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National Equality March

Were you there? I couldn’t be in D.C. in person last Sunday, but I watched on C-SPAN and tweeted with #NEM as high profile movie stars, musicians, writers, activists and other leaders followed one another in rapid succession with their powerful voices for ALL civil rights. Lady Gaga, Judy Shepherd, Julian Bond, Cynthia Nixon, Kate Clinton, Stacyann Chin, Billie Myers, Michelle Clunie, Dan Choi, Cleve Jones, Lance Black – the list seemed endless. It was a long afternoon, but since I tuned in late I hung out till the very end. Here are some of the lines I found most moving:

Michelle Clunie: “This is no longer a gay rights movement – this is a civil rights movement.”

Staceyann Chin: “Every right for every resident!”

Angela Green: “We either educate our children, or we bury our children.”

Cleve Jones: “There’s no such thing as a fraction of equality.”  “You must promise to go home and do the work that is necessary. It won’t be as exciting as this march.”

Dan Choi: “Patience is not a plan. Silence is not a strategy”

Julian Bond: “We have a lot of real and serious problems in this country, and same-sex marriage is not one of them.”  “No people of good will should oppose marriage equality.” “Rights for Gays and Lesbians aren’t special rights … It isn’t special to be free from discrimination.”

I saw a great tee-shirt: “Homophobia – now THAT’s a choice!”

And there were some pretty good tweets:  “Iwomoto: Instead of asking is sexuality nurture vs. nature – ask is bigotry biological?” (via @rodmccullom). “Inter-racial couple holding sign @ National Equality March in DC today saying ‘our marriage was once illegal too.’ That says it all” (via @sourbear).  “If you hear the word LOVERS and all you can think of is a MAN and a WOMAN, then you have straight privilege” (via @blogdiva)

Probably it was Judy Shepherd who moved me most, in spite of being brief. My son came out to us as gay barely a month before the death of Judy’s son in 1998. I was terrified then and I am still terrified by the hate that rages in the hearts of too many Americans. Here are her words:  “When you leave here today, don’t forget, the work is being done by you. The President CANNOT do it alone.”


Great New Review for Writing Skin!

“Can an erotic romance involving three people have a happy ending for everyone involved? Is it even possible? Yes, at least in the plausible-enough world of this novel…Chapter by chapter, the characters and the reader wade steadily deeper into unmapped territory. Somehow it all works, and the menu of the place has enough variety to please most appetites. The sex scenes range from gentle rituals to intense, spontaneous fucks, and each scene leads to greater trust among the characters. Throughout the saga, all three central characters keep the strangely innocent quality of people who never lose their ability to empathize with others. You’ll be glad you met them.”

Read the entire review at lizardlez

Buy Writing Skin at Extasy Books

Skin 150
What would it be like to be romanced by not one but two potential partners, simultaneously? Luci Parker has finally achieved the career of her dreams as an erotica author – but the only romance in her life these days is in the books she writes. Long attracted to both men and women, Luci despairs of ever finding just one person to settle down with.

Owners of a South Side Chicago bookstore, Chai and Frank Ferguson eagerly devour Luci’s books as fast as she can write them, and now they wonder if she might be the woman they’ve been looking for.

Frank is deeply in love with Chai but knows she’ll never be complete without a woman to love as well. Can he match the passion of not one but two exquisite and complicated women at the same time? Will Luci even want him? And if Chai truly falls in love with Luci, will there be room for him?

All three characters in this intense erotic love story wrestle with the meaning of love, lust and commitment as they struggle to find themselves—and each other.

Read an Excerpt


How Hetero Are You?

Gotta love it – I took the quiz at Stockholm Pride. Here’s my score:


1% HeteroAdrianaKraft is 1% HeteroHow hetero are you? How hetero is Martha Stewart? Try out any Twitter name and get the real picture. Are we really the words we use? Hope to see you at Stockholm Pride!


The quiz analyzes your Twitter stream – who are your friends, and what are the words you use. I’m proud of the friends I keep! I had to laugh a little at the words that earned my rating, though – available, gay, lgbt, whiskey, stonewall!

Available – well, not me, personally, but a word I use lots when I post about a new book release: “Available Now at…”  Gay and LGBT mean exactly what they say, as does Stonewall. I write erotic romance that nearly always features at least one bi character, sometimes more, sometimes gay or lesbian characters as well. I support marriage equality and I re-tweet news and blogs for the cause whenever I can. Speaking of which, check out @HersbandAndWife on Twitter or visit their website to read about their Marriage Equality Bus Tour.

Whiskey? Quite frankly, I’m a little put off that the word turned up as a criterion for my Het score. What, LGBT folks drink more whiskey than straights? Talk about it more? Tweet about it more? I don’t talk about it at all – I just include the name of one of my publishers in lots of tweets: Whiskey Creek Press Torrid. A great place to check out with lots of lgbt erotic books, btw.

three pride flags

Check out @stockholmpride on Twitter and the Stockholm Pride Festival website for more news and discussion. This year’s Pride theme is Hetero: “The theme has its focus on how norms affect the daily lives of LGBT persons, what the consequences are and how they affect society in general.” They’re looking for personal stories about the theme and would love to have yours.

I think their theme rocks – all of us fall somewhere on a continuum between gay and straight, and the more people come to understand that, the faster we can reduce hate and prejudice, not just for the LGBT community but for the entire planet.

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