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One of the Twitter trends I follow regularly is #marriageequality. I popped over there last weekend to see what was new and found this link to an article at Quoting from the article, “When [Missouri] Highway Patrol Cpl. Dennis Engelhard was killed in a Christmas Day traffic accident near Eureka, the agency described him as single with no children.” The article continues, “Engelhard, hit by a car that lost control in the snow, was gay. He left behind a partner of nearly 15 years who was not mentioned in his obituary or official information released by the Highway Patrol, although members of the agency knew about his sexual orientation.”

Our son has been partnered for nearly a decade in a state that does not sanction marriage equality. If something happened to either him or his partner, neither would be entitled to any death benefits. In fact, civil marriage carries a total of 1138 federal benefits and responsibilities that are not available to same-sex couples, even if they live in a state that recognizes their marriage. You can find a summary of these rights at Marriage Equality USA.

Why do the two halves of Adriana write what we write? Of course, we write because we love erotic fiction, and we love reading and writing loving relationships and hot sex across a range of gender combinations and polyamorous groupings. But also, as lifelong activists, we write to lift up the right of all persons to freedom of sexual expression – in short, to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

We hope you’ll enjoy some of the fruits of our labor. Together with fellow authors from Sapphic Planet, we’re part of an anthology of lesbian love stories being published this month by LoveYouDivine Alterotica. Entitled To Love and To Cherish, the fourteen stories will be released over the first two weeks of February, first as a series of three e-books, and in print as a single volume on Valentine’s Day. All profits from this collection will go to benefit Marriage Equality USA.

Our story, “Embracing the Fire,” is in volume three, Lives and Wives, releasing as an e-book on Friday Fbruary 12. Here’s a blurb and an excerpt to whet your appetite – come join me at Midnight Seductions Yahoo Group  Saturday February 13 for a chance to win an autographed print copy of the entire collection!

And be sure to check out Lara Zielinsky’s radio show “Readings in Lesbian & Bisexual Women’s Fiction” for a 2 hour launch special for the complete anthology, in print, on February 14, 2010. Both halves of Adriana will be there, and I’ll be reading an excerpt from “Embracing the Fire!”


The deep chill of a Vermont winter will require lots of firewood, so canoe and wilderness guide Brandy Latham welcomes the help of her best friend, Stephanie Watkins. Together they saw, split and stack as they’ve done for many years – but what will happen when new fires ignite between them?


Bending over in the shower, Brandy welcomed the shards of water slicing across her lower back and buttocks. Although she guided fishing parties on area lakes, even the work required to set up and break up camp and paddle canoes against the wind didn’t compare to the strenuous exercise of sawing, splitting, and stacking wood.

She turned and soaped her breasts. If she was aching, how must Stephanie be feeling? Stephanie seldom guided anymore. Since she’d had to support her loser of a husband she’d taken on the job of assistant manager at the grocery store-a job with stress, but not as physically demanding as guiding or sawing wood.

Brandy shuttered her eyes and let the steaming water have its way. Would Stephanie welcome a massage? It had been on the tip of her tongue to invite her to share a shower, but that would’ve been too much, too quick.

Not that she hadn’t waited for years to follow up on that one night of bliss they’d shared after their high school graduation. Well, at least it had been bliss for her. It might not have been quite that for Stephanie. She had hooked up with Jerry as soon as he’d gotten back from his Guard weekend. Then they’d gotten serious.

Cringing, Brandy still hated remembering having to stand beside Stephanie at the wedding. That had been pure hell, but Stephanie never noticed. She thought she was entering heaven. The bastard even tried to hit on Brandy a couple times. After the first time she said something to Stephanie, but she was beyond listening. From that point on Brandy bided her time trying to be supportive but doing nothing to sour the friendship she and Stephanie had shared from the time either one of them could remember.

Stepping out of the shower and grabbing a towel, Brandy worked on her hair and tried to keep her pulse steady. She would never do anything to sever their relationship, but she had to know if there wasn’t more possible for them. She knew her own heart, but she wasn’t certain Stephanie had a clue.

She thought she’d caught Stephanie eying her differently a few times over the last couple months. Her divorce had been final for three months now. As far as she knew, Stephanie wasn’t dating. And she’d certainly know if she was. She doubted there was a secret between them-except for her desire to love Stephanie wholly and completely.


Twelve Days of Love – Dee Dawning

Today we welcome guest blogger Dee Dawning to our pages! He’s talking about ménage – one of our favorite topics – and he’s offered up an excerpt for your enjoyment, as well! Welcome, Dee!

Hi y’all, I’ve never guest blogged before, so I thought I’d start with a tried and true blog from last year that seemed to be my most popular. At least as far as comments go. I hope you enjoy it and look forward to your comments as well.

Are Ménage Romance Books Here to Stay

Originally posted November of 2009 

The latest hot genre in erotic romance is Ménage a Trois. It is so hot, one e publisher has even created an entire line of ménage books called Ménage Amour and releases two new ebooks a week. This line now numbers in excess of a hundred books.

A year ago November I wrote a blog entitled ‘Ménage: Is this your fantasy?’ that generated a lot of interest. This is sort of an update on that blog. At the time I’d written the blog I’d dabbled in what I call a man’s ménage—two women and a man. Now ten months later, I’ve penned several women’s ménages and have more in progress all under an undisclosed pseudonym.

Here is a short sample ménage excerpt from one of those upcoming ménages. Though it doesn’t show the steamy parts, you get the idea. 



I knew before we did a thing that I would love it. I tried not to show how pleased I was when I took their hands and walked hand and hand with them into the bedroom. We sat on the edge of our  California king, Marc on my left and Jack on my right.

Starting with my blouse, Marc unbuttoned and took it off.

Next. Jack’s clever fingers unhooked my bra. “Here let me help you take this hot, cumbersome bra off.” Jack removed my bra and my breasts were bare. For a brief few seconds the air-conditioning hardened my nipples, before two warm mouths enveloped them and I melted. As I’d always suspected, lips on both nipples felt divine. Their sucking sent tickly currents of need racing through me, terminating in my core.

Marc’s hands pushed my lacy panties down to my knees. “Lets get these panties off before they get all wet.” He dragged the panties down and over my sweat socks. He removed my socks and I was naked. A thrill ran through me as I realized. It’s going to Happen. I’m going to have sex—with both of them!  



Writing a woman’s ménage as a romance is a little bit of a challenge in that you don’t want the heroine to come off as a tramp. In the erotic stories, the woman can be normal, a slut or worse, but in the romances the woman should be as normal as possible.  

I’ll tell you a secret. Since I started writing women’s ménages I don’t think about the other kind much. It seems more natural for a woman to receive the affections of multiple partners then men, and of course women are better equipped. Also let’s not forget if a woman has an orgasm, she can keep going, while men are usually out of action for awhile. LOL.

So, why is this relatively new sub genre so popular? I believe women readers love to fantasize about having two or more lovers. They live vicariously through their daring heroines, enjoying all the fruits that could possibly be enjoyed by multiple coupling. Lips, tongues, hands fingers and let’s not forget cocks.  I think women also like the idea of throwing convention out the window. From chastity belts to burkas the little box of sexuality women have confined to has been the work of men. Now that sexual freedom is upon us, some women are testing the limits.

As for the women that experience a ménage, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was an element of exhibitionist involved. You certainly wouldn’t invite two or more men in your bed and then turn the lights out.

I once talked with a woman who fantasized about being gang banged. I asked her how many and she didn’t know, just more then two. When I pressed it by asking ten, she thought and said, maybe.

 How about you? How big is your kink—real and imaginary? 

And what about woman’s ménages? Do you think they’re immoral or overdue. Do you dream of them? Would you invite multiple men into your bed?  

And what about the books? Are you a fan of mfm romance novels? If so, do you think you could get tired of them? Will the demand for them continue to grow, go flat or dry up with time? 

Think about it and comment if you like. 

Earlier today I read a blog by a fiend of mine, AJ Lewellyn, which happened to be about ménages and how ridiculous some of the scenarios are. 

I agree, it seems like a high percentage of the new ménages involve twins or brothers. And of course some writers seem to think more is better and have their heroine the object of serial sex from three, four or even more, studs. To me it’s laughable. How about you?   


Midnight Seduction Authors are celebrating romance by hosting these ’12 Days of Love’ blogs that you’ve seen all over the internet. We are throwing a  huge all-day-chat bash on February 13, 2010, from 10am EST to 10pm EST. Prizes will be given away every hour on the hour. Excerpts, recipes, jokes and romance tips will be posted throughout the day. 

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Twelve Days of Love

Today we welcome guest blogger Tess MacKall to our pages!


February is the month of love, and what better time to introduce myself? Hello everyone, I’m Laura Kincaid, the heroine in Tess MacKall’s latest erotic romance, Latin Rhythm, from Pink Petal Books. My entire life is going to be on display February 4th.


If you ever had the urge to peek into someone’s bedroom window, now is your chance. Mine is wide open! When Tess first decided to write about me, I was truly undecided. At first I thought, “What’s so interesting about me?” She explained that I’m just like so many of you out there, the typical fortyish woman with needs that aren’t being met…know what I mean? My problem is that I didn’t recognize those needs until Tess started following me around. She’s pretty persuasive, and before I knew it, I was salsa dancing in Miami’s trendiest nightclub with this really sexy, young Cuban by the name of Marco who turned out to be the club’s owner. 


I’ve got to say, Tess captured my relationship with Marco beautifully. And she made a believer out of me too. Happily ever after isn’t just for fairy tales. So stop by Pink Petal Books on February 4th and pick up a copy of my story, Latin Rhythm.

To read an excerpt click here 


In the meantime, Tess is working on a special Valentine’s Day gift for all of you. Right now she is tapping away at the keyboard trying to finish up Twelve Days of Love, a free novella that she’ll make available to you just as soon as it’s finished. She’s predicting February 13th. So where can you find this free book? 


The Midnight Seduction Authors are celebrating romance by hosting the ’12 Days of Love’ blogs that you’ve seen all over the internet. They’re throwing a huge all-day-chat bash at their Yahoo Group on February 13, 2010, from 10 am EST to 10pm EST. Prizes will be given away every hour on the hour. Excerpts, recipes, jokes and romance tips will be posted throughout the day. Comment here to Tess’ blog post and send her an email letting her know you commented to and you’re automatically entered into her contest to win a $10.00 Pink Petal Books gift certificate. The winner will be announced at the big 12 Days of Love Bash.


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