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A very special welcome to the fabulous Tonya Kinzer, on tour for her latest release, Master’s Email.  Be sure to scroll down for TWO contests from Tonya ~ then leave a comment and subscribe to my Newsletter to enter my August contest. Take it away, Tonya!

Thank you for stopping by to see what’s all going on here. Before anyone is allowed in the tub of bubbles, you must line up for your spanking! I think Adriana might have a Master around here somewhere with a nice leather crop and he’s chomping at the bit to see all of us bent over holding our ankles! *peeking behind the door, then the curtain* In case he doesn’t show up, I’ve torn Master Buck from the pages of Master’s Email (he loved it!) so line up ladies…or gents!

I know I’m not alone in my fantasies! Now, perhaps my imagination is a bit more risqué than some but I like to create a visual for the reader so they get just as heated up reading as I do writing. I’ll apologize now for the mess on your screen or keyboard! Grab your towel before you read!

 Most readers, male or female, secretly fantasize about being tied up during sex whether they want to admit it or not. It’s just human nature to think naughty! That’s not a bad thing unless you start doing it in your front yard for the neighbors to see and I’m too shy for that…besides, I don’t have any neighbors that I’d like to show that to, yet! *wicked laugh* Way back in the dark corners of your mind is that secret little box that opens when we read forbidden shit and it makes us want to be a character in a book who’s doing what we’d love to be doing…but are too shy.

What I really hope is that by reading my books, my readers can open the conversation with their partners about what they want in their sex lives. Maybe both are already thinking it but are afraid to ask. That only leads to frustration so start the conversation with your partner and maybe start with the blindfold! I have links on my site to help you begin the conversation. Of course a few videos help too! *wink*

Now, maybe YOU’VE already been spanked! Next time your partner spanks you, stop and feel just how erotic that was for you…cause your panties will be WET, I guarantee it! Admit it or not…it excites you when he bends you over his knee as you struggle or makes you bend over the arm of the overstuffed chair as he holds your wrists in his hand, out of the way of his hand or crop and he slowly pulls those panties down to bare your ass. When you hear the crack as he makes contact, there’s an internal switch that goes on to start those juices that you try to hide. He knows it; you know it…you can’t ignore it so make the best of it. Those juices are gonna happen!

How many are bad on purpose just so he’ll bend you over? Let’s do another scenario…he ‘watches’ as his Master friend spanks you….then checks to make sure he’s accomplished his task! OMG! You’re already seeping, aren’t you? Don’t lie to us!! LOL I’ve already opened that box in the dark corner of your mind…admit it or not…I heard it open!

     This book is for those who love spanking stories as well as those who love to watch! We’ve all got a bit of voyeurism in us and this book will tug at those strings…or restraints, whichever the case may be. I hope you take a chance on my work if you love hot, steamy, soft bondage reads that will test your erotic fantasies you think you’ve got hidden away from me! I’ve included a link to the excerpt for those brave enough to read something with strong sexual content.

Excerpt from Master’s Email

(Be sure to come back here when you’ve finished reading!)

So what is it that is erotic about spanking and why do we love to read about it? After you enter the contests, come back here. Please feel free to leave a comment and let’s toss a few ideas around ‘cause I’m curious. My new book is titled Master’s Email and has spanking in it…among a few other scenarios! Yes, that little box will open again when you read this one so grab your towel now; keep it handy.

How many of you are bad on purpose so he’ll spank you? Do you prefer his hand, a crop or a soft leather flogger? You can tell us, come on!

Contest #1:

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5 Responses to “Tonya Kinzer on Tour!”

  1. Welcome to my tour stop! Did you know you can enter the contest at EACH stop if you follow my tour? I knoooow! Don’t miss out on a chance to win!

    I think I’m bad on purpose so he’ll spank me! If you’ve not had a soft leather flogger across your bare ass….mmmm….you don’t know what you’re missing! Not only does it get your juices flowing but it gets Master hot and bothered, too!

    Now…who else is bad on purpose and what do you prefer he use? Thanks for stopping by! Muah!

  2. I am strictly the read & fantasize about it girl for now, but if I ever meet a man that I can trust enough to give over control, I think I would definitely enjoy spankings, and being tied down. I could not get too carried away though because I have to take blood thinners due to clotting tendencies. I do think I would be bad on purpose, but I am not sure what I would enjoy to be spanked with the most.

    • June
    • Reply
  3. June!! Thanks for following me here too! Our mind is a wonderful tool and can take us so many places. We only need close our eyes, turn it on, and we’re there! Soft bondage is great for those who want to experiment…a little blindfold, fur-lined restraints….mmmm Okay, that’s enough! LOL

    I hope you all find a partner you can trust enough to experiment with, try a few different toys and keep it just between the two of you. No one else needs to know what goes on behind that door….or out on the back patio! *wicked laugh*

  4. Hi Tonya,
    i don’t actually have anyone in my life right now but with my control issues i think that he would be the one getting the red hiney. LOL! i have a big thing about being in charge so i don’t think i would make a very good sub. (probably why i’m alone,men like to feel they are in charge most of the time,from my experience).

    tammy ramy

    • wyndwhisper
    • Reply
    • Tammy, thanks for stopping in! Well it sounds like you’d be better at being a Domme then! *wink* Good luck in the drawing on Monday!


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