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Join Us for a Four-Way…Conversation

Today we welcome Brenda Woody and Steve Tindle – another couple, like us, writing erotica and erotic romance together. We thought a four-way would be a treat – conversation, that is! We settled into our virtual living room, being hosted at both our blogs today, to share this adventure of writing the sex we love to read with you, our readers – and we have a double give-away today! Readers who comment on Brenda and Steve’s Blog will be entered in a drawing for our newest release, Pushing the Limits, and readers who comment here at our blog, in a drawing for Brenda and Steve’s latest, Rainie’s Lake (a yummy erotic tale with paranormal features, I loved this book!). CONTEST RUNS THROUGH MIDNIGHT EST SUNDAY 1/29.

What is the most exciting thing, for you, about writing this genre as a couple?

Brenda: Hi Adri Ana, love your site and its comfy here! *settling on the sofa beside Steve, places her hand on his thigh* The open communication we have! We ask each other questions that other couples wouldn’t dare ask. Writing with Steve is awesome and the research is well……very good. *winks*

Steve: *placing his arm around Brenda’s neck* Communication is the key but writing with Brenda is a dream job. I’ve learned a lot from her by being able to discuss sexual things other men only wonder about. The wish-bone questions that if they ask their lovers, could take them into a new direction in the relationship.

Ana: Hi back atcha, and thanks for joining us in this four-way… *grins* conversation! Typically, romance is written by women, for women. However, about twenty percent of the readership of romance is men, and I’m guessing that percentage is higher in the more sexually explicit end of the romance spectrum. I also suspect a lot of women who read romance wish their partners could get interested in it and join them – in much the same ways many couples use explicit videos together.  Adri and I got excited about writing as a couple, for couples, offering a little something for everyone. We highly recommend that couples read our books together, and for me, that’s exciting. Well, and we love the research, too.

Adri: What will the characters demand of us next?  That’s the question that often drives the plotting, the writing, even the editing.  The excitement boils over in the process of getting stories on the page until we all – the writers and the characters – agree that we’ve got it down the best that we can.  We are often awakened in the night with a new plot twist that a heroine won’t let us ignore.  Or an imposing hero has taken umbrage with how his role is shortchanged.  The excitement is definitely in the process.  Hopefully some of that excitement seeps through the  narrative and into the dialogue and action.

How did you get started writing together? 

Steve: Brenda and I had classes together in high school. When our 30th reunion was getting close, we both were looking for old friends. Brenda found me on MySpace but I didn’t include my last name, just that I went to Bradwell. She asked me which Steve I was and I asked “How many Steves do you know?” She started naming all the Steves she knew but not me. I told her I was in the band and she knew exactly who I was. That was the beginning of a beautiful relationship. As we emailed back and forth, cell numbers were exchanged and we found ourselves talking several times a day. I asked Brenda what was on her ‘Bucket List’ because the movie was out at the time. We learned we both had written poems and wanted to be published.

Adri: We’d done a lot of writing together in over our careers, both critiquing each other’s work and co-authoring, so when we got around to writing fiction we already had a fair amount of experience with trying to put thoughts down on paper as a team.

Ana: Well, and much like Brenda and Steve, each of us had harbored dreams of writing fiction since at least our teen years.  About ten years ago we had some serious “what do we want the rest of our lives to look like” discussions and this was one dream we decided to commit to.  We started plotting and drafting our first novel (which has never been published and probably never should be), I shopped it at my first RWA meeting, we took workshops together, kept submitting and honing our skills, and finally in 2006 our first erotic romance was published.

What made you decide erotica/erotic romance was what you wanted to write? 

Brenda: I had written a story, just a few pages, back in 2004 hoping to submit to Harlequin or a romance pub house. I really didn’t think the story would be good enough to publish, so I set it aside. When Steve and I reconnected, we discussed our ‘Bucket List’. Mine was to be published. I mentioned the story, he asked me to email it to him and from there “Best Lover in Town” was born.

Steve: After I read Brenda’s story, I asked her what she thought about making it erotic. After researching to see if there was a market for erotica, she agreed. We used this opportunity to discuss all of our fantasies, likes and dislikes as we wrote “Best Lover in Town”. This allowed us to reconnect and learn about each other. We wrote BLT apart from each other by connecting our computers, Brenda was in Portland, OR and I was in Dallas, TX. The final chapter was written together on the road when I moved her to Dallas.

Adri: When agents and editors assessed some of our early non-erotic fiction manuscripts, we consistently received very positive feedback about our love scenes and our ability to write sexual tension.  Then one asked, “have you considered writing erotic romance?”  We hadn’t.  But the question spurred us on to ask, “why not?”  And so we embarked on an even more amazing writing journey.

Ana: Another clue we were on the right track was the realization, for each of us, that our erotic scenes turned us on. We always read all our scenes out loud as we progress through drafting each of our books, and if the scene doesn’t succeed, we know we have to go back to the drawing board (or, perhaps, the choreography *grins*).

What do you hope readers take away from your books?

Brenda: I hope readers will be able to share with their significant other the secret fantasies they crave to try.  Our books are very sexual and we don’t hold back on anything under the sheets, in the kitchen or in the shower!

Steve: We write as a couple with both the male and female point of view. This gives the reader a realistic insight to what is happening. Even as a writer, I’m learning how a woman thinks and what she feels. I hope the reader will learn from all the exhausting research we do.  *wink*

Adri: We hope readers – individuals, couples, and more-somes – will be affirmed and inspired, perhaps giving themselves permission to dream fantasies that they thought were verboten, or giving themselves permission to try something different, to experiment, to risk to spice up their sexual journey/s.  Our characters often do that for us.  When we assume we are writing their stories they tend to remind us sometimes rather sharply that we are but the scribes writing the stories they wish to share with us.  There have been many moments when our characters take us down paths that we remain uncertain about following.  Usually they prove to be trustworthy and true, and we benefit from their adventuresome natures.  We sincerely hope our readers also reap those benefits.

Ana: Couldn’t have said it better. Our characters have a great time and get very inventive in their sex lives – we want our readers to come along for the ride and have a good time, alone or together. Above all we hope readers are inspired to enjoy their own sexuality across their entire life span. We surely intend to!

Who do you consider your target audience to be?

Brenda: Hard question. I see more 30 yrs of age and over purchasing our books.

Steve: I thought our sells would have been more females, but the numbers have been about equal. We have sold several books to men who gave them to their girlfriends or wives.

Adri Women and men of legal age who find reading about the sexually adventurous to be entertaining.  We seldom write pure erotica, so we write for an audience that enjoys sexually explicit romance.  While our characters often have to deal with real life challenges and tragedies, we write happy endings—or at least endings suggest the characters will work out satisfying endings, whether we are watching or not.  Within this broad audience of people curious about the sexually adventurous, we do single out at times older heroes and heroines as our “boomer” characters meet the challenge of nurturing and maintaining sexual lives throughout the lifespan.  More and more, research and anecdotal evidence suggests that while sexual practices may have to adapt to the inevitable changes of aging, they do not need to be tucked away in a closet of memories, but can continue to be embraced and acted out in many rewarding and uplifting ways.  Therefore, our characters offer the hope of sexually fulfilling lives at whatever age.

Ana ‘Nuff said.

Has (or, how has) writing this genre together impacted your relationship with each other?

Brenda: Besides being able to talk about everything, we are very close. So close, we don’t like to be apart for very long. Steve’s my best friend.

Steve: That’s why we write together; eight hours away at a job is too hard for us. When we did work at separate jobs, we talked on the phone during all our breaks. We also complete each other’s thoughts in everyday conversations and when writing. Since we write erotica, we always have sexual conversations. This keeps our relationship in tune and interesting as we research all desires many couples keep secret.

Ana: We had to get comfortable with challenging each other and taking honest critique in ways most of the rest of our marriage hasn’t required. Coordinating and agreeing, not just on the syntax and writing style, but on how a scene unfolds, what a character might be experiencing, which words to best convey it to the reader – it can easily be a tussle, not for the weak at heart.  On the up side? Writing erotic romance together has directly fed our relationship, deepened our bond and spiced up our own love life. Sometimes our characters come up with things we’ve never thought of trying – never mind whether we do everything our characters do; even the fantasies are definitely worth it.

Adri:  There is little doubt that our relationship, sexual and otherwise, is more robust given that as writers we must live and breathe what we write.  That doesn’t mean we’ve tried everything our characters find themselves doing.  But at the very least it means they continue to stretch our imaginations!   We’ve had the fun and good fortune of visiting many places around the globe that spawn plots and twists and enticing characters—at least, enticing for us.  For example, we often say and almost expect Meghan from the Meghan’s Playhouse series to pop in and surprise us one of these days for a weekend romp.

What special qualities do you believe you offer readers because you are writing as a couple?

Brenda: I think our readers/fans see our happy relationship in the comments and post we do on FB and blogger. That we are real, very down to earth and caring of others and each other.

Steve: Brenda and I are each other’s biggest fan. We can discuss anything openly without fear of being put down. I hope the reader can learn from us as a team to please their significant other by seeing both points of view.

Adri: We hope we offer experiences that both halves of a couple can identify with and fantasize about.

Ana:  What he said. We hope we’re able to reach inside both genders to write realistic characters, and that we’re able to plumb the depths of real relationships.

Do you have any advice for other couples who’d like to write this genre together?

Steve: Ask questions to each other and answer honestly to get their point of view. When Brenda and I first started writing there were several times when we said, “A man/woman wouldn’t say that, or feel that way”. By talking it out thoroughly, we’ve learned more and more. Don’t be afraid of deep, open talks with each other. What you’ll learn will make you a better writer, lover, and friend.

Ana: It’s pretty crazy and fraught with danger – don’t go there unless your relationship is really solid.

Adri: I’m not sure I see it as so dangerous—but I definitely agree if your relationship isn’t solid, don’t go there.  Once you begin to seriously write erotic romance together it will never be just the two of you again.  A new heroine, a new hero won’t let you rest until you at least begin to tell their story.  They will share your lives completely.

Ana: I can’t resist adding – the extra (fictional) bedfellows sure make life interesting! To clarify, though – the danger I meant was the risk of relationship conflict that might arise from having to challenge each other’s creative products in order to make the combined product even better. What’s fascinating is how frequently it’s the characters who fuel the conflict, and who then resolve it, if we listen to them.


Brenda & Steve: Thanks Adri Ana for having us on your blog. It’s been very fun chatting with another couple who writes together. We’d like to let the readers know about our fifth release, Rainie’s Lake.

Blurb –

Taking a long overdue vacation, Art Instructor Dylan Bishop is eager to start his trip to the cabin in the mountains. When he saw the photo online with the rental ad, he knew this was his destination. Being drawn to the lake nestled behind the cabin with a private dock, Dylan hopes to regain his inspiration to paint.

His vacation takes an erotic turn when he meets Rainie Marks on a foggy morning by the dock. She is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. However, there is sadness and a mystery about her. Finding his inspiration, he sketches her one evening and unable to resist the passion that has sparked between them, Rainie and Dylan share a sensual night together.

When Rainie tells him the truth about her past and the lake, the mystery she hides unfolds. The key to everything is the lake. Will Dylan be able to help her put the past to rest?

Readers, you can read a free sample here – http://www.freado.com/book/11871/rainies-lake

Purchase links –

All Romance http://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-rainie039slake-672449-144.html

Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Rainies-Lake-ebook/dp/B006YG7KH0/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1327379192&sr=1-1

Smashwords http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/123476

Erotic Escapes Ebook http://www.eroticescapesebooks.com/catalog/Rainies_Lake.html


Blog http://brenda-steve.blogspot.com/

Web site http://brendawoodyandstevetindle.webs.com/

Twitter http://twitter.com/#!/brendaandsteve

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ARe Author page http://www.allromanceebooks.com/storeSearch.html?searchBy=author&qString=Brenda+Woody+and+Steve+Tindle

Smashwords Author page http://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/brendaandsteve


Adri Ana Thank YOU so much for joining us for this conversation and hosting us at your blog today! We’re sure hoping for more four-ways like this one – it’s just exciting to be connecting with another couple who thinks the way we do about exploring and sharing what keeps us sexually alive through writing erotica/erotic romance!

Pushing the Limits, Book Eight in our Swinging Games series, was just released at Extasy Books and is also available at Amazon.

We started writing the series about three years ago because we were fascinated by the Swing Lifestyle and thought it would be a fun device to deliver a wide range of ménage and other hot sex scenes for our readers. We created our lead characters – a Baby Boomer couple whose kids are grown. Brett and Jen Andrews have decided to try swinging to spice up their sex life, and because Jen has newly realized she’s bisexual. Here’s the blurb for their latest adventure:

BLURB: Their new Unicorn Sarah Creston may be out of town, but that doesn’t stop Jen and Brett Andrews from burning up the wires with some scorching three-way phone sex. While they’re waiting for Sarah, Ryan eagerly pursues Brett for some hot male action, followed by a house party that challenges Jen and Brett’s stereotypes. Sarah finally arrives, exhausted and drained from weeks spent helping her aging parents. Jen and Brett provide total tender care for three days—but when Jen invites Sarah to move in for the whole summer, Brett asks himself, is there a limit?

Here’s a link to an excerpt: http://adrianakraft.wordpress.com/2011/11/25/weekend-dirty-dozen-pushing-the-limits/

Other places to find us:

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Comment HERE to enter for a copy of Rainie’s Lake,

and comment at Brenda and Steve’s Blog today to enter for a copy of Pushing the Limits!


The Key to Unlocking Creativity


Author Elizabeth Kyne talks about trying to hit the magic zone

from where great stories flow


Have you ever had one of those moments where you get lost in your work? Where, somehow, your brain becomes detached from your body and is absorbed into whatever you’re doing. You don’t have to be a writer to experience this, you could be a painter, a model maker or even a dancer. People will often say, “I lost track of time” and that’s because they were so in tune with their task, it’s almost as if it controls them, not the other way round.

As a writer, it’s those moments I strive for. It’s like my inner self has a connection to the page without being manipulated through the filter of my conscious mind. I can tap into my emotional core and express that through my characters, whether they are experiencing love, loss, anger or joy. It’s a very freeing experience and something that – when it happens – gives me that buzz that makes me want to come back for more.

Not as if everyone agrees with me. Some theories of writing great fiction state that every single word should be sweated over; that each sentence needs to be expertly crafted before it is committed to paper. The classic Irish writer James Joyce subscribed to this theory and is said to have a told a friend he had a good day working on his novel as he had written “three sentences”. Clearly, this approach has led to some highly regarded and influential works of literature, but is not the way I want to work or the sort of book I want to read. Indeed, I tried to read James Joyce’s Ulysses once and gave up half way through.

What I want from a book is a good story, characters with real emotions and to have a bit of fun. This, I would argue, comes from tapping into the inner self and letting that creativity roam free on the page. Because, deep inside me, are memories of all the books I’ve read, all the films I’ve seen, all the things I’ve experienced and all the emotions I’ve had. Where else should fiction come from?

Tapping into that creativity, however, is not always easy. These are some of the tips I try (but don’t always succeed) in following:

  • Distractions: Don’t have any. It’s obvious to say, but not always simple to implement. You can’t enter the creative zone if you’re constantly bothered by the email or the phone. This is why some writers chose to work in the dead of night. Personally, I like my sleep too much, but whatever works for you. When distractions are a serious problem, I sometimes use a program like Write or Die which fills up the whole screen and nudges you when you’ve stopped writing. Others recommend Freedom for Mac or Windows, which turns off the internet on your computer.
  • Dare to be bad: Don’t fret about every single word, sentence and paragraph. Just write it. If you start worrying that you’re writing is a load of rubbish, you’ll stop writing entirely and never find that link between your creative mind and the words on the page.
  • Don’t worry about it: This sort of follows on from ‘dare to be bad’, in that the most important thing is maintaining the flow, getting into ‘the zone’. So what if it’s bad? Bad can be improved, whereas nothing is still nothing at the end of the day. Also, don’t get hung up on details. For example, don’t spend half an hour trying to think up a name for your new character, just call him John or something and make a note to think of a better name later. Similarly, don’t stop to do some research. Make a note to check what Paris airport looks like or what type of gun a farmer would have in 1914 (or whatever it is) and keep writing.
  • Have a plan: This is somewhat counter intuitive to the above, but for me I’ve got to know what I’m going to be writing before I start. If things are going well, my plan might simply be a sketch of the scene I’m about to write. Eg., “Fred gets involved in a pub fight and breaks his arm”. If I’m struggling a bit, I might sketch it out in more detail: “Fred goes into pub, meets old girlfriend, gets a bit amorous, her new boyfriend turns up…” etc. I can then launch into writing my planned scenes for the day without having to stop and break the creativity.


If all is well, you will slip into that magic zone where the words flow, and you may surprise yourself at what you can write.

I say it like it’s easy, which isn’t always the case. Like many things, the theory is all very well and good, it’s not so easy to put into practice. Nevertheless, it is something to strive for, and something I continue to strive for every day. Sometimes I get hung up on details I shouldn’t be worried about, sometimes I take phone calls or check my email when I shouldn’t. Other people may have different distractions (I have great admiration for people who work at home while looking after small children, for example). The knack is to put them aside for your allotted writing time (be that as short as fifteen minutes or as long as a whole morning) and try to get into the zone.

Because life in the zone is amazing and what can sometimes come out of it is better than when you’re sweating over every word. When everything comes together, it seems like the novel is writing itself and, when you step away you have something which you know has come from somewhere special inside of you. That is what your creative brain has done, it has funnelled your instinct, your experience and yourself into the words.

Like the mountain climber, I try to reach it every day, and like a human being I do not always make it to the summit. But, for the days I do, it is worth the struggle.


Rachel re-invents herself when she moves back to her home town of Aylesbury; with a new job, a new house and a new haircut. But people’s eyes glaze over when she tells them about her life as a forty-something singleton who works in accounts. So why not spice things up a bit? Why not tell her new hairdresser and her new friends about her fantastic husband? Everyone wants to hear about Darren, the man who cooks her amazing meals, cleans the house and takes her to bed for orgasmic sex three times a night! What a shame he doesn’t exist…

…Until she comes home one night and finds Darren sitting in her lounge. And everything she said becomes true: from his sensuous food to his skill in bed. So real, that she believes it.

Not as if living with a perfect is man is… well, perfect…

She can’t find anything because every time she puts something down, he tidies it away. Then there’s the shock of the credit card bill from buying all that gourmet food. Not to mention the sex! Three times a night is great at first, but sometimes all she wants at the end of the day is a sandwich and some sleep.

Then Rachel decides that Darren has to go – and that’s when her troubles really begin.

Elizabeth Kyne takes the absurdities of the modern woman’s quest for love and turns them into an enjoyable romp. She finds the comic in everyday situations, from buying a dress to experimenting with hair dye at home. While, underneath, she comments on the pressure to find the perfect husband and how that quest is doomed for us all.













Elizabeth Kyne trained to be a radio journalist and spent her early working years reading news bulletins and writing for magazines. Later, after learning the meaning of “mortgage” and “gas bill”, she decided to do the sensible thing and drop the freelance lifestyle to get a proper job. The job, however, all went horribly wrong and she returned to her first love of writing, and worked on several novels before finding success with “If Wishes Were Husbands”.




Guests: Brenda Woody and Steve Tindle

We’re so excited to have as our guests t0day Brenda Woody and Steve Tindle – like us, they’re a couple writing erotica and erotic romance together, with a special emphasis on male and female points of view.  Watch these pages in late January for a four way conversation about writing erotica as a couple!

Hi Adriana! Thank you for featuring us on your blog and introducing us to your followers. First we’d like to tell the readers how we began writing together and a little bit about our books. BTW, there’ll be a drawing for one lucky commenter. See details below!

Steve Tindle and Brenda Woody were high school friends in Georgia who reconnected, on a social network, after 30 years of leading separate lives. During their re-acquaintance, they found their past and interests were similar; they had written poems, songs, and both had the desire to be published. Their combined experiences and fantasies inspired their first erotic novel Best Lover in Town, published June 2010 by Charles River Press. The rights for BLT were reverted to Brenda and Steve July 2011. Best Lover in Town was re-edited and re-released with a new cover.

Janet Anderson is searching for sexual magic in the man who can match her in the bed. Janet suspects all this and more lies within her handsome boss, Nathan Lovett. During a work-related visit to Janet’s home, Nathan and Janet give in to an attraction beyond their control, and soon find themselves immersed in a pleasurable night of uninhibited sex and heated passion. To their dismay, their luscious interlude is interrupted, and Nathan must leave on a plane to a far away place; their whirlwind coupling on hold.

Three years pass, and with Nathan gone, Janet’s co-worker and best friend, Madison, urges Janet to end her mourning and explore other possibilities. Janet attends parties and events to fill the void left by Nathan, meeting four other men. Though she experiences new sexual delights and discovers more about herself; her suitors fall flat, and Janet is left longing for the touch of her Nathan. Will the best lover in town return to finish what he started?

Brenda moved to Dallas in 2009 to be closer to Steve, start a new chapter of her life and work on future books. Their second book Temptation Triggers, an anthology of seven erotic short stories, was released June 2011.

Temptation Triggers captures the wickedness of sexual fantasy, the mystery of unexplored territory and the fulfillment of open communication. Among these thought-provoking stories, two friends find themselves drawn into a dark erotic world, a woman encounters a mysterious man and a mature couple discovers hush-hush desires about each other. With different styles of writing, Temptation Triggers reveals erotica that is passionate and spellbinding.

 Their latest release Triangle of Secrets, Book One, a ménage M/M/F story, was published October 2, 2011.

Triangle of Secrets, Book One, is the story of three ordinary people trying to make their way in the corporate world and keeping their personal lives out of it. Morgan, the Vice President of a prestigious company, dates her best friend and co-worker, Derek, to hide her secret affair with Scott, the much younger mail clerk. Derek appears with Morgan socially to hide the fact he is gay. He is afraid his lifestyle will hinder promotions. Scott wants out of the mailroom and will do anything his lover asks of him. What happens when Derek and Scott meet at Morgan’s house to fulfill her wildest fantasy? Will the triangle break or will it be completed?

Black & White Affair, submitted in a holiday contest 2010 and received 3rd place, was expanded and is available as a short read.

Works in progress include Rainie’s Lake to be released December 31 and Scarlett’s Cowboy tentatively to be released before the end of the year, but may be in January when we actually finish. Scarlett’s Cowboy, well an erotic cowboy story, was requested to be written by a close friend who loves cowboys. We want to make sure this story meets her wish! Also in 2012 there will be future installments of ménage relationships for Triangle of Secrets.

As you can see we’ve been busy since we met up again. Our stories are penned with the perspective of both male and female point of view regarding sexual desires and pleasures. We both write the POV for male and female, and have been told by readers they can’t tell who wrote what. We compliment each other is this area. This is why it’s awesome writing as a team. We’re both open-minded and not worried at all about asking each other questions. And fans have told us how we met again is the start of a romantic story and we should write a book. Who knows maybe we will. *both of us smiles*

Adriana, thank you again for allowing us to visit! Readers, there’ll be a drawing. All you have to do is leave a comment with your email address. That’s it! The lucky winner will receive a copy of Triangle of Secrets, Book 1 (ebook format their choice from Smashwords). Leave a comment by December 19, 11 PM PST. We’ll draw on December 20. Winner will be drawn through Random.org.

Our links:

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Purchase sites:

All books on Amazon http://tinyurl.com/3da3vkb

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All Romance http://www.allromanceebooks.com/storeSearch.html?searchBy=author&qString=Brenda+Woody+and+Steve+Tindle

Xcite Books


Temptation Triggers on B&N http://www.barnesandnoble.com/s/temptation-triggers

TT on Fictionwise http://www.fictionwise.com/ebooks/b123962/Temptation-Triggers/Steve-Tindle/?

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