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We have a new book releasing at Amazon this Saturday, so our calendar is rapidly filling up! Here’s where to find us over the next week:



Friday, May 31: Destiny Blaine 


Saturday, June 1: Ella Jade 


Monday, June 3: Elizabeth Black


Wednesday, June 5    Night Owl Reviews




Tuesday, June 4: June is Pride month! June 4 I’ll be joining Elizabeth Black, Giselle Renarde and several other authors to share about some of our favorite GLBT books, with giveaways. Turns out our most recent heroine, Kitty Paige, is straight, so The Best Man won’t be part of Tuesday’s event. We’ll be talking about Aria Returns, Triple Play, Summer’s End and Ripening Passion – all books with bisexual heroines. Here’s the link for the chat:



Click on the graphics for more information!





Newsbyte – New March Events

Tonight, Saturday March 19, you can hear our entire Lesbian Love Story “Embracing the Fire” on Masque Radio at 9pm EST. Lascivious with Lacy reads erotic stories every Saturday night and this week she picked ours – from the LoveYouDivine anthology To Love and To Cherish. We’re told Lacy has a fabulous sexy voice…

Tomorrow, Sunday March 20, check out Six Sentence Sunday, where authors showcase exactly six sentences from their work. It’s a great chance to check out a wide range of authors – this Sunday, we’ll be one of them, featuring an f/f scene from Meg’s Folly .

And don’t forget our March contest for a $10 gift certificate at AllRomance EBooks. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on any of our blog posts during the month of March.


March News from Adriana


New Contract! We’re way excited to report that Whiskey Creek Press Torrid just offered us a contract on Ripening Passion – the first of three sequels to what has been our WCPT best seller, Smoldering Passion. No release date yet but you can bet we’ll keep you posted.

The series explores the interplay between love and sex for characters who make their living having sex on camera and promoting healthy sexuality. Ripening Passion focuses on a pair of over-fifty characters introduced in Smoldering Passion, proving that passion and sexiness are not limited by age.

The novel continues the story of the Center for Sexuality and Sex Practices that was begun in Smoldering Passion. In Ripening Passion, the Center has initiated a special focus on sexuality and aging, and readers are treated to a behind-the-scenes look at how their videos are crafted – the perfect opportunity for some harmless steamy voyeurism. As always in our novels, readers will find in Ripening Passion a range of sexual orientations and combinations and an open, accepting approach to sexual pleasure.

As we move into production we’ll be posting some tantalizing excerpts to whet your appetites!

Other WIPs: Finishing the edits on Ripening Passion and polishing it to a shine for submission was our main January project. In February we turned to editing our lesbian erotic romance novelette for Torquere’s Sapphic Signs project – due March 1st.  Just made the deadline! Our story explores the relationship between the Zodiac signs Cancer (um, that would be my sign) and Aquarius (hubby’s sign) as our two heroines rekindle a spotty relationship begun in their college days twenty years earlier. It was a lot of fun to write and gave us a chance to showcase (and laugh at) some of our stereotypical Zodiac traits – believe me, we’ve got them! Release is scheduled for June 22, to coincide with the Zodiac sign Cancer.

For some hot lesbian reads, check out the other entries in this series, created by fellow members of the Sapphic Planet author group: Fia Malone’s The Age of Aquarius, released in January; Adrianne Brennan’s Pisces, February; and Moondancer Drake’s upcoming March release for Aries.

Meanwhile we’re in the early stages of writing book #4 in the Passion series. I can hardly wait to share some of those hot scenes with you – just writing them together is part of the fun stage of being erotic romance authors. I’m thinking we’ll have to do a couple blog features on some of the hot sex toys our fictitious “Center” decides to showcase in its videos. I would have loved to be in the room while they were filming the scene we just finished writing!


Congratulations to Sheila, who has won her choice of a free download from my backlist!

The prize for my March contest is a $10.00 gift certificate to All Romance E Books. To enter, just leave a comment anywhere on my blog sometime in the month of March!

Writer’s Platform Building Crusade If you want to meet some fascinating new (to me) authors, check out this list of 217 writers who signed to crusade with Rachael Harrie and follow her marching orders. I’m learning a lot, improving my marketing platform, and enjoying meeting this diverse collection of pubbed and yet-to-be pubbed writers who write something thoughtful to ponder. 

Archived Radio interview and Excerpt On February 10, fellow Sapphic Planet member Lara Zielinsky featured me and three other authors on her blogtalk Radio Show Readings in Lesbian & Bisexual Women’s Fiction. You can catch the hour long discussion on Lesbian Romance in the archives at this LINK. For the last fifteen minutes each of us read brief excerpts from our featured works: Kate Christie, Leaving L.A.; R. E. Bradshaw, The Girl Back Home; Nadine LaPierre, The Slayer; Adriana Kraft, Meg’s Folly.

Signs of Spring This winter has seemed especially long, at least here in North Iowa. But even with the morning temp right at zero, the birds were tuning up their spring courting songs when I let the dog out early this morning. Two days ago driving home from work at twilight I saw a large flock of wild geese heading north, and this afternoon as I crossed the river a bald eagle was soaring overhead. The equinox is less than three weeks away and I am grateful.

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