Erotic Horizons 2010 Erotic Reading Challenge

It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it…

I’m setting myself a challenge for 2010: I just entered the Erotic Horizons 2010 Reading Challenge – my goal? To read and blog about ten erotic romance books in the calendar year 2010! How hard is that??

What’s way cool is I don’t have to decide right away which books I’m going to read. I’ve picked a few and will list them in a moment – but this way I get to leave myself open for all the new great books coming out in 2010 that haven’t even been promoted yet!

So here we go – a mix of authors who’ve been on my TBR list for a while, new ones I’ve been hearing about, and of course lots of LGBT heat, the perfect mix for someone who loves to read it both ways. I’ve come up with six so far, to leave me room to add new ones. I’ll keep scouring the LGBT romance loops, blogs and tweetfeeds for new ideas. Can’t wait!

Black Point AJ Llewellyn & DJ Manly Extasy Books

Blood and Mint Chocolate Adrianne Brennan  Freya’s Bower

Butterfly Tattoo Deidre Knight Samhain

David’s Dilemma Lynn Lorenz Amber Quill  

Sapphistocated by Kathryn Lively (Editor), Alessia Brio, Jolie du Pre, Yeva Wiest, and Beth Wylde   Phaze Books

The Sarran Plague AC Katt  Eternal Press


We Are So Ready!

2010 will be the year of the e-book reader according to an article in today. Already demand has outstripped supply, and if we decide to get ourselves a Nook from Barnes & Noble, it won’t ship until the 4th of January. That’d be in time for an Aquarian birthday (his), but not Christmas.

How to choose? The article says price is a huge factor. This year the lowest price is predicted to be $199 through the holiday season. I’d buy one, at that price – would you? Gartner’s says prices “must drop closer to $99 to drive significant take up.” But we’re thinking we don’t want to wait that long.

Will readers care about what file formats the e-book readers can accommodate? Right now the Kindle is proprietary – it can only handle the Kindle file format, available exclusively at Kindle owners looking for Adriana Kraft have to land on our page to access any of our books, but we have a half dozen that haven’t been converted yet. The Nook accepts a wider range of formats, and twelve of our titles are already available in e-book format on our Barnes & Noble page. That’s a start, but I’d like a reader that can download books from Whiskey Creek Torrid, Extasy Books, Fictionwise and All Romance E- Books. If the Nook can do that, I’m game!

Another thing I like about the Nook (from its promo materials, at least) is the option to store books on the device as well as store them on a hyperspace bookshelf at Barnes & Noble. That way I won’t have to always have wireless or internet access to read my books.

We’re still researching the options, with a month left until Christmas – how about you? These are exciting times for an e-pubbed erotic romance author!


We’re going mainstream now!

Porn and erotica on Oprah? How fabulous! I was at work today and unable to watch the show, but I’m picking up great coverage on twitter and the blogs – thank you, Oprah, for recognizing what women increasingly are bold to claim for ourselves: the full range of our sexuality, freedom to read and watch what turns us on, and dreams (or better) of sharing it with our partners. Here’s a quote from Chicago Examiner coverage of the segment: “Something’s going on in bedrooms across America,” Oprah says. “It has been reported that 1 in 3 consumers of online porn in our country are now women.”

Over on Oprah’s page, there’s a beginner’s guide to the five things you need to explore your sensual side, put together by Kari Kriser and Cheryl Sloane, co-owners of Chicago’s G Boutique. Are you ready? The items are (1) lingerie, (2) sex toys, (3) lubricant, (4) adult videos and – keep scrolling – Yes! #(5) is erotic books! They even advise (as both halves of Adriana so often do) “Read them out loud to your lover. It can be so stimulating.”

Our only suggestion? Add e-books to the list of print books – especially since Oprah’s come out in support of the Kindle reader. Twelve of our erotic romance titles are currently available in Kindle format at , with many more to come. A perfect holiday present for the lover in your life!

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