The Invisible Man: Tales of a Kinky Voyeur

Today we welcome guest blogger Dylynn DeSaint, author of Lesbian Erotica and fellow member of The Sapphic Planet  author group!

Did that title grab your attention? Did it make you want to read a little more?  When it comes to reading or writing a story, how important is the title? Does it matter?  I thought I’d briefly touch upon the subject. 

Using a title from a classic, The Invisible Man, I kinked it up a touch by adding Tales of a Kinky Voyeur, just to catch your eye and draw you into this blog posting.  I haven’t actually written that story although it sounds like it would be fun. 
As a writer of lesbian erotica, it’s my job to write a story that will engage your mind and body by creating mental images for your imagination to feast upon.  By coming up with an interesting title, or “hook” for a story, it’s my way of beckoning you to “come hither” just as a lover would with the first audible whisper or glance in your direction.  I’m trying to get you involved in my slick web of fantasy.  Each word that your eyes and mind consume, I write to purposely pull you in just a little bit more until you lose yourself in the story.  I want to enthrall you, humor you, entice you, and make you wet.  The title is a teaser.  The rest is foreplay and the big “O” in an erotic story.

The very first story that I got published had the lamest title ever.  It was a nonfiction piece and I had no idea what to call it, so I chose, “The Best Serial Date Ever.”  Yawn.  It’s a cute story about how I met my partner but you’d never know it by the lame title.  Flash forward a few years and you’ll see I’ve gotten a little better at coming up with better ones, some of which you can read for free on my blog at www.dylynndesaint.blogspot or find in anthologies: 


Paperwork,   An Erotic romance about a lesbian woman who uses a little S&M to get her workaholic girlfriend’s mind off of business
Silent Fuck,  A 100 word flash fiction story about well…I think the title says it all.
Invisible, A flash fiction story about internet cybersex.
Waiting– An erotic short story about two librarians who only see each other at a library conferences.  Both  enjoy a little exhibitionism mixed in with their S&M.
The Perfect Girl-A lesbian erotic romance about butch delivery truck driver who delivers a package at the home of a physically challenged woman and unexpectedly finds the girl of her dreams.
Her Soft VoiceAn erotic short story about phone sex.

If I were to do write my own twisted version of any of the classics and re-title them, these would be my favorites:
1.  Alice in Wonderland – Alice in Butchland
2.  War and Peace   – War and Piece:  A femme’s dating guide
3.  The Count of Monte CristoThe Cunt of Monte Cristo
4.  Oliver TwistOliver Twisted
5.  Moby Dick – I don’t think we need to change this title at all!
6.  Gone With the WindGone with the Femme
7.  A Tale of Two CitiesA Tale of Two Butches
8.  Dorian Gray – Dorian Gay
9.  Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde  – Ms. Jekyll and Syr Hyde
The Alice in Butchland title actually inspired me to write a humorous erotic story about a high maintenance femme woman who has a nightmarish journey into the world of no makeup and heels. I’ll post an excerpt on my blog soon.
Adriana, thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to write for your readers! 
Before I go, here’s an excerpt of my newest story, Haircut, about a butch top who packs a “stiffy” in her jeans, visits her favorite sexy hairdresser, and walks out with more than a trim.  This story will be published in the Sapphic Planet anthology due out in July 2011.    


Adriana stood speechless and immobile. She was familiar with the ensuing butch femme power game. Still, her legs were weak and the heat between them burned impatiently into a rising crescendo of flames that were licking at her sex and growing even hotter the longer she was made to wait. As much as she wanted to, she didn’t dare move an inch. Instead, she quietly and joyfully accepted her submissive role in their sexual romp.
Locking eyes with Adriana, Sy eased slowly back into the chair, slouching back and making herself comfortable with her legs wide apart.
“I want you to unfasten my belt, unbutton the fly on my jeans and take my cock out. Do it very slowly, there’s no rush.”
 Adriana approached, her lips forming a pouty, seductive smile, knowing full well that she too, had the power and capacity to drive this cocky butch over the edge. She chose instead, to do exactly as she was told; her dainty fingers slowly unfastened the leather belt, letting it fall to the sides. Wetting her lips with her tongue, she looked up quietly at Sy for delicious approval. Sy returned the gaze but showed no emotion or the sign of approval that Adriana sought.


Before reaching inside, Adriana looked up at Sy once again, her eyes begged for permission to release the object of her desire. Sy took her hand, and instead, guided her fingers over the outline of the cock still hidden in her jeans. It was cruel of her to tease Adriana like this but she knew in the end it would be worth it. Eyes dark with desire and lips parted in anticipation, Adriana moved her fingers sensuously over it back and forth, rubbing it while Sy watched her intently.


“Pull it out now, Adriana” she ordered.
“Show me how much you adore my cock, baby” She stroked Adriana’s hair and face, gently guiding her by the chin to her lap.


Where to find Dylynn on line: 



Sex – and Everything Else

Did I get your attention?

I’m an author of erotic romance, so naturally I like sex: reading about it, writing about it, watching it (there was some great discussion this past week on adult films for women at The Examiner) and of course having some for myself.

But November was a strange month and it’s made me sit back and re-focus on what I stand for.

Sexual Freedom, for starters: the freedom to read, write, watch and engage in hot sexy activity – with the partner of my choice, without any government intrusion into my bedroom or wherever else I choose to be sexy.

Equal Rights and equal protection under the law for all of us. That means I support marriage equality, the repeal of DADT, strong anti-bullying legislation for all our schools, and the Trevor Project and It Gets Better. And NOH8. Most of our books focus on LGBT characters, especially bisexual heroines. I want both the real world and the fictional world to be safe for them.

Great Sex – goes without saying. Tips, toys, information, resources, anything out there that increases sexual enjoyment, especially in romantic relationships, of whatever genders and combinations.

Health. The man I’m married to – half of the pen name Adriana Kraft – is a cardiac patient. Probably that’s a major reason we write erotic romance together. We live our lives by the “if not now, when” mantra because there’s no telling what’s promised. We also devote countless hours each week to staying healthy – by how we eat, how much we exercise, how we practice stress reduction and how we enjoy our time off. 

Some of these things are political and some are more individual, but for me they’re all intensely personal and hard to separate. I went off line for the last ten days leading up to November’s elections to work for local candidates who share my values. On November 2nd, my causes took a huge hit both here in Iowa and across the nation, even though both my candidates won.

So the last item on today’s “what I stand for” list is Happy Endings. Our characters deserve them and so do we. We’ll keep writing them in our fiction and working for them in our real life – to #MakeItBetter for all of us.


How do you define your shifter world?

Today we welcome guest blogger Jessica Lee!

Paranormal romance is one of the most popular genres in the business with new authors on the horizon almost daily. But as they say, “competition is good for business,” right? Yes, I believe that’s true. Competition in publishing inspires the imagination to work even harder to bring the readers something different.

I recently attended the Authors After Dark convention in New Jersey this year where I sat on a panel called “Cats Vs. Dogs.” It was a lively discussion and debate between readers and authors of cat and wolf shifters. What a privilege to have had the opportunity to join some of the most popular names in the paranormal romance industry: Eliza Gayle, Samantha Sommersby, Jacquelyn Frank, and Bianca D’Arc. Part of the dialogue had been based on this very topic: “how is your book different from other shifter books?”

In Bloodlines, I refer to my characters as “shifters” not “werewolves.” I don’t know about you, but for me the term, werewolf, brings to mind this image of a monster—not something sexy. Second, my shifter, Evin KinKaid and his pack family possess the ability to change at will. They’re not controlled by the full moon. Allowing my character to have control of when and where he could shift gave me a little freedom when creating the story. There’s so much more versatility, and their powers can work for you when you need them to.

Another question that came up was how and when did your character first change/shift into a wolf? Where they born able to shift, or did they have to wait until a certain point in life?

When creating Evin, I saw their world as one where at puberty they gained the ability to shift. Unfortunately, I can’t go into the details any deeper without giving away a spoiler. Let’s just say there are extenuating circumstances or events that could make that first shift a not so pleasant experience. *wink*

One unique twist that I enjoyed adding into Bloodlines was giving one of the characters an additional power outside their shifting ability. Who have been some of your more memorable characters in paranormal romance, and what made them so different?

Leave a comment and I’ll randomly pick one lucky person to receive $10 in Omni Bucks from All Romance eBooks!

In addition, please check out my website for further information about another contest I’m holding on Bloodlines’ release day.

Thanks so much, Adriana for allowing me to be here today!

Bloodlines Excerpt:  

Evin had been cocky as hell in front of Mason. But the truth was, he was anxious as shit.

A year had passed since his father had banished him from the pack and he’d moved to Dover. Twelve months of jacking off alone in his bed. And the loneliness was driving him out of his mind. But no one in town had even piqued his interest, and a string of anonymous one-night stands wasn’t Evin’s thing. They had a nasty tendency of making an empty bed feel even colder.

There was something different about Mason, though. The human definitely piqued his interest. From the moment Mason had walked into his bay, Evin had been coiled so tight and his dick so hard, he was surprised he’d been able to form a coherent sentence. The spicy scent of Mason’s skin made his blood hot. The way those damn linen pants hugged Mason’s ass when he moved had Evin’s cock aching for release. Shit. No other guy had ever got under his skin so quick before. But it had been all Evin could do to keep a handle on his control and not grab the man by the back of his head, spin him around, and fuck him until Mason knew who he belonged to. Whoa. Where the hell had that come from? He shook his head.

Evin turned left on Highway 211, heading out of town and toward his cottage. After rounding a curb, he pulled onto the shoulder and set the brake.

“Why are we stopping?”

“If I turn around now, there’s a hotel about two miles in the other direction.” Evin pivoted in his seat and faced Mason. Even though the moon served as the car’s only source of illumination, Evin’s perfect night vision allowed him to drink in the rich hue of Mason’s dark eyes. A striking contrast to the short layers of golden blond hair that shimmered under the beams of moonlight. Evin tightened his hand around the leather-covered steering wheel. He had to, or in the next second, his fingers would be wrapped in those locks, and he’d be finding out if they were as soft as they looked. But he knew one touch would never be enough to satisfy the craving about to drive him out of his mind.

“Is that what you want, Evin? Would you rather I choose the other end of the road tonight?”

Yes. Because I’ve got a bad feeling you’re going to be a taste I’ll never get enough of.

No. Because I think I’ll go crazy if I don’t touch you.

“I think it’s pretty clear what I want.” Evin reached out and trailed a forefinger along Mason’s cheek. The coarse sensation of Mason’s shadow of a beard shot through Evin’s skin like a bolt of lust aimed straight for his cock, forcing him to bite back a hiss of pleasure. Mason turned into his touch, then took Evin’s finger knuckle-deep inside his mouth.

And sucked.

Evin couldn’t hold back the groan that emanated from his throat. “Tell me what you want, Mason. Say it.” With a final swipe of his tongue over the tip, Mason released his finger with a pop.

“I want you to fuck me.”

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