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Too Much Sex?

Be forewarned: my upcoming Extasy release, Dare to Adventure, reads more like erotica than erotic romance. Just sayin…

If erotic romance is your favorite genre (and for sure it’s ours!), what is it you crave? What sort of guaranteed experience makes you pick up a book and say “yes, this’ll deliver for me” and go buy it?

Most of the erotic romance books my husband and I co-author as Adriana Kraft strike a balance between the two key elements of the genre: “erotic” and “romance.” We love the thrill of that moment when the sparks first fly between the protagonists, the tantalizing chase, the agony of black moments and that fabulous final climax.

Our Swinging Games series at Extasy Books has a little different format. The key romance takes place within a long-standing marriage and stretches over the course of the entire series. Brett and Jen Andrews are Baby Boomers and empty nesters who decide to explore the swing lifestyle for two reasons:They’re hoping it’ll add variety to their marriage, and Jen is especially eager to finally make love with a woman.

So here’s a little advice: if you’re craving a good dose of romance in your erotic romance reads, check out Volume I in this series, Anticipation. It’ll give you a taste of how just thinking about swinging heats up the action for our hero and heroine – and it’ll set you up to enjoy the impact of all the sexual adventures to follow.

If what you love in an erotic romance is the hot sex scenes – if you fantasize about what swinging might be like, or you wonder how it’d feel to have several pairs of hands devoted to just your pleasure, or you’d love to find out what really goes on at an on-premise swing club, this book will feed your fantasies. I have to add, I just finished editing the galley proofs last Friday, and, um, yes. Even after countless read-throughs, this book delivers.

Here’s a blurb and a teaser excerpt:

BLURB: Brett and Jen Andrews enjoy a decadent weekend with their latest lover – the recently widowed Sarah Preston. Have they finally found their Unicorn? But Sarah is called away to care for family members before they can reconnect. Undaunted, they take their newest young protégés to an on-premise Swing Club for a stupendous evening of raw sex and voyeurism. They follow up with another house party, but this time their best friend Ryan discovers Brett is bi. Will Ryan flee, or will he join in?


“I checked email this morning.” Jen arched an eyebrow and knew she had Brett’s attention.


“Sarah’s coming back next weekend. Sounds like her parents are settling in nicely at the retirement complex and she’s getting bored. Also, she’s getting tired of hotel living and restaurant food.”

Brett chuckled. “I bet you’ll volunteer to have some home cooking ready for her when she gets back.”
“Oh, yeah. We chatted briefly about it online this morning. She’s thinking a large serving of cock a la mode would go down quite nicely.”


“And she wanted me to tell you that she’s warming a tangy dessert for you and me to share.”

Brett wet his lips. “And we have to wait how long till she gets here?”

“Six days. Sarah’s really eager to get together again. Apparently she’s thought about us a lot—with vibrator in hand.”

“Jesus. What don’t you women talk about?”
Jen blew him a kiss. “She was also wondering if you might be up for a little phone sex tonight to tide us all over.”
“Phone sex?”

“It would be a first.”

“I wouldn’t know where to begin.”

“Sounds like Sarah thinks she knows how to begin. I expect you’ll know how to finish.”

Brett shook his head and then broke into a wide smile. “How did I get so lucky to fall in love with you?”

“Because I had a rope strong enough to tie you down. Now then, I’ve got lots to do yet today before we call Sarah.” She stood and brushed her lips across Brett’s. “You might want to give a little thought before tonight to how you’ll turn on a widow nearly two thousand miles away.”


Sunday Six ~ a First Time

Today’s Sunday Six is from our upcoming Extasy Books release ~ Book Seven in the Swinging Games series: Dare to Adventure

Looking serene and confident, Sarah stood, not bothering to retie her robe, which had separated. She held out her hand to Jen. “Come. I want—I need you to show me how it feels to be loved by a woman.”

Unhurried, Jen rose to her feet and let her robe slip off her shoulders and to the floor.

Hesitantly, Sarah reached out to trace Jen’s jaw line.

Books One through Six are available HERE


5 Questions for First Times ~ Guest Lara Zielinsky

On Wednesday, Torquere Press released my very first published shapeshifter story, Skylar’s Pride (also click image for more info). That got me to thinking about first times. Not that first time, but the first time writing in a new genre.

The Sapphic Signs line, novellas focused around one of the zodiac signs, seemed like the perfect length to challenge myself to write something other than the modern contemporaries I usually write. The animal symbols of most of the signs (Pisces/fish; Taurus/bull; Leo/Lion; Aries/Ram; etc.) caught my attention and when I picked up my personal sign Leo, I immediately considered a shapeshifter-centered plot.

But I’d never written one before. So where to start? As the host of “Readings in Lesbian & Bisexual Women’s Fiction” I ask authors all sorts of questions about how their stories come about. I figured it was time to question myself. So, I came up with 5 Questions for Tackling a New Genre.

1. What things do you like in the new genre?

Thinking like a reader here, what excites you about the stories? Is it the way the plot unfolds, or the freedom of characterizations different from what you normally write, or something about the setting(s) that generally show up in the genre? Identifying what you love about the stories, specifically, will give you a list of things to make sure get structured into your stories when you’re writing.

2. What things bother you in the new genre?

Just as important as what excites you about a genre, consider what you find troublesome when reading. Are there inconsistencies, or common twist elements that you find annoying, or sure you could do better? Identifying them will give you a list of things to try to avoid when writing your own stories in the genre.

3. What are the genre’s common elements?

Now turn a little analytical. Breakdown the genre stories you’ve read. Identify the mechanisms of protagonist, antagonist, supporting characters, conflict, plot arc, as well as common themes, setting elements, and how they are revealed.

4. Brainstorm. What could you bring different to the genre?

This is the really fun part and should turn on you as a writer. You’ve been writing in other genres, so you know how stories fit together, and you’ve got a style all your own. Consider what you can bring to the genre. Nothing is too outrageous, and just brainstorm new character tropes, new twists, new additions or reasons for characters to do or move around in their — no, your vision — of this new genre’s world.

5. Start writing!

OK. This last one is not a question. Now you’ve got all the elements. You know your genre, you know what you love, you know what you don’t want to include, you know what the structure of a story is supposed to be, and you’ve got new elements that are completely, uniquely you. Sit down and start writing! You’ll be surprised how quickly it flows, and how exciting trying something for the first time really can be.

IMHO, the best writers are voracious readers. So the first two encourage you to think like a reader, and then the last three turn those thoughts into effective writing. Taking my own advice, I considered all the questions, developed my own twists, and after some refinement, editing, feedback from several friends who write the genre, and a great editor, I’m here today to share a sneak peek with you. Torquere has all the Sapphic Signs stories on sale here for $2.99 in several different e-book formats.

Skylar’s Pride: Skylar’s got a problem. Make that several. She’s kept her shape-shifter nature a secret from her current lover, Lila. Now that it’s mid-summer, Skylar faces enforced return to her father’s pride lands. But Max, Lila’s son, has gone missing from the campsite where his father was murdered — savaged by an animal. Will Skylar find Max and solve the mystery of the Cherry Creek Park wolves before her father forces her return or her secret is revealed?

Skylar’s Pride (F/F; G)

“Lila.” Skylar cupped her lover’s cheek. “You do not need to plan a surprise party for me. It’s just a birthday.” She’d known about it for two weeks, since Pam, her assistant manager, was more horrible at keeping secrets than anyone Skylar knew.

“It’s your fortieth and it’s the first of many we’ll get to spend together,” Lila insisted.

Skylar leaned back on the cushion, crossing her feet at the ankles as she put them up gingerly on the low coffee table. Though she didn’t know why she bothered. The surface was pock-marked and scuffed from Max racing Matchbox vehicles over it for the last twelve years. She settled her arm around Lila’s shoulders and stroked the woman’s skin visible around the tank top strap.

She swallowed as she considered what to do. “We’re together this weekend,” she said.

“You gave me such a wonderful party at my birthday.”

“Because you’re important to me.”

“And you’re important to me. I love you. Even Max loves you.”

That was saying a lot, Skylar knew. Max was leery of most people. It had taken almost four months of constant attention from Skylar for him to say more than two words in a row to her.

“My father messaged me,” she said obliquely. “I can’t avoid him.”

“Max would enjoy meeting your dad. So would I.”

“You can’t afford the time away from work.”

Lila turned to face Skylar and emphasize her words. “We’ve been together a year. You haven’t made any effort to introduce me to your family.”

That would be difficult, Skylar thought. “They don’t approve.” That was an understatement.

Lila frowned but then brightened with some idea. Skylar cut her off. “I will not subject you, or Max, to my father’s pissing.”

“Maybe I could talk to him,” Lila persisted.

Skylar shook her head. “He’s old and set in his ways, Lila. It would be dangerous for me to challenge him. Nearly every choice I’ve made in my life, he disagrees with.”

“So, why subject yourself to this every year? Just tell him if he can’t accept you the way you are, you won’t be coming.”

Skylar frowned. If only it were that simple. She said, “I can’t for this year.”

“Couldn’t you work a little on your father?”

There was no brooking the determination in Lila’s eyes. Skylar had no idea what she could say that she hadn’t already said to her father. He was not to be reasoned with, particularly on these annual visits, but she nodded, mutely indicating to Lila she would try. Chastened, she ducked her head and nuzzled Lila’s shoulder.

She risked changing the subject. “So… How should we take best advantage of our kid-free time?”

To read more of Skylar’s Pride, follow the link to Torquere’s Sapphic Signs buy page. Thank you!


Comment about the time you tried doing something completely different from your usual (whether it’s writing or trying a completely different activity) and how it turned out. At midnight Eastern time on Sunday, June 24 (5 am GMT on Monday), I’ll randomly draw one name to win a $5 gift certificate to Torquere Press’s online bookstore.

Remember, bravely try what you’ve never done before! First times are amazing!

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