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Hot Swinging Stories for the Sexually Fluid!

Here’s a fascinating quote from a blog about a Scientific American research article on bisexuality: “Interestingly, [the author] also found that as women age, they become more aware of their sexual fluidity, and thus tend to turn more toward bisexuality than away from it.”

That would definitely be true at our house, where we discovered a few years back that both of us love to read f/f erotic scenes as well as sizzling m/f scenes. It wasn’t much of a leap from reading them to writing them – and once we’d opened up that possibility, new ones beckoned: three-way, four-way and more, in all sorts of combinations, crafted for heightened erotic excitement. Writing them is a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it!

For sure it’s true in the home of Jennifer Andrews, heroine of our Swinging Games series at Extasy Books. Discovering her bisexuality is the main reason Jen and her husband ventured into the swinging world at mid life. Reviewers at Whipped Cream, San Diego Erotica Books Examiner and Fallen Angels Reviews all agree the series is a smashing success!


San Diego Erotica Books Examiner  – Four Stars!

This is a sexual tale of a woman named Jennifer, who discovers after many years of marriage that she is bisexual. Her husband Brett, is more than happy to indulge her by getting into the swing of things. This story is hot … imagination takes on a life of its own. Don’t let this one pass you by. Excerpt


hookupsFallen Angel Reviews  – Five Angels!

Hookups is a fun quick read full of sexual fantasies, lust and passion. If Adriana Kraft writes to entertain, she has succeeded with Hookups… While the sex scenes are explicit, Ms. Kraft handles the content well. She has managed to write a unique love story with a twist. The characters are well rounded, each with their own idiosyncrasies that endear them to the reader. I’m interested to see if we are going to find out more about Jen and Brett and their band of merry swingers; I hope so. Excerpt



 Whipped Cream Reviews  – Four Cherries!   
I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started reading A Tempting Taste Swinging Games 2. The title pretty much summarized the premise, but my oh my, did I underestimate just how scorching hot those next seventy or so pages were going to be!…Brett and Jen are not your typical gorgeous twenty or thirty-year olds. They are in their fifties, and some of their “partners” are older than that. It was also refreshing to read, and is something that is rarely found…This is something you read when you want straight up hotness, because there is plenty to go around! Excerpt

The next installment in the series will be out in just two weeks, on November 15:

What happens when the neighbors find out? Jen and Brett Andrews’ swinging world turns upside down when it comes too close to home – will their friends keep their secret? Will they have to stop swinging, or worse yet, move? What if the friends want to join in? Delectable complexities unfold as Jen and Brett continue their swinging adventures!

Here’s an excerpt to whet your appetite:

“Most every time I try to fall asleep I think of you with another woman.” Donna slanted a finger across Jen’s lips. “Please, I have to tell you. I admit I’m so jealous. I’ve dreamed about us together before. I hadn’t had that dream for years until recently. Then I’d wake up feeling so guilty I didn’t know if I could face you. Now I wake up soaking wet, certain we’ve been making love for hours and that you left before I could awaken fully.”


Donna’s finger slipped into Jen’s open mouth.

Was it reflex, instinct or lust? With her eyelids closed, Jen didn’t spend much time trying to explain why she was suddenly sucking Donna’s finger deeper into her mouth.

“That feels so good,” Donna cooed.

Jen heard Donna scooting closer. She kept her eyes closed hoping not to frighten or encourage her friend. She felt Donna’s warm breath on her cheek. And then her best friend’s lips brushed against the corner of Jen’s mouth.


Interview with Swinger and Coach Chantelle Austin

In our just released erotic romance Colors of the Night, we’ve invented a timeless love goddess named Aria who comes to visit a troubled married couple and coach their relationship until the fire re-ignites and blazes so intensely she knows they can keep it burning without her.


Little did we imagine that similar coaching might be available in this reality! Chantelle Austin is an Australian life coach, swinger and author of The Ultimate Swingers Guide. She runs a website that’s packed with useful articles on swinging as well as an advice column on spicing up your marriage. Recently we caught up with her for an interview:


You’re a combination life coach and swinger – could you tell us which came first, and what inspired you to combine the two?


Officially the coaching first J.  While we dabbled a little with a threesome early on in our relationship, there was really only a small handful of experiences.  It wasn’t until I was doing massive amounts of personal development and NLP training that we started to get into it more.  I think having done so much work on myself gave me the tools to help my husband, and consequently us as a couple, smoothly move into this new relationship dynamic.


It took me a while to work out that I could combine the two actually!  Part of my journey has been to learn who I am and what my strengths are, and to follow my heart even if I was afraid of how it would be received.  So here I am J.


What is one thing you wish someone had told you before you started swinging?


There are a few things:


1.  Not to worry so much about what people think if they found out.  We’ve not had any really negative reactions so far; most people wish they had a relationship like ours so it really was an unfounded fear in the end.


2.  Not to worry about my sexual performance.  I’ve actually used swinging to increase my bedroom repertoire, to try different techniques and new things, making me a better lover than I ever was before so again, unfounded fear!


3.  Not to worry about my body.  There are so many different bodies of all ages engaging in this lifestyle, and so many of them aren’t Barbie dolls and are extremely relaxed about the whole thing… it’s a truly liberating experience when you learn to let go of your fears and inhibitions, and just be in the moment. Another unfounded fear J.


What are some of the most frequent questions couples ask you about the swing lifestyle, and could you share some of your answers?


How do you not get jealous!  But I’ve answered that one on my site and on my YouTube channel J.


I often get one partner talking to me first and asking “how do you get your partner to want to do it too?” J  My answer to that is that you can’t make them do anything.  It’s best to take baby steps to introduce them to the idea by having a very open and honest conversation, always speak of the positive benefits of it but address all of their concerns.  In a way you really have to sell the idea to them.


For some people it can take years but plant the seeds and be patient.  You are far more likely to succeed if you let them come around at their own pace.   If they have some emotional baggage that is preventing them, that’s where I come in but there are never any guarantees that they will come around and they have to know that. 


The transition part of moving from a traditional relationship to an alternative relationship is the most vulnerable time and having someone they can talk to help them through it can make all the difference.


Are you willing to share a “best and worst” swinging experience – and what you learned from each?


Worst experience – well we haven’t had any really bad experiences but recently a couple came over and it was their first time swinging together. He’d done it before but she hadn’t. Anyway, long story short they had a misunderstanding that had started before they got here, and then sort of exploded later in our evening resulting in about 3 hours of tears and arguing in different rooms of our house.  We weren’t involved, and stayed out of it as much as possible, although I did try to talk to her a bit. They were too intoxicated to drive home so here is where it had to be dealt with.


What I learned from that is to be even more grateful for my Mr. Wonderful. It was also a reminder that even though people may think they will be OK with something, they won’t know for sure until they get there.  Also if we have someone on their first time, we’ll individually be checking in with both to make sure both partners are ok with what’s going on, being extra aware for body language signs to suggest otherwise, stopping everything and suggesting they talk to each other at the first sign that’s something’s not right.


Best experience – oh there are so many, we’ve had lots of great times but one of the best was a group event that our toyboy put on.  5 couples and 2 single guys, started at 11pm, we walked out at 10am the next morning.  There was a lot of swapping, groups, girl on girl and just general playing which was awesome.  


I think that was the night I learned to really relax and go with the flow.  There were some very sexy people there and some people we weren’t interested in playing with, so while there were 14 of us there, I think I really only played with about 7 or 8.  It was also the first night I really felt attracted to another girl which was a mind blowing experience. Had I kept worrying about how I looked and what others thought, I wouldn’t have been able to get into the moment or connect with them like I did.  It was an awesome night and the photos still make me smile J.


What top three pitfalls do you advise couples to avoid when they decide to explore the world of swinging?


1.      Communication! You have to be able to talk freely with each other; be completely honest about what you want and about what is and isn’t ok.  Sometimes one partner will go along with a situation or suggestion because they think that’s what the other partner wants and that can end badly.  You also have to be able to talk after a play date and be able to tell each other what you liked and what you didn’t.  If you can’t be honest now or can’t effectively communicate, don’t even attempt to swing.  Go and learn how to communicate first.

2.      Work out your boundaries and stick to them!  If you can’t play by the rules, you run the risk of losing the freedom to play, and your relationship.  Sticking to your agreed boundaries is what builds more trust through this transition, it’s extremely important both partners do this.  Once you have that trust and comfort, the boundaries seem to change and relax J

3.      Make special time for just the 2 of you to reconnect after a play date.  It is more important to make sure your partner still feels like they are number one in your world, and to build on your connection with each other.  This keeps the feelings of relationship security high and enables you both to keep playing, having the experience enhance your relationship J


Ultimate Swingers GuideCould you give our readers a peek inside your book, The Ultimate Swinger’s Guide?


Certainly! Here’s a peek at part of the table of contents:


How to…       

Meet people  

Use Swingers Clubs – Are they for the advanced or beginner? 

Create a profile that gets attention

Filter for ideal prospective playmates       

Use chat programs as a tool           

Keep your partner in the loop       

Spot the fakes!          

Protect your identity           

Tell someone you’re not interested          


Handy Tips and the Do’s and Don’ts    

Secret couple language for meeting and playing 

Where to meet         

The first meeting      


Playmate training     


Preparing for a play date    

Ice breakers – getting the play time started         

The swinging couples list of must haves   


Chantelle photo The book website has sample chapters available for download. Just for your readers, here’s a special link to more chapters: Book Chapters for Adriana Kraft


Wow, thanks! So glad you could join us today – we know our readers will be thrilled!


You’re welcome!


Can Swinging Save Your Marriage?

Can swinging save your marriage?

When we set up our Twitter page a bare three months ago and started looking for peeps to follow, Chantelle Austin was one of the first to pop up, and we’ve never regretted following her. An Australian swinger, she’s also, among other things, an author and a relationship coach, and she’s had lots to say about swinging and marriage. Here are a couple of her recent articles:

            Could Swinging Save Your Marriage?

            Are We Naturally Monogamous?

A caveat: There can be any number of reasons a marriage is on the rocks, and most of them are probably NOT going to be solved by turning to swinging. Neither she nor we are professional marriage counselors, so if your relationship is in trouble, there are lots of places to start besides here.

That being said, we agree with her. We can think of at least three reasons a married couple might turn to swinging to improve their relationship.

Sometimes, as with the couple in our Swinging Games erotic romance series at Extasy, a partner in a long standing monogamous heterosexual relationship begins to discover he or she is bisexual. This can especially be the case for baby boomers who grew up in an era when the range of sexual orientations was less acceptable. Swinging gives these partners an opportunity to find out about the other side without cheating or breaking faith.

Sometimes, as with the couple in our upcoming September release April Swings at Whiskey Creek Torrid, the love and the relationship are fine, but too much sizzle has gone out of the lovemaking and a couple needs to recharge their batteries. Swinging offers a nearly endless source of variety and adventures to keep a couple’s sex life new and exciting.

Third – and this is not a plot we’ve written yet – swinging might be a solution if a couple remains in love but one partner has begun to have outside affairs. Chantelle Austin talks about such couples in both the articles we’ve linked above, and she poses an interesting question: If couples who’ve broken up over an affair had considered swinging as an option, might they still be together? Sounds like a plot for us to take on!

For a delectable fictitious peek into the world of swinging, check out both our current erotic romance series: Swinging Games, at Extasy, and Meghan’s Playhouse, at Whiskey Creek Torrid. Swinging Games: Hookups will be released June 1, and its prequel, Swinging Games: Anticipation, is available now. Meghan’s Playhouse Book One: Seducing Cat is available now at Whiskey Creek Torrid, and Book Two: A Woman for Zachary is due out July 1.

SG Anticipation 150  hookups 150

Seducing 150  Zach 150  April 150

Another fabulous window into the many delights of swinging has just been released at Logical Lust.  Swing!, edited by Jolie du Pré, brings together many of our favorite erotica authors for a collection of sizzling short stories about the swinging world.

For an instruction manual and a real-life introduction to the world of swinging, you can’t beat Chantelle Austin’s The Ultimate Swinger’s Guide. And of course if you feel ready to check out some on-line swinger websites, you can always go to our links page. Play safe, and have fun!

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