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Guest Blog: Cassandra Carr

We welcome debut Loose Id author Cassandra Carr to our pages today – congratluations, Cassandra, on your first release!

Seduced by a voice

In Talk to Me , the heroine, Jamie, is seduced by the hero’s voice. Drew is a sports talk radio host, and Jamie is his new producer. She has to listen to him for at least twenty hours every week and his raspy, sexy voice slowly drives her insane. Once he knows how much it turns her on, he uses his words to pull her in further.

It’s a proven fact that both men and women can be turned on by listening to someone speak. Sure, you can say that seduction is an art form, but there is definitely a scientific basis to it. Tone of voice is something that distinguishes men from each other, along with other things, like their unique smell. 

Every woman is different, but they have one thing in common – if they’re lucky enough to run across a man with a great voice, they’ll respond. So what kind of voice turns you on? Are you a fan of a smooth, rich voice? A deep, commanding voice? Maybe, like Jamie, you prefer one with a bit of roughness to it. Tell me what you like in the comments below.


The elevator doors opened, and Drew hurried to unlock his apartment and punch his code into the security pad before continuing straight to his bedroom. He spun and picked Jamie up as she neared the door, and she let out a squeak of protest.


“What? I’m trying to be romantic. Efficient, too.” He grinned at her when she struggled to get out of his grip. The way she fought against him both amused and aroused him. “Not so fast,” he warned her. “I’m not planning to let you get away until I’m good and finished with you.”

Jamie cocked an eyebrow. “Good and finished? Be still my heart! Such dreamy talk from a man like you! I had no idea.”

Drew laughed and dropped Jamie on the king-size bed with enough force to make her bounce, then climbed on top of her. Before she could protest again, he’d pressed his erection into her belly and taken her lips in another deep kiss. Jamie melted beneath him, snaking her hands around his neck while his found her hips, pulling her closer. “You need to get naked,” he declared, rolling off her.

“Just me? That’s hardly fair. If I’m getting naked, then this time, so are you.” Her beautiful, full lips pouted at him.

He stood up, and in seconds, his pants and boxer briefs landed in a heap on the floor. He pulled his shirt over his head and added it to the pile. “Your turn.”

Jamie rose up on her elbows and stared at him in disbelief. “How did you do that so fast? And may I add, very nice.” She smiled and waggled her eyebrows, giving him a quick once-over.

“When I want something, I don’t waste time. And I want you naked. Now.”

He reached over and started yanking her top over her head, but she batted his hands away.

“Hey — stop that. You’re going to dislocate my shoulder with your beastlike strength.”

Drew laughed but allowed Jamie to gently pull her blouse over her head. He took it and tossed it on the chair near the window. Next she tugged her jeans off, leaving her in only her bra and panties, which Drew made short work of.

He groaned when she was fully nude. “God, you’re fucking gorgeous, you know that? And I’m gonna put my hands and my tongue and my mouth and my cock everywhere on and in your beautiful body, so you better be ready.”

Jamie shivered, and he covered her body with his, kissing her briefly before moving down her jawline, sucking and licking. This is gonna be good.

BUY LINK: http://www.loose-id.com/Talk-to-Me.aspx

BIO: Cassandra Carr lives in Western ew York with her husband, Inspiration, and her daughter, Too Cute for Words. When not writing she enjoys watching hockey and hanging out on Twitter. Her debut novel, Talk to Me, was released by Loose Id on March 22, 2011. For more information about Cassandra, check out her website at http://www.booksbycassandracarr.com, “like” her Facebook fan page at http://www.facebook.com/AuthorCassandraCarr or follow her on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/Cassandra_Carr




Guest Blog: Tim Smith

Today we welcome fellow Extasy author Tim Smith to our pages!




Here’s something you don’t run into on an author’s blogsite every day – a male author of straight contemporary romance books. Okay, I know what you’re probably thinking – “A man writing romance stories who gets the details right? It can’t be done!” Trust me, I get that a lot. I began published life as a writer of mystery thrillers set in The Florida Keys involving a former CIA spook named Nick Seven, who is always trying to stay out of the intrigue game but never manages to. Two of my three novels featuring this character won awards and I had a nice following. While they all contained romance and sex, I never considered writing a full-fledged romance novel. Why should I, when I had what appeared to be a niche career?


That’s when I decided to wade into the quicksand known as “contemporary erotic romance.” A few years ago I wrote a romantic comedy, Anywhere the Heart Goes. My friends who eagerly anticipated another Nick Seven thriller were aghast and asked me “How could you do such a thing???”  The answer is pretty simple. I was attending a book festival and while my books were selling well, I noticed other authors drawing bigger crowds. They were selling romance novels and after reading one of them, I thought it would be fun to write one of my own, but told primarily from the man’s perspective and with more humor. I also knew I could write something better than the one I’d read. This first one did well enough that I followed it with two more lighthearted erotic romances. I recently released a romantic intrigue story, The Bundle.


No matter what type of story I’m writing or where it takes place, I strive to make it as atmospheric as possible. I love it when a reader tells me they felt like they were in the scene with the characters. I use realistic dialogue, writing what I hear people say on a daily basis. I also take great pains to craft characters with human flaws and quirky personalities, to make them step off the page. I’m not a fan of cardboard characters and heroes who come off as perfect. The one difficulty I had to overcome when I switched genres was the way I wrote sex scenes. They were abundant in the first three books, but for this new market I had to turn up the heat and be more explicit. I’ll admit it was a little awkward for me at first, but I soon reached my comfort level and stopped blushing when I wrote something down and dirty.


I think of fiction writing as being in the entertainment field because that’s what writers do – we write to entertain. I don’t write for the critics – I write for the person in Rugby, North Dakota or Parma, Ohio who wants to escape the daily grind and lose themselves in a good story. I’m often asked what I think of reviews, and it’s a tricky one for me to answer because I am a reviewer for an online romance site. At the risk of shooting myself in the foot, I’m not convinced that a good review has that much impact on a book’s sales. I say that because no one has ever told me they bought one of my books because so-and-so gave it five stars.  The nicest compliment I can receive is when someone tells me they can’t wait to read my next one. Man, it doesn’t get much better than that!    


I just released my seventh novel, The Bundle, through Extasy Books. This is the first in a series and lets me return to my mystery thriller roots. The main character is an ex-cop named Vic Fallon, and he’ll be the only recurring character, with a different gal pal to get involved with in each installment. The style harkens back to the pulp fiction writing of Raymond Chandler and Donald E. Westlake, with a dash of Mickey Spillane thrown in – tough hero with a romantic side, equally tough heroine who needs his help, atmospheric locations, wisecracking dialogue and some serious sex. What more could you ask for?  





Vic Fallon had little use for the rich and famous when he was a police detective, and his attitude hasn’t changed since he was forced to turn in his badge. When pop singer Kimberly Daniels returns to her hometown of Cleveland, Ohio to promote her latest album, Vic reluctantly agrees to be her bodyguard as a favor for a friend. He isn’t told that she has a death threat hanging over her head, with no shortage of suspects. The set-up takes a bizarre twist when her stalker shows up and Vic uncovers family secret Kimberly would like to keep hidden. Things get more complicated when they develop a strong attraction for each other, in spite of their different lifestyles. Can Vic ensure Kimberly’s safety until she returns to L.A.? Will Kimberly decide to ditch her glitzy celebrity life and stay with the rugged ex-cop she’s fallen for?”


Okay, now that you’ve read the trailer, here’s the feature. This is a PG excerpt. A hotter one can be found at Extasy. More information about all my books can be found at my website, www.timsmithauthor.com.



 “The Bundle” excerpt –


Vic took off his coat, tossed it on the bed in his assigned bedroom of the hotel suite then loosened his collar, removed his tie and contemptuously flung it onto the dresser. He slipped off his shoulder holster, hung it on the back of the chair at the desk and checked the safety on the Smith & Wesson .45. He took out the bottle of Passport scotch he’d brought with him, pouring some into a glass, followed by two ice cubes from the bucket. He eased himself into the padded club chair at the small cocktail table, stretched his legs in front of him and exhaled a deep breath. A day of mingling with the Tinseltown set left him wishing the job was over so he could return to his comfort zone.


He became aware of a presence and looked at the open doorway. Kimberly stood there, dressed in a pink velour jogging suit with her initials embroidered in red sequins on the left breast. She wore no shoes or socks. Her hair carelessly outlined her face, adding a degree of sexiness. Vic noted that the zipper on her top was halfway down, and she wasn’t wearing a bra. She offered a tentative smile that still retained a hint of shyness. 


“Do you always drink alone or would you mind some company?” she asked in a soft, husky voice.


Vic set another glass on the table and pushed the bottle toward her. She settled into the chair across from him, poured some Scotch into her glass and added ice. She took a long swallow then set the glass on the table.


“Won’t Pasta object to you drinking with the hired help?” Vic asked.


“Right about now, Pasta’s cruising the bars, looking for a cock to wrap his lips around.  Won’t see him until morning.”


Vic laughed softly. “That answers one question I had.”


Kimberly gave him a look of surprise. “You thought Pasta and I were…?”




She laughed at the notion. “I wouldn’t pass the physical, but you’d better be careful.”


“I’ll sleep with my gun under my pillow.”


Kimberly took another sip and looked at Vic with a sultry glow. “You’re not what I expected. When Evan said he retained an ex-cop to look after me I thought you’d be older, with a pot belly and no hair.”


“Sorry to disappoint you.”


“I’m not disappointed.” She closed her eyes, took a deep breath, held it for a moment then slowly exhaled. “It feels good to be back home.”


Vic sipped his drink then cradled his glass while looking at her, appreciating her beauty.  He mentally compared what he now viewed in person to what he’d seen in the press and on the occasional TV show. The cameras didn’t lie. Kimberly Daniels was a beautiful woman. He recalled a sexy lingerie spread she’d done in a men’s magazine the year before and wondered if those photos were accurate as well.


“Are you really the sentimental type or was this trip a publicity stunt?”


Kimberly opened her eyes and laughed softly. “I could tell you weren’t too enthused about accepting this job.”


“Why would you say that?”


“I can read people pretty well.” She laughed again. “But I loved the way you stood your ground with Pasta. He’s not used to people talking back to him.”


“I’ll apologize to him over breakfast. Just what is his function?”


Kimberly downed the last of her drink and poured another. “He’s my personal assistant. I’d be lost without him.” She took a small sip. “So what’s my celebrity ass worth these days, bodyguard-wise?”


Vic eyed her for a moment. “Does it really matter?”


She shrugged. “Guess not, as long as you’re not complaining.”


“If I have any complaints I’ll let you know.” Vic refreshed his drink and changed the subject to something more pleasant. “I used to watch you on a local TV show when you still used your real name. You sang a few of the classic love songs and put me in mind of Sarah Vaughn. I really got hooked on the way you sang It Had to Be You. That’s always been one of my favorites and you nailed it.”


Kimberly smiled warmly at him. “Thank you. I love those songs. I grew up listening to them and memorized all the words.”


“Why not cut an album of standards instead of pop?”


“I wanted to with this new one, but my handlers wouldn’t let me. They all said the same thing. Give the public what they’ve come to expect. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Maybe we’ll do that project next year.” She smirked. “I hate being handled.”


“Why put up with it?”


“It’s part of the game and you have to play by the rules. Don’t you have rules to play by?”


“Only the ones I make up.”


She tucked a leg under her on the chair and appeared comfortable. “So tell me about yourself.”


“There isn’t much to tell. I used to be a detective with the Sandusky P.D., got shot in the line of duty a few years ago, still have trouble with my leg because of it and I take the occasional job to keep from getting bored. Other than that, I live on the lake in Sandusky, fish, drink too much and generally do whatever the hell pleases me. End of story.”


Kimberly laughed. “I know that isn’t the whole story. Evan told me all about you.”


Vic took a drink. Note to self: go to L.A. and kill the little bastard. “What did I leave out?”


“That you live in one of his vacation homes he uses as a tax write-off, you used to be married but it didn’t work out and you two roomed together in college. Before you got shot saving your partner’s life you were being investigated for beating the shit out of someone you arrested. Evan came to your rescue when they wanted to press charges.”


Addendum to the note:  book the flight tomorrow. “Guess we all live in a fishbowl. How did you go from being Callie Buchovic, local singer, to Kimberly Daniels, big time recording star and reputed diva?”


She arched her eyebrows. “Reputed?  I’d better talk to my publicist. Let’s see…after I was on that local show you mentioned I got a call from a network scout for the reality show So You Think You Can Sing? I won the national competition and was contacted by a record producer, then I had to get an agent, then an entourage and then my life snowballed into something I lost control of.”


Vic picked up on the indifferent tone in her voice. He was actually relieved to discover that the whole tabloid enfant terrible thing was all hype. “You don’t sound too happy about it.”


She looked into her glass and slowly swirled the contents before answering. “To be honest, there are times when I wish I was still a blue collar girl from Parma, Ohio. Do you ever get to Los Angeles?”


“Not if I can help it.”


“Why not?”


“Too many people moving too fast. I like my life a little more low-key. Hell, this is the first time I’ve been to downtown Cleveland in a couple of years.”


She smiled wistfully. “Sometimes I miss being here. Life was simpler then. Not so many people trying to grab a piece of me.”


Vic looked at her again but in a different light. Beneath the surface this wasn’t some grande dame commanding attention, but an angelfish navigating in a sea of sharks. “I don’t really keep up with these things, but wasn’t there something serious going between you and that actor, Justin Truax?”


Kimberly laughed. “Only in his publicist’s imagination.” She took another drink. “He escorted me to a music awards show and suddenly we were an item. There’s a lesson for you:  in Hollywood, be careful who you’re seen having dinner with. The press will have you married off or pregnant by the early edition.” She smiled slyly at Vic. “Were you asking about my availability for a reason?”


“Nothing more than idle curiosity.”


“Sure,” she skeptically replied. She drank the last of her Scotch and poured another slug. “Ever have any regrets in your life?”


“A few.”

“Such as?”


“Not hanging onto the gal who got away, picking the wrong lotto numbers, making the career choice I did. That’s about it.”


After taking another sip, Kimberly set her glass on the table. She looked at Vic with a silly expression on her face, leading him to believe she had probably had a few too many. She reached over, took hold of his hand and turned his palm upward. She looked into his eyes with a sultry gaze and lightly ran her fingertip along his palm.


“Ever regret never having made love to a famous singer?” she asked.


“What makes you think I haven’t?” he countered.


Touché.” She released his hand, sucked down the last of her drink and suppressed a hiccup. “So tell me something, Vic:  why should Pasta have all the fun tonight?”


Vic set his glass on the table and stood up. “Maybe we should discuss this when you’re not so… tired.”


Kimberly gave a wicked chuckle. “Wow, a gentleman. Don’t meet many of those where I live.”


Vic placed his hand on her elbow and gently prompted her to her feet. “Yeah, I get all Sir Galahad when I see a lady in distress. Come on.”


He escorted her to her room down the hall. When they arrived Kimberly abruptly turned, took his face in her hands and kissed him. Vic put his hands on her shoulders out of reflex, enjoying the kiss. He got a whiff of her perfume, but couldn’t place it. Whatever it was, it mixed perfectly with her body chemistry.


Kimberly looked up at him and smiled. “See you in the morning?”


“I’ll be here.”


He walked back to his room. Note to self:  lock the door!


Guest Blog by Erotica Author Eden Baylee

Today we welcome author Eden Baylee to our pages!


How I Published My First Book of Erotica


When I started writing full-time in March 2010, my main goal was to send my stories to an online publisher such as Ellora’s Cave, Loose-Id, Samhain, and the like. I wanted to be part of the “pack” of writers who were published by some of the most premier romance/erotica sites around. The first thing I did was print out all their submission guidelines, circle the deadlines for special categories I wanted to write for, and plan accordingly so I could meet each of the target dates. My calendar was filled with days, weeks, and months of writing stories of varying lengths and topics that I had to submit.


I’m a very fast writer, averaging 1500-2000 words a day. At times, the majority of what I wrote was pure shit, and it was edited out the next day before I wrote another 1500 words, and so on. After four months, I had written five novella-length stories, submitted to eight publishers, and received eight rejections.


My mentor and critique partner, Kate Austin, a multi-published erotica and romance author reassured me that I was a good writer, that I just needed to “connect” with the right publisher for my style of writing. She said it was very positive that I had received constructive criticism in my rejection letters, suggestions for how I could improve my stories to fit with what the publishers wanted. Nonetheless, a rejection is a rejection, and it’s demoralizing when it comes one after the other. I knew I had to grow a thick skin if I wanted to succeed in this business.


Then, one day, when I was feeling particularly sorry for myself, Kate sent me an email that changed how I looked at my writing. She wrote, “Sometimes persistence is even more important than talent, and you’ve got both.”


I remembered crying after I read that. I’ll never forget those words and how they inspired me to keep going. I’m nothing if I’m not persistent, but I can also be incredibly impatient.


Though it may seem like it was just the beginning of my writing career, the fact is, I’ve been writing most of my life, just not for anyone else. I couldn’t have known it then, but I feel very fortunate all those publishers rejected me. My stories were good, but they weren’t great. They needed work, and though I was too cocky to admit it back then, they also needed the eyes of a professional editor on them.


My past life working as a consultant and being in control of every aspect of a project made self-publishing the ideal avenue for my first book. I knew that at the end of the process, I wanted an e-book version, but I also wanted a physical book in my hands. I wanted to design my own cover and have full say in the book’s interior, exterior, and most importantly, the final written content. Too much to ask? Perhaps. But there was one more thing—I also wanted my book released within the year—no later than March 2011.


This last criterion made it impossible for me to be published traditionally. It just doesn’t happen that quickly, and I knew it. Even though I’m creative, it’s important to understand that I treat writing as a business. Just as I would not spend years holding onto a losing investment, I will not spend years submitting my work to traditional publishers to be rejected. I’ll change direction and try something else, which is exactly what I did.

I took critiques and criticism to heart. I rewrote my stories, packaged four of them into one book, got it professionally edited, and had a cover designed to my specifications. I’m very lucky my husband works in media and was able to put the cover together for me. Once that was done, I learned about “publishing on demand” to distribute my books via the major channels such as: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Chapters/Indigo and all the other online book retailers.

After all that was in place, I set out to do marketing, promotion, and branding. This is something both traditionally and self-published authors must do if they want to sell their books. For three months, I worked on building my blog, creating an Internet presence, and networking socially to learn what other authors were doing to market themselves. My greatest source of information and support has been through other writers. During this time, I thought it would be a good idea to have an official book launch and signing as well. I was fortunate to meet an “old school” book buyer/book lover/bookstore owner who was willing to host my event. The funny thing is, he didn’t even carry erotica in his store! I couldn’t have been happier with the success of my launch which happened February 10th.

In the end, I accomplished what I had set out to do – release a book I am very proud of and do it within my desired timeline. More than anything, I did it on my own terms, which I felt was very important for my first book to establish myself as a writer.

Would I do it again this way, and would I recommend self-publishing to others? The answer is “yes” on both counts. It’s not easy, and does take a certain personality and commitment, however, for me, the rewards have certainly been worth it. 

Thanks for having me on your blog, Adriana. It’s been a real pleasure to share my story with you and your readers.


For your generosity, I would like to give a book to a reader who comments on this post. I’ll let you randomly choose a name, and I would be thrilled to send a signed copy of Fall into Winter to the winner.


Stay sexy all,




Website/blog: www.edenbaylee.com

Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/edenbaylee

Facebook: www.facebook.com/edenbaylee


Fall into Winter is available in hardcover, paperback and e-book formats:


Barnes & Noble



Chapters Indigo

Diesel eBook Store



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