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Weekend Dirty Dozen ~ Ripening Passion

First off, a huge thank-you to Dawne Prochilo for organizing the fabulous Weekend Dirty Dozen blog – you can catch all this weekend’s titillating excerpts by following this LINK, and we’d love it if you hit the Weekend Dirty Dozen FaceBook page and reward us with a Like, too.

Here’s my contribution – twelve sentences from my recent Whiskey Creek Press Torrid release, Ripening Passion. Claire is talking to Max about her first sexual experience:


Phoebe blows me a kiss. “That looked grand.”

I nod, unable to find any words.

“I’d like to taste you, if that’s all right. It a shame to let all your juices go to waste.”

Again, I nod my consent. How could I deny her? At that point, I would’ve followed her to the moon.

Phoebe kneels between my legs. She lifts my still humming hips enough to tug my panties down.

“We won’t be needing these for the rest of the night.”

That was the last time I wore panties to bed.



Claire Johnson’s dedication to sex—the cornerstone of her career—led her to found the Center for Sexuality and Sex Practices. Now in her fifties, she knows the Center must keep pace with the rapidly growing Baby Boomer market, so she agrees to go back on camera for a series on sex and aging. But work with her nemesis?

Former English Professor Max Wilson has championed the cause of the Center ever since his deceased wife sought the Center’s help to rekindle the nearly extinguished sexual flames of their relationship. He loves working on camera and welcomes the challenge to perform with the svelte but feisty temptress.

Sparks fly immediately on and off camera. Can either Claire or Max transform those sparks into a fire of sexual desire for their viewers? And if they succeed, what will happen when the movie’s over?


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More Sunday Six from Las Vegas

Here’s another snippet from Vegas Gambler:

“And you guessed right, I’m Jack. You were sleeping in my bed, you know. I wasn’t an intruder.”

“You seem to be improving,” Tia said, eyeing his rapidly growing cock. “I wasn’t an intruder either…” she ran her tongue across her lips, “I was invited.”

Vegas 150
Click  HERE to read the entire first chapter at Whiskey Creek Press Torrid.

And here’s a link to all the great Six Sentence Sunday posts:



Sunday Six ~ another taste of Vegas

For this week’s Sunday Six – another taste of Las Vegas.  I guess this time what happens in Las Vegas didn’t stay there!

From Vegas Gambler

Vegas 150

Jack snapped his eyes open from a dead sleep to see a tiny Asian woman kneeling on the bed beside him stark naked, wide eyed, and screeching. He opened his mouth to speak when an excruciating pain shot through his left calf. “Oh shit!” he shouted, scrambling off the bed to hobble on one leg. He grabbed his calf, to no avail.

Small hands joined his and he opened his eyes to look down at the petite woman with dark hair streaming down her back kneading his calf muscles. He’d forgotten Meg’s newest lover was also a masseuse.


Here’s a LINK to more about this book – #4 in our Meghan’s Playhouse series.

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