Short can be good too…

We welcome guest blogger Jennifer Wylie to our pages today!


Short can be good too… 


Sorry, I couldn’t resist that title. 😛


Many people write short stories, many people read them. Probably just as many don’t. I didn’t pay much attention to the comments of those who don’t until I wrote one and it became published. Now I scratch my head a lot.


Yes, I do understand a short is NOT a novel. They each have different benefits. However a short story most certainly has its uses. First of all, they are often cheaper (or free). They are a great way to test out if you like the way an author writes. They are wonderful for filling in little gaps in larger series or works, or showing something from the view of another character or even a minor character’s back story.         


My favorite reason is that they are short. I don’t always have time to hunker down and real a full length novel. However, I want to read something, and be able to finish it as well. Ever start a book, get busy, set it aside and when you do make it back you don’t remember all that you read? Ya, like that. They are of course, perfect for short car/bus rides, waiting room reading and for those times you’ll be more than a minute in the bathroom. 😛


One of the biggest complaints I’ve heard about short stories lately is that they want more! Definitely true with a short story… however shouldn’t this also be true with a novel? If the story is written well you always want more, you never want it to end.


My short story Jump I wrote in just a couple of days. The idea came after I’d been talking to my parents on the phone, and gotten a few lectures. 🙂 Though, “If someone asked you to jump off a bridge would you?” wasn’t one of them, for some reason that phrase popped into my  head and the story was born. I was in a rather silly, sarcastic mood at the time, which lent to the humorous aspects of the story.


What is your favorite thing about short stories? Leave a comment for a chance to win a free Omni-Lit eBook of JUMP!


Jump by Jen Wylie

Debut Short Story



If you were told to jump off of a bridge would you?


Perhaps it would depend on who was doing the asking. Our heroine has spunk and a sense of humor, however suffers from an extreme case of inappropriate clothing. When things take a turn from dangerous to worse what will she do when fantasy becomes reality? Warning: May include hot leather-clad men, singing and demons.


About the author:


Jennifer Wylie was born and raised in Ontario, Canada. In a cosmic twist of fate she dislikes the snow and cold.


Before settling down to raise a family, she attained a BA from Queens University and worked in retail and sales.

Thanks to her mother she acquired a love of books at an early age and began writing in public school. She constantly has stories floating around in her head, and finds it amazing most people don’t. Jennifer writes various forms of fantasy, both novels and short stories. Sweet Light is her debut novel to be published in 2011.

Jennifer resides in rural Ontario, Canada with her husband, two boys, Australian shepherd, a flock of birds and a disagreeable amount of wildlife.


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Have you kissed a Boomer lately?

Have you kissed a Boomer lately?


I have – under the mistletoe on Christmas Eve. Not gonna say what happened after that…But I promise you the generation that ushered in the sexual revolution hasn’t stopped having a good time under the covers – or anywhere else we can think of, for that matter.


Did you know there are 78 million Baby Boomers in the U.S.? Boomer media expert Nancy Padberg shared some facts about Boomers in a recent interview. According to her, we are “the healthiest, wealthiest, most educated, and prosperous generation thus far.” Her interview goes on to say Boomers “control 70 percent of the total net worth in the U.S. They spend an average of $3 trillion dollars per year and an additional $7 billion online. They purchase 41 percent of new cars and shell out for 80 percent of luxury travel…and spend an average of 15 hours per week online.”


She makes us sound like a pretty hot catch!


So the two halves of Adriana thought we’d share some of our Boomer erotic romance heroines with you to start off the New Year right. One thing about Boomers – researchers have noted that as we age, we tend to become more “sexually fluid.” Our heroines range from Straight to Bi to Lesbian. We’ll let you sort it out, below:


In Jolie Du Pre’s Epic Award Nominated anthology The Cougar Book, our short story “A Taste of Ginger” offers an incredible night of decadence and sensuality for our newly divorced mid-life heroine, Ginger. Against her better judgment she’s let a co-worker talk her into an evening at a swing club. When Annette tells her a handsome young man at the bar is checking her out she wants to run the other way—but Annette abandons her to pursue her own interests, and Ginger must make her choice for the night of a lifetime!


Martha Richards in Mistress of Purgatory Point has just turned fifty. A tender ghost story and a sizzling erotic romance with a splash of BDSM, this book is also the deeply moving chronicle of the mid-life sexual awakening of a stoic widow who thought she’d already experienced her one allotted love. One man, two women and two ghosts keep love’s fires burning through the deep chill of a North Woods winter—but which love will hold the key?


Probably our Boomer couple Jen and Brett Andrews are the most adventurous. Empty nesters in their mid fifties, they decided to explore the swing lifestyle together as Jen began to discover she had bisexual leanings. Our novella series Swinging Games chronicles their capers – six books and counting!


In A Woman for Zachary, Zach Cullen and Josie Patrice are seasoned New Yorkers who’ve been friends in the theater world for years. Budding young actress Meghan Keenan hooks up with each of them, then fans the sparks between them and exits stage left once the heat rises.


In our short story for Torquere’s Tattooed Ladies Lesbian Anthology, Natalie Gardner can’t believe she’s letting herself lust after her young massage therapist Cindy McGraw. An invitation to try out tattoo designs through body painting proves irresistible!


And finally, a late fifties pair of secondary characters we introduced in Smoldering Passion are cooking up schemes of their own in our W.I.P. Ripening Passion, undergoing final revisions as we speak. Watch our blog for announcements about Max Wilson and Claire Johnson as they lead the way into their sixties with grace and humor (and lots of steamy sex).


Oh, and one final note – it’s well documented that having lots of sex keeps a person looking and feeling younger. Perhaps that’s the secret behind Matt Thornhill’s recently reported news that on average, Baby Boomers feel nine years younger than their chronological age. We’ll keep working at it, hope you do, too – with an erotic romance to spice up foreplay!


The Invisible Man: Tales of a Kinky Voyeur

Today we welcome guest blogger Dylynn DeSaint, author of Lesbian Erotica and fellow member of The Sapphic Planet  author group!

Did that title grab your attention? Did it make you want to read a little more?  When it comes to reading or writing a story, how important is the title? Does it matter?  I thought I’d briefly touch upon the subject. 

Using a title from a classic, The Invisible Man, I kinked it up a touch by adding Tales of a Kinky Voyeur, just to catch your eye and draw you into this blog posting.  I haven’t actually written that story although it sounds like it would be fun. 
As a writer of lesbian erotica, it’s my job to write a story that will engage your mind and body by creating mental images for your imagination to feast upon.  By coming up with an interesting title, or “hook” for a story, it’s my way of beckoning you to “come hither” just as a lover would with the first audible whisper or glance in your direction.  I’m trying to get you involved in my slick web of fantasy.  Each word that your eyes and mind consume, I write to purposely pull you in just a little bit more until you lose yourself in the story.  I want to enthrall you, humor you, entice you, and make you wet.  The title is a teaser.  The rest is foreplay and the big “O” in an erotic story.

The very first story that I got published had the lamest title ever.  It was a nonfiction piece and I had no idea what to call it, so I chose, “The Best Serial Date Ever.”  Yawn.  It’s a cute story about how I met my partner but you’d never know it by the lame title.  Flash forward a few years and you’ll see I’ve gotten a little better at coming up with better ones, some of which you can read for free on my blog at www.dylynndesaint.blogspot or find in anthologies: 


Paperwork,   An Erotic romance about a lesbian woman who uses a little S&M to get her workaholic girlfriend’s mind off of business
Silent Fuck,  A 100 word flash fiction story about well…I think the title says it all.
Invisible, A flash fiction story about internet cybersex.
Waiting– An erotic short story about two librarians who only see each other at a library conferences.  Both  enjoy a little exhibitionism mixed in with their S&M.
The Perfect Girl-A lesbian erotic romance about butch delivery truck driver who delivers a package at the home of a physically challenged woman and unexpectedly finds the girl of her dreams.
Her Soft VoiceAn erotic short story about phone sex.

If I were to do write my own twisted version of any of the classics and re-title them, these would be my favorites:
1.  Alice in Wonderland – Alice in Butchland
2.  War and Peace   – War and Piece:  A femme’s dating guide
3.  The Count of Monte CristoThe Cunt of Monte Cristo
4.  Oliver TwistOliver Twisted
5.  Moby Dick – I don’t think we need to change this title at all!
6.  Gone With the WindGone with the Femme
7.  A Tale of Two CitiesA Tale of Two Butches
8.  Dorian Gray – Dorian Gay
9.  Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde  – Ms. Jekyll and Syr Hyde
The Alice in Butchland title actually inspired me to write a humorous erotic story about a high maintenance femme woman who has a nightmarish journey into the world of no makeup and heels. I’ll post an excerpt on my blog soon.
Adriana, thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to write for your readers! 
Before I go, here’s an excerpt of my newest story, Haircut, about a butch top who packs a “stiffy” in her jeans, visits her favorite sexy hairdresser, and walks out with more than a trim.  This story will be published in the Sapphic Planet anthology due out in July 2011.    


Adriana stood speechless and immobile. She was familiar with the ensuing butch femme power game. Still, her legs were weak and the heat between them burned impatiently into a rising crescendo of flames that were licking at her sex and growing even hotter the longer she was made to wait. As much as she wanted to, she didn’t dare move an inch. Instead, she quietly and joyfully accepted her submissive role in their sexual romp.
Locking eyes with Adriana, Sy eased slowly back into the chair, slouching back and making herself comfortable with her legs wide apart.
“I want you to unfasten my belt, unbutton the fly on my jeans and take my cock out. Do it very slowly, there’s no rush.”
 Adriana approached, her lips forming a pouty, seductive smile, knowing full well that she too, had the power and capacity to drive this cocky butch over the edge. She chose instead, to do exactly as she was told; her dainty fingers slowly unfastened the leather belt, letting it fall to the sides. Wetting her lips with her tongue, she looked up quietly at Sy for delicious approval. Sy returned the gaze but showed no emotion or the sign of approval that Adriana sought.


Before reaching inside, Adriana looked up at Sy once again, her eyes begged for permission to release the object of her desire. Sy took her hand, and instead, guided her fingers over the outline of the cock still hidden in her jeans. It was cruel of her to tease Adriana like this but she knew in the end it would be worth it. Eyes dark with desire and lips parted in anticipation, Adriana moved her fingers sensuously over it back and forth, rubbing it while Sy watched her intently.


“Pull it out now, Adriana” she ordered.
“Show me how much you adore my cock, baby” She stroked Adriana’s hair and face, gently guiding her by the chin to her lap.


Where to find Dylynn on line: 


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