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Blessings for your Celebrations #MFRWAuthor #Holidays

Today is a special day in our own faith, and for those who share it, we wish you a Merry Christmas.

Did you know the world’s seven major religions observe no fewer than twenty-nine holidays between November 1 and January 15? This includes many of our friends and possibly some of you who are our readers. In our personal faith, we honor all paths to what is pure and holy, so we wish to extend special blessings to all who celebrate this season.

Somehow “Season’s Greetings” and “Happy Holidays” fail to convey the spirituality and depth of what we wish for you, so perhaps the best words are Blessings for your Celebrations.

In that spirit, here is a snippet of our own observance. Neither my sister nor I can remember how the Swedish Christmas Tree in the photograph came to live at our house, but as far back as I have Christmas memories, we watched our mother carefully unpack this simple tree from its flat box, assemble the two main pieces, and delicately place each ceramic or clay bird on its perch. Red candles were always inserted in the candleholders, and they were lit, along with the Swedish Angel Chimes, during Christmas Dinner.

My husband and I, who write together as Adriana, have set the tree out every year since it came into our possession.

The tree is filled with an abundance of berries and birds. In that vein, we wish you beauty, bounty, birdsongs and blessings in this special season, and we’d love to hear what some of your traditions are, from whatever faith.



“Pray for the dead and fight like hell for the living.”
~ Mother Jones

(via Jason Welle, SJ) #Orlando

Orlando Rainbow

(photo credit: https://www.facebook.com/184277211606988/photos/a.184312331603476.45725.184277211606988/1239896962711669/?type=3&theater)


Evening Walk – Evening Sky #MFRWauthor #Mindfulness

Much of the year we take our daily walk in the daylight or early twilight. But southern Nevada June temps have driven us to wait until after nine in the evening – and even then sometimes it’s still over ninety degrees.

The upside? Getting reacquainted with the night sky. Our RV resort has an irregular shape, so as we walk its one-mile perimeter, we can take in the 360 degrees of the night sky from a range of viewing angles.

20150421 waxing crescent and venusTo the west as we begin our walk, Venus, Jupiter, and Leo’s largest star, Regulus, hang suspended like brilliant spangles on the strand of a necklace. I can’t remember seeing Venus look so large or so bright, but it turns out this happens every eight years or so, a combination of when it is closest to earth, and when its angle to the sun illuminates the greatest portion of its surface, from earth’s point of view. Watch your night sky the next two or three nights to see the waxing crescent moon in the vicinity of this stunning necklace. Here’s a photo I took at dusk in April in southern Arizona, waxing crescent and Venus.

Our next turn takes us facing south. Arcturus is nearly overhead – but we’ve learned we can always find it in any season by following where the handle of the big dipper points. Dropping toward the horizon from there, we find Virgo’s largest star, Spica.

As we turn east, the Summer Triangle of Vega, Deneb and Altair (in Lyra, Cygnet and Aquila, or the Lyre, the Swan, and the Eagle) is just starting to rise. When we first bought our telescope and began to study the night sky, this landmark – or perhaps skymark – formed the anchor of our summer sky. In that season it sits directly overhead in the evening, is visible from dusk to dawn, and is a roadmap to the Milky Way.

And finally the north, with the Big Dipper, Little Dipper, Cassiopeia, and the North Star, probably the most familiar part of the sky, Why? Because our night sky circulates around the North Star, and these constellations never set, though this week, here, Cassiopeia is lost in the haze close to the mountains on the northern horizon.

This doesn’t always happen, but last night as we gazed north, I suddenly experienced the sensation of being wrapped in splendor and flooded with gratitude.

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