Meghan is Back!

Book Two in our series Meghan’s Playhouse will be released Wednesday July 1 at Whiskey Creek Press Torrid.



When the two of us started writing our erotic romance Seducing Cat (WCPT, April 2009) we had no idea what a seductress its heroine would turn out to be ~ does Meg ever have us hooked! Seems she can’t stop having adventures bringing other couples together, and she kept us nearly chained to the computer trying to get them all written down and not miss out on any fun. In A Woman for Zachary, she’s made her way to New York to study acting. Her future looks bright but she’s more focused on the now and isn’t about to pass up any opportunities. TwoLips Reviews had this to say:


Adriana Kraft has produced a sound story with a romantic plot full of well-rounded characters, splendid dialogue and intense sex scenes. A Woman for Zachary is playful, erotic and leaves little to the imagination. And although she’s is a seasoned author, this is my first brush with Kraft’s works. I found her writing to be thoughtfully plotted and look forward to reading more of her work. 




Zachary Cullen has ignored Josette Patrice’s overtures for years, but she agrees to take on his latest protégé-slash-arm-candy Meghan Keenan in her off-Broadway workshop theater. Though the girl has incredible talent, Josie would stake her reputation on that little thing being a switch-hitter, like herself, and she doesn’t want Zach to be duped. Josie sets out to seduce Meg and expose her for what she is, but all bets are off when Meg turns the tables on Josie to hook her up with Zach.


In this excerpt, Zach just found out what Josie and Meg have been up to while he was away on a business trip. 



Josie was shaking her head back and forth before Zach finished. “That’s not enough.”

Zach closed the distance between the two of them. She pressed her back against the wall and he placed his palms against on the wall framing her head. She licked her lips.

What was he doing? She’d imagined him being this close countless time, but not in this way. Not in anger. Not struggling with his sense of fairness about sharing another woman. She kept her arms locked at her sides.

“That’s exactly what Meg said. What is enough? Do we draw lots for her?”

Josie shook her head.

“Maybe I can have her even days of the month and you odd days.”

“That might work.” Josie could hardly breathe. Zach’s male scent was overpowering. She’d agree to most anything if he just stayed where he was. She should be afraid of him, but she wasn’t. This was a man she’d known for a decade. He might be very angry, even deeply pained, but he wouldn’t hurt her—at least not physically.

“It works for parking cars in the winter. It’s a beginning, I guess.” His eyes darkened with a passion she couldn’t decipher. His eyes shut and opened.

And then his mouth was crushing against hers. She tried to breathe through her nostrils. His muffled groans filled her mouth. Tentatively, she lifted her hands to his shoulders. It was as if he was in a trance. She sighed into his mouth and pulled him closer. Maybe she was, too.

His hard arousal pressed against her pelvic bone. She widened her stance a little, giving him a better fit. Mercilessly, he ground against her crotch, driving her toward a precipice she had forgotten moments ago even existed. She dropped her hands to his butt, encouraging him to take her any way he wanted. He could throw her on the floor, or lay her over her desk, or take her as she stood against the wall. It didn’t matter. She wanted him to want her.

There wasn’t time for any of that. It was if she was impaled on his cock, rather than being separated from it by several layers of clothing. That hardly mattered.

He swallowed her moans and then her whimpers and she came. If it hadn’t been for his body pressing her against the wall she would’ve slid to the floor.

Too soon he backed away from her and she struggled to stand and to regain her composure.

“I’m sorry,” Zach stammered looking devastated. “I don’t know what got into me.”

“Lust, perhaps,” Josie said softly, with a half smile. “Maybe you wanted to find out what Meg was getting.” She lowered her eyes to his crotch and her smile widened. “You’ll have to work to get the stains out of those trousers.”

He glanced down quickly. “Shit.” He glowered at her, but his stare hardly scared her. Nothing could, after what they’d just shared. He would be as good as she imagined and as good as Meg said he was.



Our First Time…

The very first book my husband and I sold writing erotic romance under the pen name Adriana Kraft was the full length novel Colors of the Night, first released in the fall of 2006. As total newbies, we were thrilled when Frost at TwoLips Reviews gave it their top rating of Five Kisses, with the following comments: 

Colors of the Night is an unexpectedly volcanic story which turns the reader up to sizzling from the very first page, yet has a true story line which takes the couple from apathetic despair to love and cherishing. I highly recommend this book, although the reader will no doubt want either a partner or a bucket of toys close at hand. Don’t read it 15 minutes before dinner with the in-laws or the spouse’s boss! I can’t think of anything in this story that isn’t absolutely pleasing! Adriana Kraft is most definitely an author to keep an eye on. This reviewer is very grateful for having the opportunity to read this book.


As newbies, we also had not thoroughly researched the e-book erotic romance world before signing our contract, so we were greatly disappointed when the original publisher closed its doors about a year later and our book was no longer available.


We’re thrilled to announce it’s coming back through one of our current publishing houses. Colors of the Night will be released at Extasy next week on Wednesday, July 1, with this fabulous new cover by Martine Jardine.


The dazzling and timeless love goddess Aria pays a visit to struggling thirty-something Jamie and Ryan Hazleton, who are on the brink of divorce. When the hot sex that results from her first lesson cools to icy glares, Aria decides to move in with them and provide more experiential learning. Can Ryan overcome his jealousy of Jamie’s uninhibited response to the delectable goddess? What if he succumbs to his own desires? Only time will tell whether this love triangle with an immortal will ignite or extinguish the dying embers of Jamie and Ryan’s love.




“Let me hold you, Jamie, while you offer yourself to your husband.” Aria leaned back on the pillows propped against the headboard and held her arms out in invitation.

Jamie joined the goddess. She languished against Aria’s large breasts pillowing her back. Her long legs stretched wide over Aria’s , providing her husband an open invitation. Jamie toyed with her exposed nipples, teasing him. She dropped a hand to her navel and wet her lips.

Ryan required no more inducement and was soon nestled between her thighs, his tongue working its way up her crevice.

Jamie loved how slowly her husband was taking her. She felt like a delicacy that he didn’t want to exhaust too quickly. Aria’s bush rubbed against the base of Jamie’s spine. Had she gone to some sort of erotic heaven? Was she Cinderella at an erotic ball? She purged her mind of any thoughts of midnight. The moment was too precious to squander with negative thoughts.

Ryan teased her by shifting his tongue from side to side and then darting in her channel ever so slightly. He moved upward, nearing, but not quite touching her clit, then penetrating further. A finger joined his tongue.

Jamie’s vision clouded. She welcomed Aria’s hands fondling her breasts. Jamie chewed her lower lip and caressed her clit between finger and thumb. The bud came to life. Jamie bit her tongue trying not to scream.


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Can Swinging Save Your Marriage?

Can swinging save your marriage?

When we set up our Twitter page a bare three months ago and started looking for peeps to follow, Chantelle Austin was one of the first to pop up, and we’ve never regretted following her. An Australian swinger, she’s also, among other things, an author and a relationship coach, and she’s had lots to say about swinging and marriage. Here are a couple of her recent articles:

            Could Swinging Save Your Marriage?

            Are We Naturally Monogamous?

A caveat: There can be any number of reasons a marriage is on the rocks, and most of them are probably NOT going to be solved by turning to swinging. Neither she nor we are professional marriage counselors, so if your relationship is in trouble, there are lots of places to start besides here.

That being said, we agree with her. We can think of at least three reasons a married couple might turn to swinging to improve their relationship.

Sometimes, as with the couple in our Swinging Games erotic romance series at Extasy, a partner in a long standing monogamous heterosexual relationship begins to discover he or she is bisexual. This can especially be the case for baby boomers who grew up in an era when the range of sexual orientations was less acceptable. Swinging gives these partners an opportunity to find out about the other side without cheating or breaking faith.

Sometimes, as with the couple in our upcoming September release April Swings at Whiskey Creek Torrid, the love and the relationship are fine, but too much sizzle has gone out of the lovemaking and a couple needs to recharge their batteries. Swinging offers a nearly endless source of variety and adventures to keep a couple’s sex life new and exciting.

Third – and this is not a plot we’ve written yet – swinging might be a solution if a couple remains in love but one partner has begun to have outside affairs. Chantelle Austin talks about such couples in both the articles we’ve linked above, and she poses an interesting question: If couples who’ve broken up over an affair had considered swinging as an option, might they still be together? Sounds like a plot for us to take on!

For a delectable fictitious peek into the world of swinging, check out both our current erotic romance series: Swinging Games, at Extasy, and Meghan’s Playhouse, at Whiskey Creek Torrid. Swinging Games: Hookups will be released June 1, and its prequel, Swinging Games: Anticipation, is available now. Meghan’s Playhouse Book One: Seducing Cat is available now at Whiskey Creek Torrid, and Book Two: A Woman for Zachary is due out July 1.

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Another fabulous window into the many delights of swinging has just been released at Logical Lust.  Swing!, edited by Jolie du Pré, brings together many of our favorite erotica authors for a collection of sizzling short stories about the swinging world.

For an instruction manual and a real-life introduction to the world of swinging, you can’t beat Chantelle Austin’s The Ultimate Swinger’s Guide. And of course if you feel ready to check out some on-line swinger websites, you can always go to our links page. Play safe, and have fun!

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