versatile twenty-four inch wide Wedge, by Liberator, might just be the prop you’re looking for.

Product Description

Part of the Liberator collection of Bedroom Adventure Gear, the 24″ x 14″ x 7″ wedge is filled with sturdy material the manufacturers call “Champagne Foam,” comfortable yet strong enough to support two bodies. It’s densely packed into a smooth black nylon liner that protects the foam from lotions or body fluids, and comes with a soft machine-washable micro-fiber zipped cover that won’t chafe or give you pillow-burn. Ours is a passionate purple but many other colors are available.

For Her

The wedge angles up at twenty-seven degrees. We found this just right for a number of our favorite moves and positions. Positioned under a female partner lying face-up, it can support her hips and offer just the right angle for oral stimulation as well as easy access to her G-spot. We found this position also great for full penetration face-to-face. In this position, we especially appreciate that it’s sturdy enough for two. If the female turns over, the wedge can offer support and access for anal play or vaginal rear-entry without undue strain for either partner.

For Him

Of course, there’s no need for a male partner to be left out. He’ll appreciate lying face-up with the wedge under his hips – cowgirl works great with this support, or his partner can easily add prostate play to that special blow-job.  Turn him over and continue the anal play by hand, with a dildo, or with a strap-on, and still have easy access to his genitals for more pleasuring.

Our Rating

We live, work and travel year-round in our twenty-nine foot motorhome, where storage space is at a premium. The wedge fits easily in our under-the-bed storage and is definitely an essential accessory, well worth packing along.


We obtained our wedge from Chicago-based http://www.early2bed.com/ – a sex toy store, sex education resource and sex-positive website/blog. We selected it as part of a gift certificate we won through a contest at Get Lusty for Couples, a blog we follow and for whom we now write occasional columns and reviews.




With a nod to Fifty Shades, at #AVN

Who knew! Hubs and I write erotic romance for two, three, or more, and we also love watching adult videos (and would love to see some of our stories on the silver screen). So we’re here in Las Vegas, getting ready to attend the AVN Fan Expo this afternoon – way excited, I can tell you!

But who knew the adult movie industry would credit a recent uptick in sales of toys and adult films to a book, of all things? Here’s a LINK to the article hubs just found, from the Yahoo Financial page.

A couple brief quotes from the post:

From Kristen Tribby, Director of Marketing for The Pleasure Chest:

“It’s not the quality of the book [Fifty Shades of Grey], but rather the conversations surrounding the book that continue to make it something of a phenomenon,” Tribby said. “It’s really changed the way people look at sex. … And for us, it’s really made the mainstream start to take us as an industry more seriously.”

from James Deen, adult film star:

“People, as we evolve, are becoming more sexually open and more socially acceptable of sex.”

But that’s not all. Industry retailers are noting an increasing trend in women and especially baby boomers seeking high-quality toys and entertainment. One toy maker, Maia, is already targeting women and plans a new line for boomers. Don’t laugh, please – a major feature will be larger buttons to operate the toys. I, for one, will be grateful – those tiny buttons can be hard to manage, especially if there’s any lube involved and they get slippery.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a report from our afternoon at the Expo – can’t wait!


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