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. . . in whatever way you celebrate this season of returning light. Ancients have marked this transition for as long as we have records, awed by the miraculous reversal of the ever-lengthening nights as winter descended.

At our house, we celebrate Christmas. We also honor all celebrations that recognize the gift of life, the return of the light, and the call to love our fellow human beings, the earth under our feet, and the universe that surrounds us.

We hope your celebrations are filled with people you love, lots of laughter, and great memories.


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It’s Christmas Eve Day, so we thought we’d share a Christmas Eve ritual from one of our suspense stories. Since its characters are spending Christmas in the North Woods, we selected one of our own trees for the image at the top of this post – a balsam fir we cut from our own forty acres when we lived in Northern Minnesota, where we set this story.

Whatever you celebrate in this season of the return of the light, we hope it’s happy and that you’re surrounded with people who love you.


Set Up: Nancy’s family always gathers at their cabin in the North Woods for Christmas – this year, her mother insisted Nancy must bring that new man she’s dating. One of their Christmas Eve rituals is for everyone present to share a story…

Suddenly Matt realized there were only three more people who hadn’t shared yet. Nancy’s family was a fun family to observe, but he didn’t fit in with them—what could he offer for a story? He knew they’d expect one.

When it was his turn, the words came of their own volition. “One of my best Christmas gifts was a book called The Flight of Dragons, when I was eight years old. It was a rich and wonderful book and had lots of detail about exactly how dragons fly—using the same gases that they use to breathe fire. It sure was high adventure for me—we hardly even went to movies, and we had no TV.”

“No TV!” Michael said, aghast.

Matt smiled at the boy and continued, “That book was probably the seed that began my quest for more knowledge of ancient cultures and myths.”

“Without that book, you wouldn’t be sitting here with us tonight.” Nancy’s voice was unusually quiet, and Matt couldn’t read the soft expression on her face.

TheUnmasking_LRGThe Unmasking

February, 2014: B&B Publishing

Romantic Suspense: 87,000 words

Cover by Dawne Dominique

Whose mask will crumble first—
the enigmatic professor of Celtic Studies,
the undercover cop masquerading as a co-ed,
or the campus stalker,
biding his time to strike again?

Heat rating heatratingheatratingheatratingheatrating

Explicit sex: m/f



blueribbontitle RJR-SMFour and a half stars at Romance Junkies: From beginning to end, THE UNMASKING is a fascinating tale…I was intrigued at how the writing team is able to intertwine a love story with such horrifying circumstances in startling clarity… I can definitely recommend THE UNMASKING. Chrissy D.

fivestars_small Amazon: One of the best stories ever written by Adriana Kraft…a truly great read. Could not put it down until I finished it. Amy B.

fivestars_small Goodreads: The suspense is so well done you don’t know who the bad guy is until it’s revealed in the book. The action is fast paced and kept my interest to the very end. Could not put the book down. Donna H.


Is anthropology professor Matt Bayfield the Blackthorn College rapist, or a potential ally? Aloof and unapproachable, Matt has academic ambitions. He can’t escape Blackthorn College soon enough, and he doesn’t want any entanglements to slow down his exit.

Nancy Appleby would like nothing more than to solve the string of campus rape cases before Thanksgiving so she can go home. The last thing she wants is a relationship to complicate her life—but she’ll settle for a fling, especially when the sex sizzles.

The stalker has his own carefully crafted timetable, with a special date just for Nancy. Can Matt and Nancy force him out of his hidey-hole before it’s too late?









Out Now! Grace’s Turmoil, by Peter Perrin #MFRWAuthor @PeterPerrin44 #SeasonedRomance

Debut novelist Peter Perrin has stopped by to share an interview with the lead character of his new release, Grace’s Turmoil, Book 1 in his series Not to Old for Love.

Here’s a peek into what makes Alfred tick:

What is your name and how old are you? I am Alfred Richard Nobel. I’m seventy-one years old.

Are you married? I was married for forty-five years, but my wife died tragically five years ago.

How would you describe your physical characteristics? I’m six feet five inches tall, solidly built, and barrel-chested. I have large hands and size twelve feet. So, I can only describe myself as imposing. But, I suppose some people see me as intimidating or threatening.

How would you describe your personality? I am confident, gregarious and extroverted. And I’m outgoing and sociable. The life and soul of the party.

Do you have a trait you dislike? Sadly I have to admit I do. It is my bad reaction to criticism, either real or perceived. I’m better than I used to be but I could still be better.

Do you generally tell the truth? If so, under what circumstances would you lie? Of course. As a former senior officer and a gentleman, it would be difficult for me to do anything else. But I would lie to protect someone or save their life. And I must confess that I have been economical and flexible with the truth with Grace during my time at The Grange retirement village. But that was just to avoid some difficult explaining and to avoid hurting her feelings.

How are your relationships with the opposite sex, generally?
Relationships, what relationships? Apart from my mother there has only ever been one woman in my life—my wife and soul-mate of forty-five-years, Sophie. So I’m not exactly experienced in respect to the fairer sex, and that has got me into trouble on occasion since I moved into The Grange.

How would you describe your dress style? Well you must remember that I spent a lot of time in the armed forces as an officer. So, for most of my life I dressed in a uniform, much the same as most people around me. When they leave the forces after a long time, some people can’t stand to wear a tie anymore, let alone a suit, and always dress very casual or even scruffy. But I’m just the opposite, as I love to dress smart, and wear a tie most of the time and a suit whenever I get the opportunity.

What are your favourite foods/drinks? Despite the wonderful food I was used to getting in the Officer’s Mess and in my post-RAF life, I’m a lover of plain food. So, steak, fish and chips, pies, pizzas – stuff like that. For desserts, I love anything with chocolate in or on it.  As for drinks, well I like lager, Bacardi White Rum, or Whisky (preferably a Glenfiddich single malt) and hate beer (especially Real Ale).

How would you describe your temper? Ah. I would have to confess it is unpredictable and volatile. In my RAF days I had to control it, especially as an officer. But those days are long since gone and I am more prone to losing my temper than I used to be.

Do you think your author has portrayed you accurately? I think he has done a reasonable job. But I suspect he has shown me in a less than favourable light in the way I deal with both Rose and Grace in Grace’s Turmoil.

Do you think readers will like or dislike you? I hope they will like me as I am at heart a nice guy. But I think the way my author has portrayed me may make some people look less than kindly upon me at times.


Divorced and emotionally damaged, artist Grace Stollery wants nothing more than to spend her semi-retirement painting and let time heal her emotional scars.

But when dashing widower Alfred Nobel moves into her retirement village, he turns her life upside down and her heart inside out by awakening feelings she wants to keep dormant.

Alfred quickly sets out to woo Grace and slowly she warms to him. But the village’s resident femme fatale wants him for herself. Will she succeed in driving a wedge between Alfred and Grace?



Amazon UK



Grace jabbed at the volume button on the remote control, turning up the sound on the television. She was trying to drown out the chatter which filled the palatial residents’ lounge. It had been like that for days, and she’d grown tired of it. Who would have thought the imminent arrival of one man could affect mature ladies like that?

One of the things which had appealed to her when she moved to The Grange retirement village was the lack of men. Yet a man who aroused feelings in her she didn’t want was going to add to their number.

Grace had caught a glimpse of him across The Lounge a few months ago, taking the standard tour of The Grange. He’d towered over the young woman he’d been with, and she’d guessed he was at least six-foot-five. Built like a tank, with a mass of wavy white hair and a snow-white beard, he’d reminded her of a polar bear. His presence had been overpowering and almost menacing. An image of him defending a seventeenth century mansion in days gone by had jumped into her mind.

Looking at him had sent a spontaneous burst of attraction rippling through her. It had caught her by surprise. Becoming attracted to anybody was the last thing she’d needed right then. Her divorce had been too recent and too painful. All she wanted was to focus on her painting to block out the pain. Although she hadn’t come there to look for a man, there was no denying how she’d reacted to the sight of him. She wondered how she would cope when they met. And she couldn’t help feeling he was going to have quite an impact on her life. Whether it would be a good impact or not was the million-dollar question. He might be the greatest thing since sliced bread! Or he could turn out to be a snake in the grass like her ex-husband.


Peter Perrin writes sweet, seasoned romances involving larger-than-life mature characters.

He was born in Romford, England and lives with his wife of almost forty years in Swindon, England. He is a father and grandfather. Now retired, he served in The Royal Air Force in the UK, Madagascar, Singapore, and Aden.

After almost fifteen-years’ military service, he worked in Engineering, Quality Control, and Procurement Management, and myriad smaller jobs in between those careers.

Peter’s interests are Writing, Carp Fishing, PlayStation 4 games, and Computer games. His favourite quote is “Youth passes, but with luck, immaturity can last a lifetime.”







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