Featured Book: Handcuffs & Roses, by Destiny Blaine

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Handcuffs and Roses

Written by Destiny Blaine

Book Two Trouble in Paradise

Release Date: July 17, 2013

Book Description:

Max Mahaffey is Hollywood’s number one bachelor. He’s also the owner of the most lucrative modeling agency in the world. When a client invites him to an unusual commitment ceremony, he’s obligated to attend. Obligation turns to expectation after Max meets a Georgia beauty destined for a career in the fashion industry and maybe even Max’s bed.

Sebastian Stillwell didn’t plan on spending the night with Jade Jenkins. He was only doing his buddies a favor. They needed a best man and he was their guy, even if it meant briefly reconnecting with the only woman he has ever loved.

A wedding to remember, a twist of fate and tempting fantasies bring Jade, Sebastian, and Max together for an unforgettable night, but the evening doesn’t end with a kiss goodbye and an oath to keep in touch.


“Tell me something, Stillwell. Why would you let a woman like Jade get away?”

“As of right now, I like you, Mr. Hollywood. Keep jabbing me with insults, and I might change my mind.”

Max casually leaned against the tube-style railing surrounding the patio. “I’m not trying to offend you. I’m curious and nothing more. Why’d you let her go? Was it because of the BDSM scene and fetish clubs? Did you need to sow a few wild oats? What?”

“Are you writing a novel?”

“No, why? Would the love story be worth documenting?”

Sebastian laughed. “At one time it would’ve been.”

“Then what happened?” So much for Sebastian picking Max’s brain about his intentions.

“I can’t explain it. I was young for one.”

“You cheated on her for two, and I can’t imagine why. Even a nineteen year old boy recognizes when he has a beautiful woman in his bed.”

Sebastian felt a sense of pride then. He took a drink of his martini and savored the green apple taste. “You make a mean drink.”

“And an even meaner rival when I want a woman.”

“You don’t waste any time. Do you?”

“Let’s just say I knew what I was in for when I traveled to Georgia for the Agnew-Shanks ceremony.”

“I’m not surprised. Annabelle has been trying to keep us apart for the last few years.”

“She values your friendship.”

“She does, huh?” Sebastian shook his head. “She might like me well enough to have me over for dinner, but Jade is like her sister. She would fight mountain lions for her.”

“I’d like to watch that,” Max said, laughing. “Annabelle and I have worked together for over eight years, and I’ve never seen her claws come out even once.”

“She has quiet rage. Believe me. I’ve been on the receiving end of dagger-filled eyes.”

The waves lapped at the shore and they stood there nursing their drinks for a moment before Sebastian mustered up the courage and asked, “So you came here for her?”

“In a word…yes. I came here for her.”

“That’s what I was afraid of,” Sebastian muttered.

“What I didn’t count on was the desire to leave with both of you.”

Author Bio:

Destiny Blaine and her pseudonyms are bestselling international e-book and trade paperback authors. She lives in East Tennessee with her husband and four pampered pets. Her son is serving in the United States Navy and her daughter is in college.

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Is it hot enough out there for you? If you live in the U.S., you probably know that the next two weeks are historically the hottest two weeks of the year, and this year is shaping up to meet that standard.

Right now the two halves of Adriana are keeping cool in a shady, secluded campsite at the Big Sioux Recreation Area just outside Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Mornings are pleasant for taking walks and riding the many bike trails – afternoons, we tend to spend inside the motorhome, writing, editing, marketing. We’ll be doing research for upcoming books, exploring the South Dakota plains and the Black Hills over the next three weeks.

We’re working on a WIP, Through the Lens, featuring a small town South Dakota art teacher who signs up for a high powered summer photography workshop in Chicago. We love watching things heat up in a clash of cultures like this. Her ancestors lived in a soddy, rather than a log cabin, but this 1869 cabin on the park grounds would be from about the same time period.

Did you know that digital photography is opening up more history of that era? Old photographs of cabins and soddies with an open doorway are being digitally manipulated to show detail about what was inside those early homes. We love doing research like this!

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Bad boy meets bad girl
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Passionate, hard working and every inch a business woman,Chicago realtor Kitty Paige likes her sex raw and edgy, and sees no reason to limit herself to just one man. Never married and not quite forty, the striking blonde has successfully raised her daughter, Susan, and is already pushing her new-found freedom to the limits.

Wealthy commodities middle-man and race horse owner Jared Jacobs is father of the best man at Susan’s wedding. He is smitten by the vision in yellow who exudes sex as she escorts her daughter down the aisle. Also single, the handsome mustached California ranch owner with mischievous eyes views his sex life as a series of splendid love affairs, and sets out to make Kitty next on the list.

Together and apart, their chemistry is explosive, and their sparkling repartee and steamy sex catch both partners by surprise. Jared is first to recognize he’s fallen in love. When Kitty panics, can Jared finesse his every move and reel her in?


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“Oh, God. Have mercy.”

“Not this time, babe.” Jared easily lifted her butt and slid one end of the scarf under it. Quickly, he had her loins encased in silk and handed the ends of the scarf to her care. “I won’t be needing these for awhile. You may find a use for them.”

Her fingers curled around the scarf and he settled between her legs. He laved the silk around the edges of her pussy and then looked up with a grin. “Isn’t it amazing how silk feels when it gets wet—your juices and my tongue.”

She tugged on the silk scarf, increasing the pressure against her loins, and nodded jerkily. “Make me come, Jared.”

“Like this?” He tongued the silk covering her pussy and pushed a little inside her folds.

“Oh, yeah. That’ll do it. A little more.”

He lifted his head and shook it when he saw her distressed glower. “Not yet,” he whispered, retrieving the scarf. “Not nearly yet. You won’t come until I’m ready for you to come.”

He laughed as her gaze burned into him. He grabbed her wrist and tied one end of the scarf loosely around it. Her eyes rounded with awareness. Her lower lip trembled slightly when he tied the overlap of the knot around a bedpost. She didn’t move when he reached for her other wrist. “You know what I’m going to do?”

She nodded. “You’re going to ravish me.”


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